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  1. Had to go back to Page 4 to see what I originally posted... I had most of what I wanted at that time. Since then, I added a TI Impact Printer (fully functional with manual and some new Epson printer ribbons), works great. I also added dual half-height 5.25 floppy drives to the PEB (thanks to ksarul and shift838 for the advice last year on getting them installed and working). I rounded out with a few more cartridges (Frogger, Q*Bert, Popeye) and a few manuals and publications. As I posted in the Marketplace forum, I’m just looking for 99’er Magazines Volume I (Issues 1-6) and a Newport Controls Prostick II joystick to finalize my collection. Price is no object! Hope the New Year is off to a great start for everyone…
  2. *** Once-A-Year Bump *** If anyone out there wishes to part with their 99'er Magazine Volume I, Issues 1, 2, and 4 (or know someone who does), PM me. Price is no object thanks to Santa's brokerage account, thus I have the money at the ready! I'll even purchase all six Volume I issues, or an entire 99'er/HCM collection if a willing seller doesn't want to parcel out their collection. Gary Kaplan still (still!) hasn't accepted my LinkedIn invite (was hoping he had some back issues in the family attic), so I'm at the mercy of the AtariAge and TI faithful, the Fates, the eBay, and random garage sales. I've found everything else I've wanted and my TI-99/4a system/universe is complete once I acquire these rarest of periodicals. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all... -------- P.S. As mentioned in my edit at the top, in addition to the 99'er Magazines, I'm also looking for a Prostick II Joystick by Newport Controls. Thanks!
  3. Looking to buy a TEAC 5.25" FD-55B Half-Height Floppy Drive for my TI-99/4a. Need the TEAC FD-55B (not the FD-55BR, 55GFR, etc). Thanks!
  4. I emailed the author, Kevin, and offered to buy his entire collection, if necessary, just to get my hands on all six Volume 1 issues of 99'er. I'll let you know what happens. Apparently he collects quite a few classic computing publications, so my hope is he won't miss his 99'er/HCM issues...
  5. Jack, if you have the first six issues Volume 1 of 99'er Magazine, I've been looking for those for some time, we can start with "name your price" and go from there.
  6. Tell me about it. I've been scouring the Internet, ok, maybe not scouring, but occasionally searching for those issues. Barry Boone mentioned he had copies somewhere in storage but haven't heard from him in awhile, hope he's doing well. I'll check out the monitor manual listing, but printed a very good PDF from the mainbyte link I posted above. And I bought the E/A new old stock back in January. So just those elusive 99'er issues are all I need... I need a Christmas (or Festivus) miracle!!!!
  7. *** Once-A-Year Bump *** If anyone has or knows anyone who has and is willing to part with 99'er Magazine Volume 1, Issues 1, 2, and 4 (or all six issues of Volume 1 if he/she has them), I'm still looking to buy to complete my 99'er Magazine collection. Original publisher Gary Kaplan still hasn't responded to my LinkedIn email/connection request, which is the same response I got in the 80's when he abruptly stopped publishing Home Computer Magazine... Thanks! P.S. No longer need the other items that were listed at the beginning of this thread (floppies, manuals)...
  8. Just got that in there before midnight PST, northern hemisphere.... Christmas, Holiday, and New Year's Wishes to All!
  9. Thanks for looking schmitzi! Yes, Volume 1, Issues 1 through 6 of 99er Magazine are the ones I'm interested in and I already have the real paper versions of all the 99er and Home Computer Magazines except those few from the first year of publication. I actually have Issues 3, 4, and 6 from Volume 1, but would purchase all six so someone doesn't have to sell them individually. I haven't yet been successful in convincing Barry to sell me his copies, and I wrote to Gary Kaplan (99er Magazine editor/publisher) to see if he had any hidden away in an attic somewhere, but he never responded... :-)
  10. Fyrebird, Hope all is well in Las Vegas (I spent part of childhood there, Eldorado HS graduate)... anyhow, I have a black and silver (pre 2.2 version so it plays all the Atarisoft/3rd Party titles, etc) in the original box with some scuff marks on the aluminum trim but with all the documentation, power supply, and RF Modulator, and keyboard overlays, as well as some extra 99er magazines that I haven't been able to sell. I'll send the console and magazines your way for the cost of shipping and a large pepperoni pizza... deal? Anyhow, we can get you a fully functioning and proper TI asap! :-)
  11. As I just recently unpacked and set up my TI system from storage, I bought Rapid Copy from B.B. knowing that it might be available online somewhere and I just didn't want the hassle of downloading and transferring it to floppy and heck it even came with a copy of the manual (now that it's been a couple months, yes, I could have acquired the software and transferred to floppy quite easily myself). Once I received it, I noticed Barry Boone was the original author of the software and as I just so happened to be having a conversation with Barry about some other topic, I let him know his software was being sold/pirated/repackaged and offered to pay him directly. Barry indicated that he's aware his software occasionally makes the rounds and he thanked me for offering to send him some money, but he declined to accept any. I think ksarul made an interesting point in that the software I got from B.B. in some small way has kept me in the game and furthered my interest in keeping my TI up and running. And I'm happy to have landed on this site/forum completely by accident without which I would still be unaware of Chris' newsletter among the other benefits of being around such a knowledgeable group of TIers. Anyhow, long story short, whether it's downloading or buying off eBay, I don't have any copies of ROMs for emulation or on floppy or copies of documentation I've downloaded for which I don't also own the original product or publication. Not sure if that makes a difference, but the only thing I've "pirated" (and paid B.B. for) thus far has been Rapid Copy and I was at least lucky enough to clear my conscience with the original author and offer to make amends. lol P.S. I bought that modem for $99 because I have a friend who I've just got back into the TI and whether he uses it or not, it is a piece to complete his system. For a system this old, while I won't say I'm completely insensitive to price, if I can complete a collection or "scratch an itch" so to speak, and it doesn't break my particular bank, I just pull the trigger and buy it. Could the modem be had for much less in original packaging, etc? Likely, but how long to wait or search for me to find a like item? Now would I have paid $199? Probably not, but with things becoming rarer by the minute for certain TI items, and me being impatient, there are still a few items for which you can separate me from my money... speaking of which, if anyone wants to part with an ORIGINAL manual for the 10" Color Monitor, or the first six issues of 99er Magazine in good condition, well just name your price and we can start from there lol! Have a great weekend, everyone!
  12. Gentlemen, The attention to detail, however, mustn't go unnoticed. Even the "baggie" in which Barrage comes in received a solid "B" rating and we know how difficult to find those are... Condition: Baggie: B (light wear / creasing) Instructions: B (light wear / creasing) Cartridge: A (tested / working) Card: A
  13. I'd like to take a moment to retro complain about the placement of the relocated CAPS, FCTN, and CTRL keys on the new 99/8...
  14. I voted "no" just to be a contrarian and also to participate. Actually, I'm keeping things Old School or "stock" for now, more for sentimental reasons than for capabilities/performance obviously. Even with the interface cable, RS-232, 32kb, and Disk Controller, I still have room for I know not what (I would be interested in being able to take my speech synthesizer and plugging it in to one of my open PEB slots as I've seen/read about).
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