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  1. it isn't but i can't tell if it still works i haven't tested it but it would be a sneeze. further italy isn't 1000 miles away from my home.
  2. what would we do without the zero? nil. it's really an interesting item. but what is so aesthetic? the arabic labelling? hmm... i know my ex hated me for such (for those who didn't know it i was married to a muslima) BUT TAKE THIS SENTENCE IN LATIN LETTERS AND COVER IT TO 3/4 AND IT'S STILL READABLE.
  3. one mustn't like it (replays) Speed isn't exactly what it leaks of i guess, at least i played wc soccer often in 1.5x speed (double is to much because of the scrolling) but returned to single speed. It's not harder it's easier to play, that sounds maybe contradictary but that's what i experienced. Of course i still feel it could be faster, but this "slowness" has some influence on hardness. It lowers unfortunately the attractivity of the game when you feel you wade in mud. also i'm not sure if real soccer really got faster? sometimes i feel they play table soccer. but let's see i'm curious and will watch a few old matches
  4. I'm still not sure if it's clever to post it here, it's a little bit off topic. But it's made to honor the Intellivision. It's not the only Mod which i dedicated to the Intellivision but my most recent one.
  5. i know i'm easy to please - i even like a senso.
  6. looks like one of the games which i can't play because of laughter. cool, does it need to be a creature? i like the square. what about a timer or counter for the platforms this would force you a little (while i'm shit already without such). in general i like those small games for which you need fine motor skills. it differs so much to "let play" i wrote already that a small boy watched me playing flapee bird he was fascinated, i guess this will work the same.
  7. there is something i like to share with you folks.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. DZ-Jay


      I don't think you're a little upset or angry. I just think you're weird.

    3. GoldLeader


      I hope all is well now!

    4. Gernot


      DZ-Jay, your'e 100% right (as usual) i'm weird, i'm widely known for being.

      i have made myself some foes due to that - but even some friends.


      Shawn, "it worthes a piece of shit, but at least it's a little more as nothing".


      Gold Leader (dammit gold leader, greetings from "blue" or it it orange? her dress is orange)


      it's quite well now and the strike is...

  8. of course but i'm unfortunately not a cow. i'm not even a goat resp. a ram i'm the worst what exists i'm an immigrant i'm only guest in the land where i was born. and if that wouldn't be enough bullshit there seem to be many who would like to literally build a fence around switzerland. does that sound common?
  9. can you explain this a little more, where exactly is the difference? i never noticed one but that didn't means there would be no, sometimes i'm blind like a groundhog. true imho it was underrated already in the '80s, to see the "pimples" sells unfortunatly better.
  10. makes me feel like i'm a real proletarian but i don't mind - i am.
  11. you guys live all in such neat places
  12. the mentioned cold solderings in the other thread are something i always look for at very first, this is a very common reason for many broken electronic devices especially for the hole through technique. the pcb is bathed in solder and sometimes it failed, a test might not show it but a use. simply because to solder any metal needs that the workpiece is heatened up and then you add the solder, to bath it is not quite right but effective. however that's still better as to glue them, when i dismantled my boombox because it didn't worked anymore i noticed a quite heavy piece of graphite glued with something that i would call gun-gum on the pcb. no wonder it simply fell off on a sunny day it's made for this purpose hmmm.... gun-gum is the wrong term, gun-gum is to stand heat, it's sticky and like tar when it's cold and simply hardens with heat, used to fix nah i wouldn't say guns but exhausts of any sort.
  13. obviousely this differs even from my PAL inty i guess the hint on the RCA cartridges is a quite good one to get rid of corrosion remnants, use a rubber from a pencil. isopropyl alcohol is good to clean off fat and dust, but it can't erase corrosion, of course a rubber is abrasive but it's still better as corroded contacts, one could use a glass fibre brush, but they are even more abrasive, so i think this quite old advice is quite good. to be honest how careless i am and ever was with my electronic devices, corrosion was never a reason. ok i don't sweat much, i remeber i had a teacher who just had to look at steel or copper and it started to corrode, in fact he had always wet hands. while hmmm... mine was mostly greasy or heavy colored (so called working diseases or working class disease?).
  14. right on commander the hardware limited it somewhat, if not much. but neither i liked to point on emulating obscure systems, i just liked to say, to stay with my elite example, that this game is to play on any machine quite the same no matter for which or on what hardware it was written. with all the love the devs put in their work here any game will be better or at least as good as the original, there is no one who forces them to finish it in a given timespan. except the players and collectors of course. what we use to develop them nowadays plays a quite important role to, it wasn't to dream of i guess. but you are right "originals" are certainly better, but well do you have such an original game idea? most is already occupied, not much which is really new can be thought of. and why not remake the arcade classics for the inty? it leaked of this for a long time. many games which has been output shows that the system is capable to run quite good arcade adaptions. i only need a time machine now to show my comrades from back then how good the inty can be, if the matter is coin-op. so yep, start at top of the list and work it out to it's bottom line, any of the games is good.
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