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  1. It's not a final version, i need make it longer & ENIG anyway.
  2. Edge adapter for Jedimatt42 32k, SAMS & TIPI
  3. It is easy to check if you have PEB, but I don't have it and space to set it up. Thats why I am re-creating PEB cards for sidecar port I think that longer spin time was set by OG controller designers to be sure that floppy got right rotation speed before formatter chip start to read anything.
  4. There is bit more errors in schematics and differencies between CC9900 revisions, including gluelogic. I started building my sidecar CC9900 now basing on TMS2793 formatter chip. At the moment waiting for pldanalyzer boards to rip PAL equations from PEB card I get from friend - TMS2793 CC9900
  5. SAMS is 32x 32k rampacks in one sidecar interface. Apps & games made for 32k expansion will work with SAMS Coming week I will show my pass-thru adapter for jedimatt42 pin connector standard. With it you will be able to connect uPEB or any other sidecar interface to SAMS or SAMS+TIPI expansions
  6. it is mini usb not micro for barrel plug lovers there is adapter https://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-Power-Mini-USB-5-Pin-to-5-5-x-2-1mm-Female-Jack-Adapter-Charging-Cable-15cm-/252846858848 I never heard about ripped off mini usb port
  7. uPEB (micro PEB) is my coming project. Sidecar rail for 2, 4 or 8 dedicated cards. Pass-thru so you can join together few rails or sidecar interfaces uPEB card dimensions are 60x100mm I am working now on hardest CC9900 card. HDC, RS232, PRINTER & TIPI will go faster
  8. I am not telling that nanoPEB is a bad product - idea is great, pcb made by auto-router tool not amaze me at all. Just trying to tell you how it works - old designs should be replaced by new or to evolve to stay on market.
  9. I remember, but i think that nanoPEB designer should do something with hardware compatibility. I get from my friend around 5 nanoPEBs, each looks different and each got other issues working alone.
  10. First of all you should remember that SAMS and nanoPEB are not made to work together - SAMS will collide with 32k RAM from nanoPEB. Maybe you should ask about redesigned nanoPEB to be compatible with jedimatt42 32k rampack & SAMS? I think you should wait for my coming uPEB project where you will be able to decide what cards should be present in your system configuration.
  11. In nanoPEB indeed can be hard (not impossible), but you can install adapter on SAMS or TIPI and plug nanoPEB as a last sidecar device. Next week i will show how it looks "in live" - boards added to my pending boardhouse order, should be shipped monday
  12. It seems many tipi users struggle without passthru edge connector, so i made an adapter edge connector - can be soldered direct into any sidecar expansion without edge connector (lowest budget, minimal soldering skills needed) adapter for barrel plug devices - plug & play adapter for usb powered devices - plug & play
  13. First view on assembled SAMS with mini USB connector 20pcs assembled for arcadeshopper.com. 7+10pcs are waiting for parcel pickup. 30pcs USB version left at EU stock. uPEB & CorComp 9900 FDC for uPEB soon
  14. TIPI & RAMpack32K parts you can order everywhere at one place for SAMS you cant. If you count cost of parts from your local distributors and you will find genuine MAPPER chip in total with shippings, customs and other costs you will be close to arcadeshopper webshop price anyway
  15. USB powered SAMS boards arrived \o/
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