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  1. on back side is 15pin cable to Atari 5200, plug on the picture is for db9 atari 7800 controller to make it useable in 5200 system
  2. not much but lot of cutting & patchwork i will build one more in different box to fit membrane matrix on flat surface and one with real keypad
  3. put header on top of asm example, change size and params then use command line like in my bat file check this site, here you will find sign.exe app http://www.atarihq.com/danb/a7800.shtml
  4. in MADS package you got 7800 examples, all need to be compiled and signed to run on real hardware or emulator (a78 header need to added too) my build bat file: bin\mads.exe a78-robbo.asm -o:a78-robbo.a78 bin\a78sign.exe -f a78-robbo.a78 my a78 file header ;******* a78 ROM file header **************************** .array tab [128] .byte = $00 [0] = 1 ; wersja nagłówka [1] = 'ATARI7800' ; [17] = 'ROBBO 7800' ; title [49] = $00,$02,$00,$00 ; size (4 bajty) [53] = %00000000 ; bit 0 - Activision BS mode ; bit 1 - Absolute BS mode [54] = %00000110 ; typ cartridge'a ; bit 0 - pokey ; bit 1 - supercart bankswitched ; bit 2 - supercart ram ; bit 3 - ROM at $4000 ; bit 4 - Bank 6 at $4000 [55] = 1 ; kontroler port 1 [56] = 0 ; kontroler port 2 ; 0 = brak ; 1 = joystick ; 2 = lightgun [57] = 1 ; PAL ??? [58] = 1 ; HSC [63] = 1 ; XM [100] = 'ACTUAL CART DATA STARTS HERE' .enda ;******* End of a78 ROM file header **********************
  5. http://www.7-zip.org there is polish and english version of manual for pascal manual you will need use google translator
  6. for pixel graphics is enough. 40x192= 7680 bytes per screen for tile based graphics even less 40x24 = 960 bytes
  7. Thanks mate I hope you will like my new coming 5200 games as well
  8. CPUWIZ, first they need to realize that there is no EXTRAM signal what let to take control over address bus and on Expansion Port there is no CI signals, so console will stay on standby without cart plugged into cart slot. Like i wrote before is possible to use XL/XE mods but those mods need to be installed inside. Extension Port was designed only for Serial communication purpose and is possible to connect there SIO2SD for an example .... ... 16kB of RAM is enough for Yoomp, the code need only be reorganized to have static data in ROM and dynamic in RAM
  9. the best what you can do is mod your console and throw away switchbox. https://repo.palkeo.com/repositories/mirror7.meh.or.id/ebooks/Hardware%20Hacking%20Have%20Fun%20While%20Voiding%20Your%20Warranty.pdf on page 268
  10. I will create separate thread and there we can think how and what we can put inside our 5200 systems On expansion port i can put SIO compatible device - need to be only a register to hold control signals for SIO devices (COMMAND, PROCEED, IRQ) Most of a8 games will work on 16kB RAM, only code need to be rewrited For future homebrews would be good to have A000-BFFF - static ROM bank (like bank 7 in 78SC) 8000-9FFF - switchable ROM window 4000-7FFF - switchable RAM window (like in 7800)
  11. I found "the bug" in my keypad routine. It was a keypad - in both 5200 controllers I borowed from JVas So I assembled joystick adapter with keypad... The question is why middle of pots is at value $40 not at $72 as is in emulators ? ($40 is a POT value picked for GALAXIAN - was keep player in same place) in zip file my simple tool what shows zero page and 2nd page values - I am using it for joy device calibration a52-joytest.zip
  12. not exact the same - different memory map, controllers, no ROM interrupt handlers, etc. XL/XE code is easy to port for 5200 but need some extras to be added
  13. most of modern extensions need internal board, and most of XL/XE extensions can be installed in 5200 console. VBXE - sits on ANTIC/GTIA Simple Stereo - sits on POKEY (2x POKEY, AKI, COVOX) IOBoard - additional ports and SIO2USB on 5200 Expansion Port we have only part of needed signals, few more need to be taken from Cartridge Slot - so what would e better, one board internal extension or two boards external ( on expansion port & cartridge port)?
  14. no need xm for 5200, i will design some expansion for 5200 in near future. i am rebuilding now my 5200 system. i got only 2 port mobo, so it need cover and something inside of it for game dev when i will have some spare time i will port 4kB yoomp only to show you that it will work on raw system
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