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  1. I did use autofire, it's more that it got really intense and I was holding the thing down and king of strained my thumb. I didn't really ice it, I was just exaggerating. It's a great game but once you're in the later stages if you die once and lose all your powerups, expect to just die over and over again.
  2. 965,400! Guess putting all those quarters into the arcade version of Raiden Fighters when I was in middle school wasn't such a dumb move after all. :-P Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go ice my hands.
  3. Couldn't seem to get past the fourth level. Two more seconds and I would've been on the last one. Oh well.
  4. For whatever reason I couldn't seem to do well at this game at all. I don't know why as I usually love pinball. I just didn't like this game at all. Oh well.
  5. 414,400 Salamander is all about memorization. The sad thing is, that it really kills a lot of the fun of it. The vertical levels are much more fun. Too bad I always use up my lived before getting there. :-P I also really hate the enemy in Level 2 which causes the whole screen to flash. Seizure alert!
  6. After a few hours playing, I was able to get up to 93,170. Cool how this is a game that I normally didn't pay much attention to in the past is turning out to be so much fun!
  7. First post here (first time for everything) and I got 60,950
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