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  1. It was not as severe as 83 but if you think about it, it was similar to what happened. Multiple companies putting out inferior products. Plus I think having everything as a dedicated system hurt too. Want to play pong hook it up want to play racing unhook pong hook up racing. It needed a revamp and Atari was able to provide that with the 2600. In a way it is very similar to what Nintendo did in the 80s.
  2. RIP it is still one of the few arcade games to be ported to the vectrex
  3. Lets not forget pac and pal
  4. For anyone who lives in central PA I was in a local consignment place and someone had this for sale
  5. I always felt these kind of games would work better with a flight stick since in the arcade they were not light gun games this and games like operation wolf had more in common with after burner with the controls then somthing like duck hunt
  6. I found this light gun I think it went to one of those NES on a chip consoles that every mall used to have could it work for my 7800
  7. I just had a question about light gun support on the system I have it and the zapper works fine but since the snes controllers that come with it work for all systems would the snes justifier work for nes light gun games. I just want to use it for the look of it playing Hogans alley with a gun that looks like a revolver just would please me.
  8. Just the idea of getting a disk with a bunch of full games on it basically for free just blows my mind. Demos and shareware is one thing but a disk with the full games on it plus from different developers as well is unheard of
  9. Break out man or even pong man when you shoot at them they block your shot and bounce it back
  10. So anyone get the magazine just for these. I loved the idea of these just watched a you tube vid on these and one that I wish I owned was the classic game collection one it had a bunch of full games on it two being monkey island another being duke nuke em 2. Anyone remember getting this one and what were your thoughts on it
  11. For me it is any type of media that stores a lot of data from Zip disk to even usb drives or sad cards I remember being amazed how much data could be stored on a Zip disk I could store MAME roms and still have space considering before all I had were floppy drives. The other tech was CD burners being able to put music from my computer and make a cd was so awesome
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