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  1. Thanks for advice... But honestly it's all over my head. I can open dosbox... But what do I do from there? I can't say it's not working... It's i don't know how to work it!!
  2. Thank you. It was all way over my head! But thank u! As far as Nostalgia goes... I thought it was easy... But the roms I have dl don't work. It just stays on a green screen with title of game. The Mame thing... I honestly am not sure what u said!! Any chance u want to remote on to my comp some time and set some things up for me?
  3. I have not been very successful with emulators! I can run an nes and snes.. Beyond that no luck. I hope, with all your help to have a lot if emulators up and running!! Right now I am trying to play Street Rod which is an old computer game from early 90s and also Oregon trail. I downloaded Dosbox and what I thought were appropriate roms if the games.. No luck. I also tried Nostalgia for intellivision and Mame with very little luck. I'd appreciate any help... I was reading old threads and I saw that some people wet just sending zipped files if emulators and roms... Is love that too and prob even more!! But honestly any help I can get from the people who know best would be great. Thanks to everyone
  4. Any one on here got the patience to help me out with some emulators? Would highly appreciate it. Just had foot surgery so I got like 3 weeks of nothingness ahead of me... Would like to play some old video games. But I am having trouble with Nostalgia and how to play games on Mame. Thanks to everyone
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