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  1. Adding some movies to the list just because I can't bring myself to throw them out. VHS $3 each: Ticks Class of Nuke 'Em High Saturn 3 DVD $5 each: Akira Twilight of the Dark Master Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV Toma's Edge T.V. Vol.1
  2. Been a long time since I have been on the forum, thank you mtshark7 for not letting the project die. Bringing back a lot of nostalgia seeing all the H6'ers!
  3. Been out of the game here for a while (pun intended) but having moved to a new house I found some games I forgot I had. If I'm out of line on prices feel free to make an offer, all prices are shipped, but I have to do a $10 minimum or I'll get killed on shipping for single games. Have some bonus literature that I will be throwing in at random: Video game Trader Special VGXPO 08' edition, Digital Press 70, and Digital Press Classic Videogames Collector's Guide 4th Edition. Pictures can be taken upon request but might not get them right away. First "I'll take it" gets it, no time to have games on hold. PS2: God of War Killzone Silpheed: The Lost Planet All three for $15 PS1: Mortal Kombat Trilogy $15 Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol (in rental case with manual) $3 Lara Croft PS1 memory card $5 Xbox: Star Wars Starfighter Special Edition $3 Xbox 360: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West $5 Mario Cart 64 lenticular pencil box Red $10 Banjo Kazooie lenticular pencil box Red $20 God of War Chains of Olympus Special Edition Battle of Attica Promo Pack, comes with UMD and neclace $10
  4. All prices do not include shipping, shipping will be actual costs based on zip code. Activision Traildrive Patch $10Sold Activision 1,000,000 Patch $10 Digital Press Classic Guide, has some check marks in it.Comes with a back issue of the Digital Press fanzine as pictured: $20 Sold Digital Press Advanced Guide, has some check marks in it.Comes with a back issue of the Digital Press fanzine as pictured: $20Sold Digital Press Classic Video Game Collectors Guide 4th Edition.Comes with a back issue of the Digital Press fanzine as pictured: $20 Halo 2600, no manual. $20Sold
  5. Stupus bought some boxed Atari games from me, everything went well. Thanks!
  6. Atari 2600 Lot $45 shipped. Sold Holiday carts Reindeer Rescue #26 and Toyshop Trouble #64 $25 each shipped. Sold SNES E.V.O. Search For Eden, cart only. $150 shipped. Sold Boxed games, make offer.
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