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  1. 1. MULE.... I never understood the gameplay and I think it's a f*cking ugly and boring game but it seems everybody likes it. 2. Schreckenstein. It's one of the greatest but most underrated games. It's a technical milestone and the 1st level is so beautiful and atmospheric. I have played it billion of times. But ... it's also a very hard to play game and I never finished it. 3. Gr.8/0 using speccy converions. I think Atari should be colour. Atari is Gr.15/12. Atari palette is 256.
  2. Wow, that's an awesome tune. Great piece of art (composed music) and great technical stuff for A8 (sounds so damn clear and nice).
  3. 256k/512k loading from tape? Party on!
  4. Damn, if this is possible, why we still have the most ugly car in ATARI's Poleposition?? /jk There are some more crappy conversions outside of the ATARI world. Great gfx!!
  5. $FF by BokanoiD / Desire greetings Mario output.xex
  6. wow. The conzept gfx looks so beautiful and atmospheric. I can smell, hear and feel the jungle. We need this hack!!!!
  7. Look and feel is awesome. Can't wait to play the final version. I hope, the final game will have sfx and not only msx.
  8. With regard to current events ... R.I.P. Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking.xex
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