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  1. If RESNSOUP and his coding skills need a challenge..... he shoud make a 2nd rality remake of the all time best future crew demo of all time. the reference 16/8 bit demo of all time. If a system can make a Unreal2 demo, it's worth to surwife. just kidding, bit still dreaming of a 2nd rality demo fpr A8 systems
  2. Haha, omg... never tought I would like one of your posts. /jk Okay... I also think, any of the older scumm adventure are possible on the lil A8 cuz they don't need lots of CPU time in the game engine. The POINT AND CLICK ADVENTURE engine is waiting, most of the time, for inputs. So it's possible to use this CPU time for 'pimping' the gfx. But... the amount of pictures / scenes would be a big problem. Even if we have tons of modern storage systems for the A8, a few ppl would scream 'we also need it for the stock ATARI 400 ... you suck!!' Anyway... even that could be possible. 4/5 colour or greyscale (like a gameboy) for stock systems, anhanced gfx for pimped systems like U1MB, SIO2xxx, AVG-Cart version... and so on and a special version for VBXE systems. Sorry for going off topic. greetings Mario
  3. Hehe, I was just thinking, the pillow looks like someone is playing Populous. 😋😁
  4. Worked for me too. A8 and STe.
  5. Oh yes. Cavelord. Another Peter Finzel Game. I love it.
  6. Over and over again.... Schreckenstein!!! Most underrated game on the A8. One man show made a n awesome multiplayer splitscreen game. Awesome graphics and perfect sfx.
  7. I always liked the colurs and segmentation/borders of the The!Cart menu. It's very ATARI-like by using the 'rainbow'. Maybe that's an option. 😊
  8. I didn't want to offend anyone. I just sometimes get the impression that many people don't see or understand the problem with conversions. An example. If I play the note C on a piano and record it, I can use this instrument to play melodies through notation. Chords can also be played this way. C major e.g. with the notes C, E, and G. If I now add a second instrument, which may not have been recorded on C but on D, I cannot play reasonable chords together with the 1st instrument and normal notation. However, there would still be the option of always playing the second instrument one note lower. If I need a C because the first instrument plays a C or a note that goes with C, I have to play an B so that the second instrument then plays a C instead of B. This notation then only fits this single set of instruments. If I now replace all the instruments with those that were all recorded on C, the notes no longer match. And that is exactly what happens again and again when converting MOD files. You can take a MOD as a test and replace all melody instruments with piano before converting. Then you can already hear whether it can be converted or whether the notation has to be adapted or redone. Peace and happy sounding
  9. Sam's Journey, Mayham in Monsterland, Giana Sisters, Super Mario Brothers, Zak McKracken, Maniac Mansion, Caren and the Tangled Tentacles, IK+, Creatures 2: Torture Trouble, Creatures.
  10. I think, @rensoup is doing a great, no ... he's doing an awesome job. I also think, POP for the A8 will be a milestone of all platformer, jump 'n run and cartographing games ever. My contribution of title was just an offer. So I'm not disappointed. So any other helper shouldn't feel disappointed if the help will be rejected. He's still the 'producer' and he still will chose (I'm sure) the best title screen, the best sound bank and the best font and still the best what ever for this great game. I'm still thankful, he's still working on it after all the toxic and can't wait for the final release. peace
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