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  1. Just finished my order. Mensch Markus, nice to see you are back in business. 🍺🍺👍
  2. Unfairly and frustrating? 🤔 Someone ever have played Morky?? 😁
  3. Yep, except for a very few titles, these are all technically not really good games for my taste. Especially the inacceptable frame rate. Fortunately, we all have different tastes. Personally, I tend to like games that have higher-resolution graphics with lots of colors. Henrys House (extreme clever leveldesign and use of colors), Frogger, Frogger II, RGB, Dimos Dungeon, Dimos Quest (booth games have tons of colors, moving objects and full screen scrolling), Jet Boot Jack, Crownland, Crystal Castle, Flip Flop, Schreckenstein (one of the best piece of game code), Cavelord, Speluncer, Brundles, Starball, Bosconian, Poleposition, Beef Drop, Donkey Kong, Dk Junior , Popeye, Hobgoblin, Bristles, Dropzone, Dig Dug, Joust, Nadral, Red Max, River Raid, Submission, Unicum, Zorro ... and so on. Regarding your opinion '3D should be THE MAIN of the A8 gaming scene': I think the low frame rate makes every game in this category unplayable. Have you ever wondered why a shot hits a base in Fractalus, even though you shot far off the mark? I think, because you can't aim at all with the jumping like movement of the base in 3 frames from left to right across the screen. The game would be extremly frustrating. Each of your opinions about games on the A8 is completely different from mine. Any conversation with you on this forum ends in trouble. And that's exactly my reason, I NOT want any discussion with YOU. I am not claiming anything, I just ask, after giving many examples, maybe other peoples having my point of view, perhaps people with programming experience, which you do not have, that's why I have requested YOU too, not to answer my question. I am thinking, that really good scrolling and pretty, colorful jump n run games or platformer are possible on the A8 computers, if there is a clever level design and talented graphic designers. But you always have talked down the WIP of Wonderboy or Prince of Persia for example. You claimed it's all impossible on the A8. Another prove of your unknowing ignorance and arrogance. You are always juggling your facts about frames, cycles graphic-modes and scanlines. But hundreds of demos and games have disproved you and have showed that's many more is possible on the A8 than you know from your books. I think all of the 3D games on 8 bit computers sucks because you can't play them 'smooth'. So please accept, I am NOT interested in your opinion. You don't get it, huh?
  4. I gave it a lot of thought. Should I share my (very personal) opinion? Or should I leave it as my secret and save the current situation? 🥴 Maybe I was not exactly enough. I don't want to play Mayham or Sam's on the Atari 8bit. If I want to play those games, I could play the original version on my C64 or mini. All I think is, we could have much more GREAT and BEAUTIFUL scrolling platformer or scrolling jump 'n run games on the A8. Even if XXL, the 'stock machines fan and blessed 6502 coder' want to make such a game... the 130xe should have enough of ram to store lots of charsets and even reloading the next level charset next world charset is possible. Just a clever level-design and charset-design would make great games. The game-engines are already done. Take a look at Little-Princess-Demo for example. Also a great demonstration of clever charset, sprite and leveldesign. So, what we need are artists that could deal with the limits of our machines. Dimo's Dungeon, Running Bear, Albert, Crownland .. that's all great examples of scrolling and colorful platformer or jump n runs. BTW-Little anecdote: Does anyone know, why the clouds in Super Mario Bros look the same as the bushes, and just having a different color? Because there was not enough RAM for more CHARSET. Today all developers would have a laugh about it and most of the modern NES Games have a lot lot more CHARSETs than it was possible in the good old SMB times. But.. thats showing exactly, MK for example, is completely wrong with his outdated 'machine-manual-knowledge' of the 78's. Now and then the machines are the same, but a lot more is possible, lot's more, than designers of the machines in the 78's ever could imagine. That's why I don't want reading MKs opinions anymore. In his opinion, the A8 is the best 8bit-machine to have 1st person shooter in GR7 mode... bla bla bla... But I think it's still CRAP!!! I think, the A8 scrolling and DLI are the perfect requirements for playing platformer and jump n runs. Even AMIGA and STE machines wasn't powerful enough for playing doom. That's why they died. PCs had DOOM. 16 bit machines NOT. StuntCarRacer.. great port, but not really playable on A8. Ahhmmm.. please don't judge me about my fucking english skillz. I think, I am still comprehensible. Like I said, just my 2 (german is my native language) cents. MK and XXL are only examples of members. I don't have any personal dislike against AA-Forum-members. Greetings and happy weekend to everyone....
  5. Just my 2 cents... Okay... first: I don't want Emkay to step in, unasked, and tell me, he knows everything about the A8 hardware and only a GR mode 7 would make it possible ......... bla bla.... But ... isn't it possible to have games like Mayham in Monsterland or even Sam's Journey, when using this awesome and making coloful background graphics + lots of softsprites using - game engine? Okay, we havn't hires-sprites but we don't really need them, if we have such colourful and lovely painted low res and colorful soft sprites like in this game. I think it's all about itelligent leveldesign and soft-sprite-design.... Like I said.. just my 2 cent.... please NO another THREAD DESTROYING debate this time.
  6. Damn, the old default control worked better for me. Now I'm always too slow when jumping. 🥴😂
  7. I can confirm and assure, that Jürgen is 100% trustable and ALWAYS does more than he really has to. I've been in contact with him for many years and he's THE specialist in Atari here in my region. He's absoluteley professional. There have NEVER been problems of this kind and in my opinion it is insolence to assume that Jürgen is cheating, without to ask the worldwide community, that know Jürgen.
  8. Still waiting for a release... new demo level release or new wip release or test versions or beta or .... & ... and while waiting I'm doing some fan-productions. Wonderbox_Title.xex Anyway... It's still a Thread-BUMP greetings Mario
  9. Yippeee The cable and the plug arrived yesterday. A little soldering and milling and voila ... Thank you so much, tmp. It's working like a charm.
  10. That's really really awsome of you. Billion thanks. But tmp just told me via pm, he will send a connector, together with the cable. Big, big thanks anyway, for all your help, Mclaneinc, lewiS and tmp. 🥰 Greetings Mario
  11. Thanks for pointing me to the shop.👍 I need the cable for my own cart. But unfortunately, I just have checked my cart and realized, there's no connector on my pcb for such a SIO cable.😪 Could someone help or instruct me to solder the cable directly to the pins on the pcb? I need to know, which colour I have to solder to the pins from 1 to 6 at the pcb from top to bottom. Or someone could point me to the right connector so I could buy it and try to solder it on my pcb.
  12. Is there still a way to order such a SIO to AVG cart cable?
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