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  1. Wow, awesome slideshow. Looks fantastic on real PAL A8 hardware + RGB-conection to a real CRT.
  2. To me it's a very, very nice looking game on the A8. But unfortunately unplayable. Even the 1st few screens were hard as hell und was killing my joy to play the game. All I can remember is dying and retry, dying and retry ... without any noteworthy progress. 🥴 😂
  3. Wow, just wow. I want to replace my old sophia. ☺️
  4. awesome progress... can't wait to play the full game on A8. wow, just wow, mate.
  5. Can't await the release. 🥰 Looks very nice. We really need some good scrolling jump n runs on our lil atari.
  6. Wow, dreams come true. Awesome work. 🥰 Big thanks.
  7. Why to hell ppl here always judge the work of others? Code your own game, make your own conversion but let the coders, musicans ang gfx artists do their jobs as they want to do it. I like the sprite as it is or will come to the final A8 version. I'm happy, that such skilled ppl make good games or conversions. If you want the 'original' game graphics, start playing the original game. I really like the 4 colour A8 Version of the game and I also love the sprites... with the turban and the perfect animation. Good job and great work. Thanks for the 1st level playable demo and I hope, the team will finish the conversion.
  8. WOOOAAAHHH - dreams come true? OMG I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  9. I would like a multi cart version of DH I & DH II on one cart and in one Box. any chance? 🤗
  10. Hmmm, maybe it's my personal vote, but the music kills the game on C64. Graphics are okay, but hell..... the music isnt 80's an sounds wrong like hell. Even the VCS Version looks and absolutely sounds better....
  11. Popeye, my all time fav arcade game ever. After pimping the engine to make it possible to punch the bottles and so on I'm pleased to see someone is pimping the sprites to look more original. I can't await the final version and want to say: BIG BIG THANKS!!!!
  12. 1. MULE.... I never understood the gameplay and I think it's a f*cking ugly and boring game but it seems everybody likes it. 2. Schreckenstein. It's one of the greatest but most underrated games. It's a technical milestone and the 1st level is so beautiful and atmospheric. I have played it billion of times. But ... it's also a very hard to play game and I never finished it. 3. Gr.8/0 using speccy converions. I think Atari should be colour. Atari is Gr.15/12. Atari palette is 256.
  13. Wow, that's an awesome tune. Great piece of art (composed music) and great technical stuff for A8 (sounds so damn clear and nice).
  14. 256k/512k loading from tape? Party on!
  15. Damn, if this is possible, why we still have the most ugly car in ATARI's Poleposition?? /jk There are some more crappy conversions outside of the ATARI world. Great gfx!!
  16. $FF by BokanoiD / Desire greetings Mario output.xex
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