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  1. 1. MULE.... I never understood the gameplay and I think it's a f*cking ugly and boring game but it seems everybody likes it. 2. Schreckenstein. It's one of the greatest but most underrated games. It's a technical milestone and the 1st level is so beautiful and atmospheric. I have played it billion of times. But ... it's also a very hard to play game and I never finished it. 3. Gr.8/0 using speccy converions. I think Atari should be colour. Atari is Gr.15/12. Atari palette is 256.
  2. Wow, that's an awesome tune. Great piece of art (composed music) and great technical stuff for A8 (sounds so damn clear and nice).
  3. 256k/512k loading from tape? Party on!
  4. Damn, if this is possible, why we still have the most ugly car in ATARI's Poleposition?? /jk There are some more crappy conversions outside of the ATARI world. Great gfx!!
  5. $FF by BokanoiD / Desire greetings Mario output.xex
  6. wow. The conzept gfx looks so beautiful and atmospheric. I can smell, hear and feel the jungle. We need this hack!!!!
  7. Look and feel is awesome. Can't wait to play the final version. I hope, the final game will have sfx and not only msx.
  8. With regard to current events ... R.I.P. Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking.xex
  9. Another one - oldschool bbs-tro-style artwork experiment btw NOMAM is a retro computer event in luebeck (germany) from 06. - 08. april '18 one main event there is the BASIC TENLINER CONTEST http://gkanold.wixsite.com/homeputerium/basic-10liners-2018 http://atariage.com/forums/topic/274782-basic-ten-liners-are-back-for-2018/ Mario130xe_NOMAM18.xex
  10. Got my cart yesterday. looks beautiful and is working great, Thanks to Peter, Jürgen and Wolfram. Awesome job!!!!
  11. Hey ho, here's my last conversion. John von Neumann's great new Basic 10 Liner LOGO. Check out my A8 conversion. Mario130xe_10liner18.xex
  12. Yepp, I agree. It's my peronal problem too. And you would need also some how to use or readme files for some sounds. Especially the 16 bit stuff need to explain, how to use them. 1st and 2nd tone ... It's possible only by TEAMWORK.
  13. I think a big sound /instrument library for Pokey / RMT would be great, because not all musicans are sound creators. I like to play piano or keyboard but I hate to create the sounds on synthesizers. Maybe because I don't know how to create a cool bass by using white noise and filters and so on. Without 'reading' in other prods I wouldn't know about this 16 bit and c64 bass to-do inside RMT. Composing nice chiptunes without nice sounds is foolish and not fun at all. Billion of MOD-Files was created by musican, because there's a lot of samples all over the web. The composers are composers, not synth-coders. It is more blessed to give than to receive. So why not share sounds and build a RMT Sounds lib.
  14. Oh no, not another fight in AA....... in addition I will try to show, what I mean. Learning from each other so we can have more fantastic productions. Sandor.... from HARD ... and this thread ... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/273049-hcm-hardbass-tools/ After releasing his last and awesome demo 'Reharden' he was sharing the tools, the skills, .. all the infos and how to's in a great and unselfish way. THAT IS community, THAT'S exactly how things should go on here. Great point _Doctor_.. Let's have a 'Glühwein' in the cold days and let's enjoy cool demos, games, sounds and gfx on A8.
  15. Hmm, that's what stop the scene growing and getting more n more great stuff for the A8 like it's in the c64 or Amiga scene for example. In the A8 scene everybody is keeping the sourcecode as a secret, nobody is talking about their own tricky codings. People keep their stuff because it need time to create??? Hello??? It's all about fun and a hobby and not a fucking business competition. If it is sooooooo much fucking pain and wasting of private free time to create the sounds, why you do it at all? We all should work together. At least after releasing the own productions. To get more great stuff in the future. Just my 2 cents.
  16. Wow!! Just WOW!! And Thanks for an awesome new gem !!
  17. My vote 1. Dimo's Dungeon 2. Jim Slide 3. 1K ATASCII Blaster 4. Atari Blast 5. Pang 6. DYE 7. Laura 8. Skyscraper 9. Donkey Kong Junior Enhanced 10. Spycat
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