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  1. Any new movement on this? Can’t wait to play this.
  2. Wtf? Can you go full screen? Can you actually map it to an Atari controller?
  3. Hey this looks great. Its still the hardest game I have ever played! I just cant seem to swing to the pieces. Still working on it? Any chance you can throw a easy difficulty option for me?!?
  4. I think the boobs should be large if you are going Lynda Carter Wonder Woman!
  5. I too am excited about this one. Its a shame we only got one DC game and one Marvel game for the Atari. Wonder Woman sounds great. Cant wait to see it!
  6. Agreed we need more TRON games. Check out this hack of surround as light cycles. One of my favorites that I play almost everyday: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/102976-tron-2600/page-2
  7. Still no update? The world deserve an Atari 2600 batman game. Looks great so far.
  8. Is this for 5200 or 2600? Is there an arcade hack for Stella?
  9. Well it works and the game is beautiful. I am really enjoying it.
  10. This may sound crazy but why the flicker? Also, does DK look kinda smooshed?
  11. How do I launch Stella from the command prompt?
  12. I think I'm getting close. 'm having trouble getting Stella to map to my joysticks just right using emulation station. I think what I need to do is set up my mapping in Stella directly separate from emulation station. Once I drop out of emulation station, what command prompt do I need to open Stella?
  13. I have an Atari to usb connecter.
  14. Once I get to the configuring game pad 1 screen for some reason on my Atari controllers it is not reading up or left. Any ideas? I'm so close.
  15. Do I need to map it in the game or in the menu of Retropie?
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