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  1. Yup, Chess from Compute!. EDIT: The 2nd one is Rememory, also from Compute!
  2. Kr0tki


  3. Look at the box scans at Atarimania. Broderbund apparently revised their box later to fix this error.
  4. Both recordings are identical, although the Microdeal one has a bit lower pitch and somewhat longer inter-record gaps, both of which contribute to greater load time. The resulting file would be identical to the Microdeal CAS file that is included in Farb's preservation torrent, so forgive me if I won't attach another CAS file here.
  5. Thanks to all for the kind words. Though more kudos should be directed at the individuals who shelled out actual money to purchase both the rare Arabic and prototype machines, and the materials for scanning, and then shared them for free. Without them this endeavour would not be possible, and I would have to direct my OCD to collecting label variations or some other rubbish. Anyway, the search for Operating System 255 continues, let's all keep fingers crossed and don't lose hope. Works fine on my end, too. Contact me if you still can't unpack it after re-downloading, I'll send you a zip file instead. What version of 7zip are you using, anyway?
  6. New release! The main change is I took Atari_Ace's advice from last year, and incorporated the Floating Point Package's source listing from "The Atari BASIC Source Book" into the archive. As usual, remove the .txt extension from the filename, then unpack with 7-zip, and see Changelog and README for details. a8-os-rom-2018-09-23.7z.txt
  7. The V: handler intercepts DOSVEC when initialized, so when the boot process ends, it jumps through DOSVEC, causing the speech to run. Then the V: handler jumps through the original DOSVEC location, ie. to Self Test. Everything is done by the handlers downloaded via PBI. The OS itself, including all known prototype 1400/1450 versions, contains no special code for handling the V: and T: devices, only the common PBI routines. The Self Test is part of the OS ROM. It's already confirmed that the ROM from this 1400XL is a standard 800XL OS. I don't know about Altirra, but the V: device is emulated in Atari800, provided that the handler ROM is present.
  8. That's right. Besides some fixes in system reset routines, the main change in rev. 11 is reordering of many procedures without changing their functionality, and reintroduction of a few unofficial OS vectors commonly used by older software. Both changes improved compatibility with 400/800 programs. Then, comparing rev. 11 with the 600XL rev. 1, the only change (besides minor bug fixes) was they ditched the power-up screen and replaced it with support for PBI and on-board BASIC. So, rev. 11 is actually much closer to rev. 1 than to rev. 10. Huh? The typed text was not changed to "Copyright1983Atari" until 600/800XL rev. 2. If you're seeing it on your 1200XL, then either you have a different OS revision than 10 or 11, or a previously-unknown OS variant. Could you verify which is the case?
  9. I'm not sure what you mean. How can I help you?
  10. Nah, no need to redump anything. As I said, I had downloaded both ROMs back when they were still correct. The file ARABICROM would be identical to the one in post #66 above, and BASICROM was just a standard Rev. C BASIC.
  11. Thank you Kevin! I have seen one other photo of this revision of the OS, and it also was an EPROM with a paper label, instead of a mask ROM as in the case of the earlier Arabic ROM. One more question - do you know which Arabic country did it come from? Both downloadable ROMs on Kevin's page are corrupted. They were fine when I downloaded them some twelve years ago, and a non-corrupted copy also ended up in version 3.3 of Freddy Offenga's ROM collection. You should have read my README when I told you to :-)
  12. Thanks Peter. This ROM is identical to the first Arabic dump that Kevin Savetz published back in 2003 - check its description in README.html, chapter "BB000001 Rev. 59 - enhanced (1987-07-21)". Could you ask Kevin if this new ROM dump came from a different machine than the one from 2003? And what is the ROM chip's part number?
  13. Yeah, there had been a bug with -nojoystick, but it was fixed about two years ago.
  14. FYI, the only Windows binaries we provide at Atari800's download section are of the SDL version, so -nojoystick should work fine.
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