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  1. I've got 3 of the original style units and all three suffer from varying degrees of key bounce. My unit that has the F18a installed actually has it the worst. The 100% easy fix is as follows. And pardon me if this has been posted at some point in the past. I took one of my wife's emery boards and cut it lengthwise. This made the width about right to fit between the 2 sets of metal fingers underneath the key. More importantly, the thickness was perfect between the fingers. My main unit probably had 15 or so bad keys. I would insert the emery board ahd move it up and down maybe 10 times. It fully fixed every bouncing key. I went ahead and did this procedure to all the keys as preventative maintenance. Just file (no pun intended) this away and try it next time you have bouncy key problems.
  2. It's interesting that just a couple of days ago I was on your site, building the RS-232 Browser cable you spec'd out. The Browser works great with the UDS-10. Anyway... on that page below the Browser discussion was your I2C discussion. I will revisit that. Thanks!
  3. Who has, or knows where I can get some project info on building a thermometer for the TI-99/4A. Does it even exist. I've searched a bit. The C64 has plans for of course the user port but also a version for the joystick port. Might there be some floating around similar for the TI? Maybe uses the RS-232?
  4. On the nanoPEB version 2, the serial port lines up perfectly with version 1. On version 2, from the right edge of the serial connector to the center pole of the power supply is 15mm.
  5. The serial mounting holes are still tight ( a dremel tool can resolve that) and the power supply jack is perfectly centered. The version 2 power jack is about 1/2 inch closer to the serial port.
  6. Fantastic!.... Spent the day printing it and it's just perfect. You know I also have the nanoPEB version 2 and if the power supply hole was moved a half inch or so then it would work for it too.
  7. I just won and received from eBay an unopened Multiplan package. I have no disk drive but do have a NanoPEB. I did some searching, but can anyone give me a link to get that required "Program Disk" as a dsk image for the nanoPEB? Many thanks.
  8. Let me fire up a PC Desktop tomorrow and see if the PDF is on it. I'm sure I have a hard copy somewhere I can rescan.
  9. Finally installed my F18a and I took a different approach. I used the dremel tool and just dug down maybe 1mm into the bottom part of the case. It was a breeze and looks great. It makes it's own strain relief. See photo
  10. Thanks Chris. Like I said it was 3+ years ago and I was sure there was additional functions on that dsk that addressed COM1. I appreciate your research.
  11. Shift838: Just the vol1.dsk for the Rev2 would be fantastic.
  12. Back in 2013 I was one of the lucky (?) ones to get the short lived nanoPEB Rev2 with the COM1 device instead of the RS232. Anyway I lost the special dsk volume on the card (no backup) and Jamie never posted that special dsk file on his site. Does anyone have it that could share it with me? I'm using the supplied vol1.dsk written for the Rev1 and if memory serves there was some additional prgs that checked/accessed the COM1.
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