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  1. And use the clear on the colored buttons as well?
  2. Any suggestions on removing the yellowing from the buttons?
  3. I saw that, but again, my big concern was although it would remove the yellow, would it return it to close to the original gray or would it make it to light. The guy in that thread says, "I tried some keys off a XEGS, but results were not so good", so I'm a bit skeptical.
  4. Just acquired a XEGS. The color isn't too bad, but the buttons have yellowing on the edges, and the console has yellowing on the edges, sides, and bottom. I know that the 40% hydrogen peroxide cream works well on restoring SNES's back to their white, but will it work with restoring the XEGS back to the gray? Essentially, I'd be bleaching the plastic, so I'm concerned about making the XEGS too bright or white compared to the original color. Also, would it work on restoring the original color of the buttons?
  5. Was wanting to find videos of different video game world championships from the 80s for a video project. I've found one for Cosmos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO3ctKcI8Kg&t=75s I also found the Millipede championships, but someone named Patrick Scott Patterson watermarked it, so it'd be great if there was an unedited version of that somewhere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eIdfaDBjDg&t=3s I'd love to find footage from the 81 Atari Championships, Space Invaders Championship, and the Centipede Championship. I believe there were some others for Tron, Pac-Man, Tempest, and Armor Attack. Anybody else know if and where such footage would exist?
  6. Is the Donkey Kong PK 7800 cart still being sold? Would love to get my hands on one.
  7. But I'm not trying to install Free McBoot on a PS1 card. Just transfer a PS1 save file from USB to the PS1 card using Free McBoot. I can do it just fine with PS2 cards, but not the PS1 cards I have. uLaunchElf just doesn't show any files on the PS1 card when I open it.
  8. Have a question. I just got a mem card with Free Mcboot 1.953. However I'm having trouble getting it to recognize my official ps1 memory card. I want to transfer a game save from USB to the ps1 card, but when I open ulaunchelf it shows no files in the card and won't let me paste to the ps1 card. The ps2 recognizes the current saves I have on there in the Browser, but ulaunchelf does not. How can I get the ps1 save to the ps1 mem card? Otherwise, the Free Mcboot works great except for this one issue.
  9. I got this http://www.ebay.com/itm/162137631317?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT It says it supports USB and it recognizes the USB in the menu\ when I plug it in. But, when I open it, it shows no files. I just got a Memory Card preloaded with McFreeBoot, so I'm going to give that a shot.
  10. Yeah it looks awesome, but doesn't solve the issue.
  11. Yeah its for Super Gameboy. I just want a modded spare SNES controller that I can use for just those games. A lot of GB games that use the select button in-game make you press Select and A or B at the same time which is pretty awkward, so making the R button the Select button makes things much easier. How much to do the mod if I send you a controller, and how long to get it done?
  12. Is there a way to mod an SNES controller without soldering? I'd like to change the Select button to the R shoulder button to use for Gameboy games. If there isn't an easy way, are there any for sale?
  13. Just got a VS system with Gradius, but from what I understand, the VS Gradius isnt much different from my NES Gradius. What would you suggest to be the most unique or best VS arcade game? I know VS excitebike has 2 player, VS RBI Baseball has different teams, and you can shoot the dog in VS Duch Hunt, but what other games have significant or better differences from the NES versions? Isn't VS Goonies stand alone?
  14. I recently acquired a backup light gun for my Nintendo and I noticed on Duck Hunt that I was getting far in the game and hadn't missed yet (I'm decent but not that great). So I tried to deliberately miss and hits still registered, I've tried both on a newer CRT and a Trinitron from the 80s with the same results. What would be causing this and how can I fix it?
  15. I've yet to find a single YouTube video on aligning a Vectrex
  16. Can I adjust the yoke while it is on or do I do it while it is off?
  17. Ummm I do have questions. That's why I asked them above
  18. So adjust it while it is turned on? What kind of tool (if any) will I need? Also, would an antistatic wristband ground myself properly to do this? Where would I connect the wristband?
  19. So I just got a Vectrex for the first time, and while it works great, the image is pretty tilted. Was purchased on Ebay and everything appeared on ok when I opened the package. Tried to contact the seller, but he/she is saying that it was fine before it left (of course). Is there any way to align the screen? Maybe a tutorial somewhere? I'm not getting any help from the seller, and from what I can tell the manual calls for using a test cartridge. Any ideas on what to do here? Thanks.
  20. Is there a way to calibrate the Phaser? I was able to calibrate some Sega CD games in-game.
  21. I've got a Panasaonic flat crt, and the Zapper works perfect. However, the Sega Master System Phaser and Genesis Justifier aren't calibrated at all. I've tried several of each and they all fire a couple of inches to the right, making them useless. Would this be a TV issue, especially since I have tried several of both light guns?
  22. I've got a Colecovision and an Intellivision (Sears Tele-Games Video Arcade) that I'd like to get modded, preferably RGB. Anybody on here offer those services?
  23. Wanting to run my RGB and S-video consoles to my Crosspoint -> XRGB2 Plus -> RGB to component converter -> Plasma TV Of those three, which do you suggest as the best option? The Xselect and Kramer are definitely harder to find, but if they're that much better, I'll search them out. Or would the VSC 500/700 be another option? P.S. The reason I use the XRGB2 Plus is because it works perfectly with all my consoles, like my S-Video Atari 7800 on any monitor/TV I've tried. I had zero success with an XRGB3 in B1 mode. Not going to use the Mini because of the lag.
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