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  1. Colecovision Replacement motherboard (Running on +5V ) ** does anyone know any more info on this ?? ** Does anyone know When's the Colecovision Replacement Motherboard 1.2 going to be available ? And Where do you get the video boards that plug in ??
  2. I suppose if your wanted to be a real 'smart-Ass' you could 3D print a ColeCovision console case, and when you see what people can do with a 3D printer it's not such a crazy idea !
  3. Hi. I'm looking for the best site to find books, technical info and general stuff relating to the ColecoVision and Adam. Things like Service manuals , Technical Data, Programming books etc etc .
  4. Is there not a Technical Manual or Service manual for the ColecoVision with all this tech stuff in ??
  5. The idea of 3-D printing plastic cartridge cases is interesting , making low cost plastic cases held together with a few self-tapping screws ?
  6. Best in my opinion when buying TMS99xx ICs to build a test rig to check that they work as soon as you get them. a TI-99/4A makes a good test rig for testing TMS9900s,TIM9904s,TMS9901s etc best if possible to fit ZIF sockets to motherboard for ease ! For TMS9995 ICs then you could use a Powertran cortex or Tomy Tutor (though these are difficult to get and expensive) or probably easier to build your own little test rig .. see Stuart site : http://www.avjd51.dsl.pipex.com/tms9995_breadboard/tms9995_breadboard.htm
  7. So someone in (China ? ) has the original masks for the TMS9900,TMS9995 etc... interesting thought .. this means they could theoretically go back into production ! Though it's hard to believe someone would go to all the trouble of re-manufacturing old ICs like the TMS9900 etc
  8. What's a 68689 ???? never heard of it ! I've seen a website with a VHDL core but can't remember where ! Spotted the S9900 ... http://www.ebay.com/itm/4PC-LOT-S9900P-MICROPROCESSOR-16BIT-64PIN-DIP-/191715872058?hash=item2ca3280d3a Are these (S9900s) exact copies of the originala or are they in any way different i.e. CMOS or with slightly different pin-outs ?
  9. Just make two versions.. one with PAL/NTSC output (analogue TV 50./60Hz) and a VGA monitor chip..each chip having a different designation.. i.e. TMX9918TV (PAL/NTSC TV) & TMX9928VGA (VGA Monitor ) ? There where several version of the Original Chip TMS9918,TMS9928,TMS9929 etc.. But I suppose the main reason to do this (make a one Chip solution) would be cost to get each chip down to below $10 ! Mass producing these would drastically cut the cost and open them up to all sorts of uses both industrial and hobby. So in principal it's a good idea ... but actually doing it would be somewhat more difficult !
  10. Probably best to look at What the Ti-99/4A needs ?? Things like (possibly) ? Real Time Clock Silicon disc (possibly a DS12C887 512Kx8bit NVSRAM) CF Card reader Turbo mode (accelerator board) More I/O ports even USB ports ? A Hard Drive interface ? An Infra-Red interface for wireless keyboard/mouse joystick ? Well you get the idea !!
  11. a NEW Ti-99/4A using real hardware is well overdue, but it is a big project and can you get the people to do it ?
  12. Small projects are perhaps best done on an individual basis as too many Cooks can spoil the broth, with the occasional input from others ? Larger more complex project are probably better suited to a group build where the work load and ideas can be shared out ?
  13. Sounds like a good way to get NEW Hardware projects off the ground !
  14. something like this : Z80 CPU Cartridge Slot (32K Cart as original) 8K SRAM 8K SRAM 8K SRAM 8K EPROM 74HC138 + 74HC139 Memory decoders, (24K SRAM + 8K OS ROM) GAL22V10 I/O decoder V9958 VDP TMS4464-10 DRAMs 4 or 6pcs CXA1645 or CXA1145 PAL/NTSC Encoder SN764789 + AY-3-8910 PSGs 8255 for CF card reader etc There's already similar things being developed on other sites..so it shouldn't be too hard to knock a prototype out ?
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