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  1. Seems I got banned from the chat for suggesting that it might be becoming a humorless police-state. I wonder if mentioning this fact will get me banned from posting updates as well. My advice to people still using the chat would be watch what you say, and by all means, don't try to have a sense of humor.

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Depends on the truth.


      Kid: "Mommy, that lady has wrinkles and bad breath. Her crotch stinks too."


      Mommy: "Timmy, she can hear you! I'm going to beat you with a wire coat hanger when we get home!"

    3. MattelAquarius


      I haven't really used chat much since the AOL days of the 90's. Age/sex check!

    4. Tempest


      Too damn old

      Yes please!

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