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  1. Anybody here know if I could hook up a Commodore 64's video output with one of these? http://saundby.com/atari7800mod/images/vidadapt1.jpg it works for my 2600 and I think they're the same.....maybe?

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    2. moodorf


      so, it sounds like all I would need to do is simply take the RCA cable plugged into my 2600, pul it out, and put it into the RF out on a C64. cool.

    3. BurritoBeans


      Don't take the one out of the 2600, it's wired into there. I would assume you have an extra, get one like for the A/V jacks on the side of the NES - Male on both ends.

    4. moodorf


      It's a junior, so it's detachable....

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