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  1. I happened to see these im planning to get one even though this one is 399 instead of 299 for the 1-2 player game
  2. I have a c64 with a keyboard and the disk drive... Let me know
  3. As description says please let me know if youre interested all work ok see pictures thanks
  4. Vintage handheld games Claimed by RickR Frogger game does not turn on, I bought this on eBay new but batteries were corroded Coleco game turns on but no sound can be easy fix, no battery cover Pay for shipping $8 via FedEx ground Message me if interested thanks
  5. It looks cool, the problem is that this is out of my price range, just saw this on eBay for 649 bucks... what?? Would like to have this, but I wouldn't spend more than 250 for this gadget, good luck selling it, you can always pm me if you decide to sell it for 250 of course plus shipping
  6. Last year I went to a flea market at MetLife stadium in Jersey found a tele sears 6 switch and some boxed Atari games for 10 bucks and everything was just tossed in the parking floor like garbage.... guess someone's trash is someone else's treasure lol
  7. I'm pretty sure if Eduardo picks this up, it can be done as for the super game module for colecovision, and think he's also has few other projects for intellivision and a stand alone console which will play regular and super games for Colecovision, he had problems with the production for a while, but got thru for the people who preordered this super game module.
  8. The prices seem correct, except for ninja golf, been looking for this one for a while, and never seen this lower than 50 on eBay
  9. I'm interested in this gamecube, does it play imports? I have a Sears tele games, the last switch is broken, I got this at a flea market was already like that, but with pliers does work, overall the console works well, if interested send me a message, thanks.
  10. More free stuff, must take all 7.00 shipping FedEx ground to be shipped Wednesday please pm me thanks. Payment pending
  11. This will be shipping Wednesday I'm shipping from work which is cheaper
  12. Yes I still have them, do you want all of them, id rather get rid of everything at once, if possible
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