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  1. The sickest game Atari had was Missing in Action.... never finished it and left it to die. Not saying that game would have turned everything around for the 7800, but it definitly would have helped if it got released. Ninja Golf is a fantastic game....but how do you choose that over Contra? Even though it is as awesome as it is. You need to think what the masses would choose...... 9/10 times....they are going for Contra. Nintendo brought life back into a dying format. Atari still couldn't get a clue.
  2. SEGA Genesis showed it was time to move on. Case closed. It also didn't help that they held it back 2 or 3 years not knowing if they were gonna release the thing. But everyone was sick of the games. Bleeps, bloops and space were not cool anymore. 2600,5200,7800 was all the same shit. There was no progress. Each time they got more power it was to give you the same games with marginally better graphics. There were few games that stepped out of the old format when they needed it the most. That aint how you win wars. You need games. You need to constantly be pushing to change the medium. Nintendo and SEGA did just that. Then SONY. Nintendo had Miyamoto who changed the game. Then SEGA had Yu Suzuki and Yuji Naka to do it for them. There was no one to propel the brand for Atari in a meanigful way. Why? Because your 64 bit "revolutionary" console is a suped up SNES that plays shit games aswell as decent 3D renditions of.....Centipede? Missile Command? Defender? Was nothing learned? Atari would never survive the kind of wars that followed it's final failure. They couldn't even manage the last one they participated in or the one before that. Their philosophy for gaming was officially outdated at this point. High scores became secondary, rich worlds built from the ground up that told a story was what the people wanted after Nintendo showed everyone how things could be. SEGA built on that while retaining the essence of arcade. That is why they were as a successful as they were even if only for a short time. SONY then goes in for the kill. The trend that games needed to be more hit when Nintendo changed the game. Everyone has been building on what NES did ever since. Atari drove itself to irrelevance. Got cocky. Found itself not able to catch up when the heat came and still werent smart enough to copy what the clear winners were doing.....2600? Great. 2 consoles later you're still buying new hardware for yet another version of Donkey Kong, BurgerTime, Centipede, Millipede, Defender, Joust? And these are your main games? That is a tough sell when these games you have relied on for over a decade are now up against..... Zelda, Super Mario, Ninja Gaiden, Versions of Back Elbow StreetFight.... I mean Double Dragon that weren't total shit, Contra, movie licenses locked to Nintendo and SEGA.....these games are already dated and now the final blow is people can now have pretty good home versions of Golden Axe, AfterBurner, and Super Hang On a year later. Who wants a 7800 when you see shit like that? Maybe as a secondary console to still be able to play the classics when you feel like it but you cannot compete with the same old shit and expect to go to war. You cant keep selling Centipede and Asteroids over and over and over and over and over again and then wonder why you went bankrupt. AfterBurner2 was [email protected]#$%ing dope come to think of it. Still is. Christmas 88 rolls around.....you'd be stupid to buy a 7800 as your only console with the options that were out or on the horizon. Thank god my older brother made the right choice. SEGA rules. After the Lynx, I thought Atari was on the right path. I was so wrong. But that's where they needed to keep pushing. Lynx was a legitimately good console with sick games.... there was just too much competition. A home console that continued what it was trying to do could have made things different. Batman on Lynx was dope. Jaguar needed that. It would have helped 7800 immensely aswell if it was able to acquire licenses the same way Nintendo and SEGA did.
  3. Greatest Heavyweights is fantastic. The game that came before it was pure [email protected]#$%ing excellence. Evander Holyfields Real Deal Boxing. Both games play very similar. GH is more fast paced. Has 3 different body types... EHRDB... only has one. Career mode plays out the same across both games. When your fighter hits 30 fights.... he begins to age and his stats begin to decline. Each fight starts turning into dramatic long distance wars. Your fighter is automatically retired after 40 fights. I always try and go 40-0....once you're in a fight. That's it. If that console turns off, glitches, power outage...... what ever it is aside from you winning by KO or decision.... will be a nice big blemish on your record. Nothing more satisfying than barely holding on in a fight, getting your ass kicked and having just enough left to knock your opponents ass out.
  4. Ayrton Senna Super Monaco GP 2 is absolutely stellar. Playing on Master difficulty, you get to move around and switch teams like in the first. The game is hard though. But rewarding as hell when you bring it all together. Drive manual 7speed. Much, much faster...much, much harder but its worth it. Super Hang On is excellent. Lotus 1 and 2 are cool too. Outrun is great. Outrun 2019 is great. If you want to race with roller blades in a game identical to Road Rash? Skitchin' is worth looking at. These are just good games in general: Alien Storm, Beyond Oasis, Golden Axe 1-3, Road Rash 1-3, Streets of Rage 1-3, Shining Force 1&2, Phantasy Star 2-4, Death Duel, Subterranea, F1 Circus, F1 Nakajima, Alien Soldier, Comix Zone, Gunstar Heroes, Light Crusader, MoonWalker, James Bond The Duel, Ecco... Sonic1-3 + Knuckles-whoops Mario, atleast in this specific generation it did. Alisia Dragoon, Target Earth, StreetSmart, AfterBurner 2, Columns, Revenge of Shinobi, Shadow Dancer, Shinobi 3, ShadowRun, Thunderforce 2-5, Gaiares, Hellfire, Jungle Strike, Urban Strike, Desert Strike, Castle of Illusion, World of Illusion, Robocop Vs Terminator, Contra Hardcorps, Castlevania BloodLines, El Viento, Landstalker, Chakan: The Forever Man, MERCS, Valis 3, Pitfighter, The Punisher, X-men 1&2, Dynamite Duke, Rolling Thunder 2&3, Bimini Run, Rambo 3, Fist of The NorthStar..... [email protected]$%, I can still go on. Genesis is one of the greatest consoles of all time. I liked it alot more than SNES. I feel the SNES had it's collection of premium high quality games that can arguably be better than most Genesis games, aside from Sonic giving Nintendo a run for its money.....this is roughly 30 games.....the rest are either on Genesis aswell or are shit. The Genesis versions though dont usually look as good excluding RoboCop Vs Terminator...... but usually have better gameplay. Any SNK game plays better on Genesis, but looks superior on SNES. Same for Pitfighter and Mortal Kombat 1. What Genesis does have is an onslaught of like 300 games. It has a bigger selection of good games. SNES I feel had the more important games..... just alot less of them in comparison. In terms of must haves... Genesis' good-great 300 games VS 30-50 SNES higher quality phenomenal games. Classic Quantity VS Quality that played out before your very eyes.... but SEGA showed quantity isn't a bad thing if your standards are high enough to consistently pump out great games. I'm taking more games....the better playing versions of games, and the better sports games which can still be played today. Any NHL game on Genesis is still stupidly fun. NFL Football 94 Starring Joe Montana is still the best 2D football game. Just no one knows that until they finally play it. I dont even like sports that much to begin with.... i barely give a shit.... but when you dont like baseball and you consider World Series Baseball on the Genesis to be one of the greatest games of all time..... That says something. I had both consoles and over 100 games for each growing up. SNES on paper is the better machine. But something about that black sports car lookin thing under your tv being slightly less powerful but being 2 or 3 times faster and being able to compete with what it had, it looked like something Ferrari would have designed if they decided to build a console ...... I'll never know exactly what it is that made it so magical. I was 100% sold I needed a Genesis. I was willing to overlook the technically more capable stuff on SNES till somehow We ended up with one and realized it was indeed superior....but there are way more games on Genesis that justify owning it. Games that appeared on both.... The SNES versions usually suffer from slowdown when shit starts getting crazy on screen....sometimes unplayable levels of slowdown.... on Genesis, BLAST. PROCESSING. LOL Rarely slowed down. You can see this most evidently in Wrestlemania The Arcade Game. But the exlusives were what made the SNES the true winner in the end. I can see why it happened. I still preferred SEGA over all. I own all those SNES exclusives too Super Mario, Donkey Kong Country 1-3, Mario Kart, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy 3, StarFox, Chrono Trigger, Final Fight 1-3, Super Castlevania 4, Act Raiser 1&2, Contra, Fzero, PilotWings, Secret of Mana etc. Once I beat those and others....it was back to the dark side.
  5. Im still here waiting for my games like an asshole.......going on like 7 or 8 months now.
  6. I wish for Sega classics to take center stage after Castlevania and SGM2 have been completed. AfterBurner 2 OutRun Space Harrier ThunderBlade Galaxy Force 2 Shinobi Hang on Super Hang On Super Monaco.......and it's sequel starring the greatest driver of ALL TIME.
  7. sn8k


    It's fantastic. Go buy it. Perfect mix of Charge N Blast, Panzer Dragoon and Space Harrier. It all comes together and works so well.
  8. As the title states...... can it be done? If so......I like the idea of a Sega rebrand
  9. If I had a time machine...... I would use it to save Sega and Coleco. I would have shown them both they would fail. Why they failed and how not to fail. Assuming I don't show up their naked in a ball of thunder without my phone.
  10. It's like I want to be mad because of how long this process has taken....... but I can't because I know you're working your [email protected]#$%!n ass off and your level work doesn't really have an equal. You really are the best at what you do. Someone made me a cart here once. It looked like shit. It plays and gets the job done and Im grateful and all still to have it... but I do wish it was you who made it.
  11. And honestly......... With something like a PS5..... I don't trust any of this. If something happens in transit..... Im not protected like I am from official sources. So yeah, thanks but no thanks. Anything else you wish to know?
  12. Because I know who the fuck this random guy is. Yeah strange indeed. This launch has been weak. If GT7 was out...... I would be pressing people for personal reviews on him. Since it's not......... Im not rushing to deal with someone I dont know. Im not one of you. Im not in your Atari circle. I dont know people around here like you do. He says hes got a PS5 that may mean something to you..... me? It means dick. If he has one and is really going to sell it at cost to someone, good on him. Right now? Especially with whats going on with this plandemic . I dont need a 700 dollar box to play remasters. Ill wait till there are actually PS5 games worth playing. Right now. I see ZERO.
  13. Knight Rider: Total Recall Edition I actually liked the original game. I wouldnt say its a trainwreck.
  14. You have a heart of gold. Don't ever change. How ever, I'm holding out. There is nothing I want to play right now on it. $700 or $499 depending on what side of the border you're on is alot for a PS 4.7 Not seeing the games. No GT7, no surprise Metal Gear or Silent Hill.......this launch is bullshit for both sides. I doubt Resident Evil will look that less detailed on PS4. The only game I want. These launches keep getting smaller and smaller. Next gen after this will be all remasters and 1 exclusive for each. I thought all these new tools these guys keep talking about that they use to build games now so fast were supposed to streamline everyting. Yet here we are.....PS5's biggest game right now aside from Spider Man is a Remake/Remaster of a PS3/360 game. Are you playing Enlisted? That looks decent.
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