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  1. Did I say dungeon crawler? Or did I say dungeon crawler RPG? Something with a story. Not another couch co op loot fest.
  2. Farkle sounds like it's when you laugh really hard and fart at the same time.
  3. Yes.... and now were talking about what violence actually is. We're beyond what Tommy told me would happen.... but is visually not happening..... Compelling single player games. Not asking for Skyrim..... but some overhead topdown dungeon crawler rpg would be cool. Or some 2.5 D apocalyptic run and gun.
  4. And if games like Terminator, AVP or Contra start coming out of nowhere after a year or 2...... Then I was right. They are worried and had to abandon plan A in favor of B.....mine and the one everyone else is already thinking in their heads but refuse to say because people usually get torn apart around here for having an oppinion. My favorite is being told flat out Im wrong. Like in this case. We have decades of data. And it mostly says games are violent. Even the ones we don't really consider violent because who the [email protected]#$ really thinks Kirby is a violent game or Joust.... but it technically is. You need some form of conflict or something to overcome. Someone or something to defeat because they are trying to kill you. I get they want to go with family skill based games.... but that is seriously not gonna last. Come on. Open your eyes. Nothing they have shown is ground breaking.. its mostly and sadly lame. And that bothers me too. I don't take pride or joy in the fact this thing is already in trouble. I want this thing to dominate. Its cool visually.... It looks lightyears away from doing just that though.
  5. No I am not. Now you're twisting shit to fit your argument. You know Im right and now you don't want to let it go because of how far this has gone. Whats the story of Yars Revenge? What does Michael Myers do to you in Halloween? Ms Galoctopus..... you shoot squid babies. Deepstone Catacomb- slay creatures and beasts, dragons, then the dark lord to save the princess. AquaVenture, you shoot fish only to get the treasure at the bottom. Demon Attack... shooting demons.... on the moon.... to protect Earth... Wizard of Wor... trapped in a wizards space maze...kill him before he wipes out your team. Choplifter.... rescue all the pows... or die trying.... there is a counter that even tells you how many guys have .....DIED IN A HORRIBLE CHOPPER CRASH OR BY OTHER MEANS. Kung Fu Master.... beat the shit out of everyone.... don't die and save your girlfriend. Double Dragon....beat the shit out of everyone....and save your girlfriend. Mario....stomp or shoot everything with fireballs, save the princess who left the castle on her own accord apparently. Sonic... collect the emeralds, save the earth from an evil lunatic. Breaking all of his shit along the way. Missile Command.... save everyone from nuclear annihilation. Star Raiders.... Hunt down aliens before they blow you or your home base up. Joust.... impale your enemies.... crush them with your giant bird steed... and watch the others drown. Robotron... blow everything the [email protected]#$% up and save humanity. Berzerk.... do it again but never be able to save yourself. Donkey Kong Country.. a gorilla and a monkey take on an army of reptiles to retrieve their stolen bananas. Moonpatrol..... shoot the curious aliens who are trying to investigate this 4 wheel contraption that is mindlessly blowing all their shit up. Or no sorry... the evil aliens who are trying to impede your murderous progress. Contra... shoot aliens. Save the world. Castlevania- kill dracula. Save the world. Blazing chrome- contra clone Bloodstained- castlevania clone. I can do this for years. The implied themes have always been there. Now let it go. You keep implying that the violence im talking about is GTA level shit or Call of Duty. And its not. Its whats in every [email protected]#$%ing game 99% of the time. It was just easier to see in 8 and 16 bit. Dont tell me no one is going to buy a remake of The Terminator for Amico...or some other franchise....this is not what the console is about apparently... so forget that it will generate sales. Or an Alien VS Predator game of some sort. You know whats not violent at all? Cornhole and Farkle. And that [email protected]#$%!n shit is not going to save intellivision. Intellivision was left in the past for a reason. It took the hopes and dreams of one man to bring it back. Not because it was this wildly popular console that sold like wild fire so its back by popular demand all of a sudden. I have seen better things than this die horribly. It will do well initially, just like everything does because it's new. Then it will fold harder than a bad hand 2-3 years later......wasted comeback. No intellivision for anyone.... Again.
  6. I could never get into Adventure. I hate the whole pick up thing... drop off here.. pick up sword, shittily ram it into dragon to kill it... drop sword... get other item... It just felt lazy in it's design to me. I feel it is one of the worst games in the official Atari catalog. Just my oppinion. I know there are alot of people that like it. The one that is sold here on 5200 looks mildly intriguing with the updated graphics..... but I just can't get behind that gameplay for some reason.
  7. Pretty sure they published a couple of Terminator games too back in the day would be nice to be able to play those on VCS.
  8. The more I think about it.... A Haunted House game would kick total ass. First person survival horror. All you get is a candle to see and the only option is run. The candle helps find the items around a dark house that you need to use in a final battle and escape the house. Should be like Resident Evil 7 or Paranormal Activity, but no guns.... you can only run. And you are being stalked around the house by various things. I think this definitely fits the idea of the "premium games" they are trying to do. I personally don't think anything can ever reach the level of Resident Evil 7 or The Excorcist..... But would love it if Atari somehow pulled it off. I would also like to see Alien Vs Predator get released on the store. That is too big of a game to just let rot on your worst performing console. Then I would get a new modern FPs with the license going....3 campaigns + multiplayer.... I really liked the Atari Matrix games.... would be cool to get remasters of the 2 old games and a brand new one for the new movie. But I dont think Atari is down with doing big releases like that still.
  9. Gaming is violent. Period. And it always has been. Not every game is Tetris. The very concept is usually inherently violent even if the pixels are in cute shapes. Mario stomped his enemies and Kirby swallowed his and spit them out as projectiles to harm other enemies. Now Im done.
  10. Nightstalker is technically violent too. Both new and old. So is Missile Command..... maybe not in it's design but in concept. Save the cities from nukes going off over them.... Did the city that just got hit and mushroom clouded not really get hit by a missile? Centipede.... you blast that thing into pieces and shoot spiders and other bugs. To me almost everything is technically violent. Whether you stangle hookers and steal their money or don't. Shootiing invading aliens in Space Invaders or Galaga is the same shit. Violence that is acceptable. Hell even in Choplifter you shoot tanks... rescue prisoners on the ground... what happens to the pilot and all the men on board you just saved from a burning building when a Jet shoots you down? The counter for how many guys saved vs how many died is for what then?
  11. I find it really hard to think of games that aren't violent in one way or another.... even in 2600 games .
  12. It certainly helps... im going to say 90% of what I play is violent. Either its guns and explosions, horror, or cutesy Nintendo stuff with accepted cartoon violence. Or it's sports or racing. Even when I play 2600...... Wizard of Wor is technically violent. So is Double Dragon and Galaga...but to me I dont see it as the end of the world if a kid played those. I just bought Halo 2600, I dont see that as a violent game even though MasterChief shoots aliens. Reactor is the only non violent game I can think of currently. Super Mario Odyssey, Crash, Spyro, Donkey Kong.... are violent games too.. but i feel those are acceptable to all. Earthworm Jim falls into this category as well..... because he shoots dogs, crowes and end level bosses with a pistol.
  13. You are under the impression I want this thing to fail. I really don't. I have explained every step of the way that I feel this thing is Dead On Arrival but that I want it to succeed. We shall see who was on the losing end of the argument. Because that has yet to be determined. I want to be proven wrong. I really do. It's actually worse for me if it does die... because I know exactly what would have saved it. And I would have bought it no questions asked and had a new console under the tv that kicked ass and so would millions of others both new players and old. But listen to how that sounds? Unrealistic and [email protected]#$%[email protected] stupid. Sure it can happen. But not like this. After the great news that this thing has sold like wild fire and pre orders sold out and they unloaded their initial 30,000 or 50,000...... Once they come back... they will never leave. As in the store....where they will sit. We wont be able to keep up with their intended demand. And it should totally be other way around.
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