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  1. I liked the first game, didnt think part 2 would live up. So far..... it has exceeded my expectations.
  2. Aside from the shitty voice acting. This game is an absolute masterpiece. Been playing it 2 days straight. Pretty sure im at the last area.....the hotel. Need to hunt down a copy of 3 now ........ if anyone has it.... Im willing to buy.
  3. I also forgot to mention both Dino Crisis games. They were spectacular too. I dont like point and click games.....but I had an absolute blast playing Echo Night, Dracula 1&2, Juggernaut and my all time favorite in this category.....XFiles.
  4. I absolutely love PS1. So many sick games. Before I had PS1, I was a sega kid. Genesis and Saturn. I did not like RPG's. Enter Final Fantasy 7. Now I play RPG's. Resident Evil 1-3 were all awesome. 2 was the best. GT 1 and 2 were phenomenal. All Final Fantasy's 1-9.... to die for. Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross? Dont even got the words. Syphon Filter 1-3? So sick. Legend of Mana? Gorgeous. Metal Gear Solid? Is probably the greatest game of all time whether you know it yet or not. And Silent Hill...... will still scare the absolute shit out of you. There is a level of quality to PS1 that is unmatched by anything before it and nothing else after till the 2nd one arrived. Gonna go play now actually.
  5. I get what you're saying. I have thought about getting it. They have something like that for Saturn that also works on DC. Id be getting it for Saturn, as my DC collection is stacked.
  6. The only CDR I have is a boot disc that I use strictly for loading my Japanese or PAL games.
  7. I failed to burn D2 . That one I remember well. I expended about 10 discs on it till I gave up. None would boot up except 1. After changing the speed for the last time. I got it to go.... but DC was again working slow and sounding like it was going to blow. Than would crash immediately when I was supposed to take control. With a few more attempts I probably could have figured out the perfect setting for it. But I said fuck it and just bought the game when I decided I was done with burning games. Owning the originals always feels the best.
  8. Not every game burns at the recommended speeds. The term "coaster" wasn't invented out of nowhere. I had games burned flawlessly, and others using the same methods that either made load times take for ever and have my DC making sounds that are not normal. Slow gameplay. No sound. Crashing. Every problem imaginable..... I have had it while burning DC games. Never had a single issue doing Ps1 games. For years. I eventually bought pS1 games, all of them....original. Not because I felt burned games were affecting my PS1, they werent. After buying all of my DC games...... I did the same for all the Ps1 games I wanted. Which was alot..... just because it looks good on the shelf.
  9. Let me love you long time! All jokes aside, I been wondering if Control was any good.
  10. Retro City Rampage came in the mail. I got it on PS4. Was always interested in it. 2 days solid. I finished it. What a game. It kicks total £@#%!^$ ass. Super excited for Shakedown Hawaii now. Had to buy that one direct from the devs. Still waiting on that one.
  11. Why cant I buy Concerto with paypal?
  12. Just bought intellivania, but Im totally getting this too.
  13. And a rom "no one cares about" isn't exactly comparable to a vehicle let alone the whole line up of said vehicles. Just sayin.
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