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  1. There is a more complete version of MIA somewhere. It is in Chuck Peavey's hands. Just doesnt know what disk its on and he needs to have the disks sent off to data recovery. I assume it costs good money to do something like that. Even still, I tried getting him to do it. Almost succeeded. I guess if enough people hunt him down asking for that version, he'll try to put it out there. The original version thats floating around now is an excellent game none the less. Glad I have it on cart.
  2. Anything on a chip or harddrive passed a certain age NEEDS to be dumped. I don't care how much you paid or how "cool" you think you are within your circles. Don't be a selfish dick. These things really can be lost forever. I'm still pressing on for the more complete version of MIA on 7800. If and or when I find it..... You think I would hold it hostage? No. Because I know that.. 1. No one should even have it to begin with 2. Making money off others work is big no no in this community as has been proven before. 3. You paid $10,000 for it? You're the one who needed it that bad. No reason to withhold it from everyone else when this thing shouldn't even be in your possession to begin with or most likely the person who sold it to you. If you were gonna buy it anyway. Take the damn hit. 4. WHERE THE %#[email protected] IS TOKI 7800?
  3. What are the odds this fixes the problem? I dont feel like wasting anymore time or money into anything Atgames related. I stand corrected. They still [email protected]#$^ng suck.
  4. Wish this was the case, I did manage to find an 8gb card, still doesnt work. However now I can finally add roms to the portable.
  5. The SD card is the exact one being used in 1 of the videos, and i dont have or ever see cards smaller.
  6. im beginning to think it is faulty hardware because from all videos ive seen, before game menu its supposed to detect the firmware upgrade and ask if you want to uograde. It just doesnt do that for me. The firmware I grabbed from here.
  7. Tried 3. Same shit. Im 2 seconds from throwing this thing out.
  8. On everyone elses videos It asks right away to upgrade firmware where mine will always just go straoght to gamelist and never give me the option. Im getting really f#$&$$& pissed off.
  9. I load firmware file on to my 16gb card. Put into console. Hit left and I get nothing. Click on SD box, it says loading, flickers 2 or 3 times and goes right back to atgames menu and gives me nothing. WTF AM I DOING WRONG!?!?!
  10. Im Atgames biggest critic. Me, of all people gave AFB9 a go today. Happy to report it's surprisingly great. These things have always been what they are best at and they made it better with SD support. Still prefer Atari Flashback 2's controllers to these but hey, if you got em... use em and I do. This years' console is [email protected]##in great. Almost proud.... Surprise me with better joysticks next.
  11. Those who support these people are doing the retro community a disservice. All they make is garbage.So enjoy. What ever this thing is.
  12. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/10/atgames_disappoints_again_with_the_bandai_namco_flashback_blast And I'm the bad guy. Let's see how long it takes for me to get banned this time.
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