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  1. The game looks really cool. But almost every review I watch says it's shit. One guy even outlines why the game is shit but says he can't stop playing it for some reason. Over 20 hours... it's a bad game he wont stop playing.... I don't get it. User reviews on google are generally pretty positive on the other wnd of the spectrum.
  2. Ok, so now that I found a dedicated spot... it's hooked up... I have spent some hours with it... I will say this about the controller.... It is honestly the absolute best controller I have ever used and or felt in my hands. I loved all the DualShocks. But this DualSense is on another [email protected]#%!*g level. I thought people were exaggerating the shit out of it. I have never felt a logo splash on the screen before though my hands with such accuracy. Like how did I feel a logo? lol Then in game, walking around on different surfaces, it feels and sounds different every time you step on something new, metal, sand, leaves, etc. And as cool and as awesome as these adaptive triggers are, I have never felt anything like this before..... I can tell you right now these things will not last. In Resident Evil, popping off shots with your hand gun and having it feel like an actual trigger pull? INSANE. But that little mechanism that replicates that feeling by stopping the trigger, so you pull harder through the click to fire the shot? It just feels like these will be done in a year. The vibration through the entire controller is a really nice touch though. The whole thing doesnt just vibrate, its like timed through the whole thing to make you feel things moving left to right or up and down. Crazy. But now that I have used the triggers, I worry more. The effect is cool but it feels like the plastic gears will wear off. Until I have a 3rd dualsense to put through its paces. It will remain off in my 1 controller I currently have until I can verify otherwise. So far, I have found enough people to suggest it may be the case. I really dont see the triggers holding up through an entire years worth of COD fanaticism. Not even a month for the guys who put in 3-5 hours daily. Thats a lot of forceful trigger pulling and what ever other trickery they can do with those things.
  3. I am also scared I'm going to break the adaptive triggers. Reading about alot of people who got messed up or broken controllers after only days of use on them. Definitely turning that shit off.
  4. And sleep..... is hard to come by with this elusive beast in my possession. The hype is real.
  5. Got mine last night!!!!!!!!! The opportunity was there. I took it with zero hesitation. Still havent set it up yet... Have no idea where to put it. It fits nowhere in my entertainment unit. I got Returnal with it..... Waiting for Tormented Souls and House of Ashes to arrive any day now. GT7 has a clear release date now. I have a significant amount of games that qualify for upgrades. It was finally worth it to me.
  6. sn8k

    Movie Cart

    Truly amazing
  7. Well enjoy ruining carts on your "superior" Genesis. I personally don't need that shitty cartridge port as my Genesis mini has around 200 games on it and If I want to use my actual carts, Ive got a model 1 and 2. I wanted to love the Atgames model 1 Genesis. I love the case. The size of it is perfect.... not a fan of the super small sizes of the mini classics. I would have much rather had something the same size as Atgames console or around something like that for all of them. As it stands..... my Atgames model 1 will be turned into raspberry pi some day.
  8. In regards to SMS. I think there should be a mini. Or a compilation disc like they did for Genesis on PS3/4. But Sega likes to make stupid decisions. Or make the right decisions after ignoring fans for years..... acting surprised when they finally release what people have been asking for after they have already moved on. Like i dunno, don't make people wait 17 years for a game..... or 24 for SOR4 after completely abandoning it. If there is 1 Genesis game I kept hearing about over the years, through friends, internet, videos etc....it was Streets of Rage 2 and all requests attached to it were for a Streets of Rage 4. We finally get the game..... doesn't feel like a Sega game because......Sega didnt make it. I feel if they actually did it themselves , it would have been much better than how it turned out. Still a good game as is. Just missing that lil bit of magic that was in Streets of Rage 1 and 3 but most prominently in 2.
  9. When Atgames finally got it right..... it still sucked. No way that thing is more accurate than Sega's. That cartridge port also has one of the worst death grips I have ever seen. I refused to put carts into after 1 attempt. The emulation and sound was alot better in that Genesis but that cartridge port was worse than the already shitty ones that came before it. So Atgames model 1 Genesis was indeed a drastic improvement over all the others they did before..... but things were still wrong with it. I mainly bought it for the shell. You can't even finish Mortal Kombat on it. Whether you play it off the menu or cart. The game freezes and restarts before Goro drops down. This has happened in a couple of other games aswell but MK was the one that sticks out because they included it on the system and you cant even finish the game in either format you're trying to play on it. If all the other Genesis clones were 2/10.... That last one was a 6. Ok but with it's issues.
  10. I would have traded Sonya for Raiden....he works in the 2600 version lol
  11. They need more games. Or they will die. Case closed. This has been true for EVERY SINGLE CONSOLE BEFORE IT. There is nothing special about this to shoot itself in the foot willingly.
  12. Fallout 3. Once you get into it. There is no putting it down. If you end up getting addicted to it. Fallout NewVegas is a great follow up. After finishing FO3....I jumped right into NV immediately till that was done. Batman is a great game. All of them are really.
  13. First you need to get passed the 1 person who has it. And won't release it. I have given up hope. Announcing this game to show it off and do absolutely nothing with it was a total dick move. Some say "the game isn't even that good to begin with so who cares"... what you want to play doesn't matter because Toki sucks apparently regardless of your personal preference. That's what I was told atleast. 5 years later..... Just go play it somewhere else. Like Genesis or Switch. Considering none of us are getting any younger and prominent people have died in recent times. Nothing should be held back. That rom should be FREE TO ANYONE because it technically should be in no ones posession. That game technically does not exist. Toki is a great game but have accepted this version is just lost to time. All I hear in this place is how important preservation is. And that may be true..... but does not apply here for some reason. And it doesnt exactly inspire confidence in ever getting the chance to play it when a thread shows up here saying the guy who has it was hospitalized and almost died. Because like I said no one here is getting any younger and I've got my own issues too... like the same ones ironically that almost killed the man holding Toki7800 hostage. I am not a fan of this aging thing. I was good mostly in my 20's... 6 friends of mine have died in recent times. Either health related or accidents. Mostly health related. I find time much more valuable with each passing day. I stopped caring about what I cant have and focus on all the new shit I can have....... Like more games or liquid foods to not like die and stuff.
  14. Everyone thought VCS was the joke. Well now the thing is real. You can play Xbox Series X games on it and a whole bunch of other xbox related stuff through GamePass. It's upgradeable. Amico plays 6 year old flash games? Are they for real with this shit? The 2 best looking games.... Earthworm Jim and the spiritual successor to Ecco aren't even gonna drop when this thing finally does.
  15. This is exactly what I'm saying. And you and me are not the first to say it.
  16. It is 100% placeholder. Check any game listed with an unknown release date elsewhere.... and they will have it listed as 12/31/insert current year
  17. I'll pre-order it tomorrow if if a Masters of the Universe game in this style gets done. This can easily be a single player game or a 4 player beat em up. I don't think I'm asking alot. I really dont want this to fail. I was in when announced. I'm out after seeing the games.
  18. If this is too violent for Amico...... this thing is beyond saving.
  19. I was expecting games like this......
  20. No. Because better things have died.
  21. Can't like em that much if it's been sitting for over 20 years. In this specific case, given what we know about Jag CD now..... I would be worried to even play the games.
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