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  1. A look deeper into this and it seems someones had this ribbon off too and tried to tape it down with electric tape... I tried heating this up with air and also soldering iron and putting it back in place but it wont work. I have no idea how to fix it? It's a shame as the panel itself looks to be in good clean working order and might be a good replacement for my other LCD. Does anyone know how to get that ribbon back down? if you even can?
  2. Hey all and thanks for all the replies! Firstly, my original first lynx i got i tried heating the LCD area you guys mentioned but no joy. It had no effect with both hot air or a very quick touch of a soldering iron. I've kind of given up on it really but it was cheap and does actually work. It's playable so... no big deal really. Now.. for I got the Lynx's today.. sadly, one of them is completely screwed the screen is damaged (some of the pixels seem to be black like the unit is on and some are white. perfect lines so doesn't look like a normal cracked screen and it is missing its LCD cable. The board had some random wire attached from the board to the ground on the headphone jack. I assume this was to ground out the Mosfet and force it to turn on... I removed it, put it all back together and now its considered an ornament on my book shelf... Now for the final one, the one which actually turns on... I've stripped it down and put some batteries in it and the screen just stays 100% black. The contrast wheel has no effect what so ever on the screen. What could this be? There is also no sound when a game is put in it so it doesn't seem to even be running games? I tried the screen in my working Lynx and its doing the exact same thing but with sound. I think I've picked up 2 very ill machines... Any idea's guys?
  3. Hi Gadget, Thanks for the info. I will have a look when i get chance. Reason I've not progressed further is I've just acquired 2 more of them haha! Both are in need of repair but they were very, very cheap and came with a game so... The first one has a green tint to the screen and thats as far as it will go.. I've had this happen with Game Gears (Sorry I know I keep going onabout Game Gear's) It happens when the cart isn't being read properly usually due to the pins not making contact properly. Is this likely with the Lynx? or does anyone else know for sure what the issue is with this type of green screen? Second one doesn't turn on at all sadly, any idea's what to look for? Although I might just use it for parts and put it's LCD into my working one here? Although, I'd rather get all 3 working. Any idea's? Finally, Here's a pic of them together with a game... Any help is appreciated. I'd really like to get all 3 working as I don't think i could live with killing one for parts...
  4. I've been using my new Lynx today and i have to say... I really do wonder if the LCD panel in this is the same as those found in Game Gears. Does anyone know for sure or have any pictures of a LCD from an atari lynx 1/2? I could tell from seeing one as i have repaired many MANY Game Gears. Any help appreciated
  5. It seems the more I'm using this unit the better it's getting! Just wish i could get rid of those lines on the right, any ideas guys or is it new LCD time?
  6. I might be going mad or something but... Is this dust on/in the LCD on my Lynx??! At first I thought it was dead pixels/bad LCD (the LCD has line issues as it is) but a closer look... It looks like little hairs/dust?? Anyone had this before? Can it be removed?
  7. Hey all I got it in the post today.. It's in great shape cosmetically. Sadly though I'm 99% sure the LCD is dying. I tried messing about with the ribbon cable and it made no difference what so ever. From looking at it I've seen this issue before with Game Gear's and I've never managed to solve it without swapping out the LCD. This looks like the LCD to me... The right side is dimmer slightly than the rest of the LCD (seen this on Game Gear's many times). Here's some pictures of the machine and inside... At this stage I put it back together and didn't bother with recapping the machine. The screen is really bright and the sound is incredibly loud and clear so I really doubt it's anything capacitor related so no point fixing something that isn't broken. I guess I will have to see if i can get a replacement screen or something unless you guys have any ideas? One thing i will say is it is no way as bad as it was in the pictures he took of it. The screen is actually playable. I've been playing Blue Lightning on it and its pretty good!
  8. I certainly will do... I bought my own caps from CPC (england) as eBay ones were like... £6.99 and only cheap capacitors... crazy. I purchased a full set of Rubycon caps (extremely high quality capacitors) for mine for about £3.40 shipped. I will keep you posted.
  9. Really? that is reassuring. Would it be the cable needs to be replaced? or is it just loose or something? I will give it a go when it arrives. Ah yes... Game Gear's do the same thing there are 3 sections to the LCD on a Game Gear and one of these can go darker than the rest. I wonder if the Lynx uses the same/similar LCD panel as the Game Gear? If it does look like glitches in the control of the LCD then thats good news as I'm sure one of the many caps would be used to control the LCD in various ways. When it arrives i shall carefully strip it down and have a good look. Hopefully I can repair it as I've just purchased Blue Lightning which i played as a kid in the 90's. Fantastic memories!
  10. That is true I have seen the screen on in peoples pictures and it looks incredible! I just can't justify spending that much. I love the system but... I'm not flush with cash. I will certainly open it up though and check the cable. maybe rub the pins with rubbing alcohol carefully? I will also be swapping out the capacitors regardless as I just bought a full set of extremely high quality caps as i said earlier so may as well. To be honest if anyone has one working or would like to do a trade, or if i find a working one I would consider it. This one is in really nice cosmetic condition which is nice. Deserves to be repaired and cared for really.
  11. 95 euros good god! I could buy another 2 working ones for that... this is a shame... Oh well, will look nice on my bookshelf i guess.
  12. Oh damn really? That's a shame. Well I found a capacitor list online and ordered a full set of Rubycon capacitors so I will replace them all anyway. Can't so any harm filling it with extremely good quality, new caps. As for the screen... that's a shame... Could you link me to a few links as i have found a few on here and I'm abit confused who is actually selling them? I also saw one with VGA out which i definitely do not want. I want to keep the unit 100% original.
  13. Got one, Admin close topic please
  14. As the title says, I'm looking for Blue Lightening for the Atari Lynx. Not too fussed on condition and loose carts are fine. Anyone got one? Thanks
  15. Hello all I've just saved a Lynx 2 from the bin.. It is in very nice shape cosmetically but the screen has issues as seen here: I actually repair SEGA Game Gear's on a very regular basis and I am technically minded. I want to repair this little Lynx and bring back some memories of playing my friends Lynx 1 back in the 90's. I have seen this sort of issue with Game Gear's and the typical cause is bad capacitors. Is this the case with these units as well or am i looking at a more involved repair? Looking to take good care of this. Atari has a special place in my computing past so please, any information on how to get this repaired and ship shape is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any info! Jason
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