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  1. Count me amongst those experiencing intermittent FG99 glitches. It usually works, but not always. Sometimes the console doesn't recognise it is plugged in, sometimes reset causes issues. Sometimes it just crashes. or refuses to load. Usually a power cycle solves the problem, but sometimes I have to reseat the cartridge or the SD card. It is random enough that I don't see a pattern other than a reset is more likely to cause havoc than anything else. I don't have problems with any other cartridge. The FG99 glitches are more of a nuisance than anything else as the utility of the cartridge outweighs the problems.
  2. Heh. That is my main desktop computer. I built my most recent iteration a year ago, but I always re-use whatever hardware I reasonably can, and either use the old hard drives in as secondary drives, or copy the entire contents to a new hard drive. As a result, all my files and whatnot going back 30 years when I got my first computer with a hard drive are on this computer somewhere -- in horribly nested directories mind you, but they are there. I still use one original piece of hardware after all these years.... the same IBM Model M keyboard that I've had since 1987.
  3. I still have a dot matrix printer (a 24-pin Okidata Microline 590) hooked up to my brand-new Windows 10 desktop. Why? Why not! It still works, and I find it amusing to use. I changed the ribbon well over 10 years ago and it still prints fine. I think the ribbon cost me $12. Sure beats the stupid ink-jet printer we had that ate $100 worth of ink cartridges every couple of months. The dot matrix came into good use last spring printing things out for my kids to school at home during the lockdown when ink cartridges were hard to find (I finally replaced it with a laser printer because it was getting ridiculous).
  4. I will second the one from Retroradionics. That and my Suncom TAC-2 are my favourite joysticks.
  5. Ah, yes, my mistake. Napple Computers are much rarer.
  6. Okay, not TI, but if a really shoddy homemade wooden case, a raspberry pi zero, a cheap windows USB keyboard, and some hot glue makes a $900 Apple I replica, I gotta get to work in my shop ‘cause I now have a new way to fund my computer hobby: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Apple-I-Replica-built-into-Homebrew-Case/193930829761?hash=item2d272d9fc1:g:cE4AAOSw2bpgPo7b And he doesn’t even include the monitor for that price!
  7. Here is a bit of a ti curiosity... a Video Programming Unit. I have no idea what use it has. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Texas-Instruments-VPU200-PLC-clean-free-shipping/133665194193?epid=170030900&hash=item1f1f1100d1:g:DzIAAOSwgQJgKbwo
  8. I also need to figure out how to adjust the vertical height on the built in monitor in the 5155, as it is a bit squashed. All the adjustment pots are inside on the monitor circuit board.
  9. I have a whole shelf of old dos computers in various stages of repair, but the two I currently have set up are a 486 DX2-66 and an IBM 5155 XT luggable. The 486 has VLB video and IO and a Windows Sound System audio card. I just upgraded the ram on the XT motherboard to the whopping max of 640k last night. Sure takes a lot longer to boot up as it counts up to 640k compared to the original 256k. I have an RTC card on order so I don’t have to type in the date and time every time I turn it on.
  10. I just made one out of an original TI cartridge shell. It took very little time to drill a couple holes and dremel an SD card slot.
  11. What files need to be copied to backup save games?
  12. Yeah, good point. I'll do that if it ever crashes again.
  13. Hardware. I didn't turn off the computer, just pushed the reset button on the FinalGrom.
  14. I gotta say it again, I really am enjoying this game a lot! I bought my SAMS card just so I could play it, and it was definitely worth it. Two things happened today. The first was a lockup crash while fighting some bears. All the text at the bottom disappeared and the computer became unresponsive. Then I restarted and reloaded my last save game, and went back to the area with the bears. In the battle screen it said there were two bears to fight, but there were 5 on the screen... 2 that I could fight, and 3 "ghost" bears that did nothing. I could walk through them, couldn't fight them, and when I beat the two bears they disappeared. The extra "ghost" bears appeared over three of my guys at the beginning, so at first it looked like only one of my party was there.
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