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  1. Here is a bit of a ti curiosity... a Video Programming Unit. I have no idea what use it has. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Texas-Instruments-VPU200-PLC-clean-free-shipping/133665194193?epid=170030900&hash=item1f1f1100d1:g:DzIAAOSwgQJgKbwo
  2. I also need to figure out how to adjust the vertical height on the built in monitor in the 5155, as it is a bit squashed. All the adjustment pots are inside on the monitor circuit board.
  3. I have a whole shelf of old dos computers in various stages of repair, but the two I currently have set up are a 486 DX2-66 and an IBM 5155 XT luggable. The 486 has VLB video and IO and a Windows Sound System audio card. I just upgraded the ram on the XT motherboard to the whopping max of 640k last night. Sure takes a lot longer to boot up as it counts up to 640k compared to the original 256k. I have an RTC card on order so I don’t have to type in the date and time every time I turn it on.
  4. I just made one out of an original TI cartridge shell. It took very little time to drill a couple holes and dremel an SD card slot.
  5. What files need to be copied to backup save games?
  6. Yeah, good point. I'll do that if it ever crashes again.
  7. Hardware. I didn't turn off the computer, just pushed the reset button on the FinalGrom.
  8. I gotta say it again, I really am enjoying this game a lot! I bought my SAMS card just so I could play it, and it was definitely worth it. Two things happened today. The first was a lockup crash while fighting some bears. All the text at the bottom disappeared and the computer became unresponsive. Then I restarted and reloaded my last save game, and went back to the area with the bears. In the battle screen it said there were two bears to fight, but there were 5 on the screen... 2 that I could fight, and 3 "ghost" bears that did nothing. I could walk through them, couldn't fight them, and when I beat the two bears they disappeared. The extra "ghost" bears appeared over three of my guys at the beginning, so at first it looked like only one of my party was there.
  9. Yeah, the C64 version looks right. There are a few games I loved as a kid and played endlessly which I just can't stand the repetitive music of anymore. What my poor parents had to put up with...
  10. Actually, the more I watch the video, the more I think it was Radar Rat Race. I also just remembered that the computer had "Alice in Videoland" on it, so it had to be a C64. Man, I don't remember the music being so annoying in Radar Rat Race.
  11. No, that doesn't look right. There were no dogs. Plus it was on a computer rather than a console.
  12. Hmm. I seem to remember being able to choose how many pieces of cheese there were and difficulty settings though.
  13. I'm trying to remember the name of a game that I played back in the 80's at my aunt's house. It was a maze game, and there was cheese and mice, and perhaps a cat, but I can't remember if you were supposed to keep the mice from getting the cheese, or if you were the mice trying to get the cheese. I think you were trying to protect the cheese from the mice. It was definitely not "A-Maze-ing" on the ti99/4a, as that was one of the few games I had for my ti99 at home, and played it a lot. I think the one at my aunt's place had statistics along the side. Unfortunately, I can't remember the type of computer she had either, but I know it wasn't a ti99. Ring any bells for anyone?
  14. The monster disabled my character, then moved to the square on top of him. I didn’t revive the character. My other characters could walk through the rat afterwards. I think the disabled character disappeared after the rat went on top of him, but I am not certain.
  15. Yeah, one of my characters got disabled by the rat that went weird after it disabled him.
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