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  1. I would be in for an assembled card.
  2. Hah! I had the same first reaction, and only noticed it was county after I reread it.
  3. Plato disk images available here.
  4. Plato! There are hundreds of lessons in all subjects available. We’ve been using it for our kids for math since the schools closed. The range in difficulty from grade 1 through high school.
  5. Yep, speech in PEB is something I would really like to have.
  6. Agreed! I am spending more time using my ti99 than usual now, but that is because my kids are using Plato every day to do math now that the schools are closed.
  7. Huh. I always pronounced it wike-oh (rhymes with bike-oh)
  8. I’m curious about why they got rid of the coffee cup bonus in the cartridge version of Burgertime.
  9. Now that my kids are off school for an indeterminate amount of time we are having them work through Plato math courses on real iron. They don't mind doing them -- they say they are better than doing math worksheets -- and there are no distractions from the internet on the old ti99. So, it ends up that keeping all that old equipment going WAS preparation for the apocalypse. Gotta love all that indestructible military-grade 40-year old ti hardware. Retro computer hobby justified!
  10. Ottawa has a toilet paper factory right in town, so there is no chance we will ever have to worry about shortages, and still people went nuts hoarding the stuff. Shelves were restocked at the grocery store near me by today though with a limit of one package per customer.
  11. All these years I've just been willy-nilly plugging in the wires for my ti99 until I got sound and video as I never got around to labeling them. Today I found out that the AV cable I've been using for the past while is one of those universal ones, and one of them was the 12V line. It is now wrapped up with electrical tape. I'm surprised I never fried anything ....
  12. Page 33, Volume 1 No. 4 of 99’er magazine has a type-in game called Maze Race that randomly generates a maze.
  13. Just for the heck of it, I tried the disk version and it is definitely easier than the cartridge version. The patterns are much more predictable, the enemies always start from the bottom and work their way up, and I think it is more generous with extra lives but I could be wrong on that count. Interestingly, it alternates ice cream and coffee for extra pepper, while I’ve only ever seen ice cream in the cartridge version. 45850 on real iron with pain sticks instead of my Tac 2 joystick, and I still doubled my last score on the cartridge on my first go.
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