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  1. Sounds like a good deal on the CIB SNES Jr, but that choice is up to you if that's what you want. $50 local seems a lot unless it's coming with at least the cables and controller/controllers. Any games on top of that would just be a bonus~ Granted, the AV cables are super cheap and easy to get... but OEM is highly suggested on any cables you get as cheap cables and cheap power bricks can have some issues.
  2. Got an email earlier that the Framemeister XRGB Mini has finally stopped production! End of an era... If you're wanting one, you best strike now or you'll pay quite a bit more when they run out!

    1. KeeperofLindblum



      That's straight from the company who makes it. I figure most people have moved on to the OSSC though. <_<

  3. I'd definitely search around on eBay if you want the best pricing... I found the following while just looking at the first page. (Shipping puts it a bit over what I quoted.) Random eBay Auction - $85 + Shipping If you try to buy it local at a game shop... You're gonna overpay, but you'll be able to see it in person. 🤷‍♂️ EDIT - I only linked that auction because the system isn't yellowed, no obvious cracks, and it comes with (what appears to be) all OEM except the one third party controller. Games are okay but would get you started with 4.
  4. I'd give the following answers/opinions. 1. If you don't/can't/won't modify the SNES Classic, I would say it's worth getting a real SNES for some of the games that aren't on the classic. 2. I don't have any real judgement on the different varieties of SNES. If you're collection for collecting sake... do both. If you want one to play with, I'd just get a basic SNES. Without knowing your setup, I don't have a real answer for this. If you have a CRT, I think all the SNES will come out equal. I know the SNES Jr. has to be modified for a higher quality like RGB. Regular SNES will be pretty close unless you're just super picky on the video quality. I'll drop a link to go with this. --> https://www.retrorgb.com/snesversioncompare.html 3. As far as acceptable price... This will vary by what all is included. I'll do a rundown of what I feel is fair. SNES only - $20 to $30 - You can go higher on this if the SNES is in amazing condition, but I really don't think it's worth more than $30 even then. SNES with cables and a controller - $50 - This feels like the fairest price. You can maybe swing a bit higher if you can identify everything as OEM. SNES with cables, 2 controllers, and a game/games - $80 - This price is really only worthwhile if you can identify the games as worthwhile to yourself. It really only matches if everything's in good/great condition, all the parts are OEM where plausible, and the game that come with it is both worthwhile to you and worth the extra cost. Now you could always find a really nice looking SNES with nothing and start from there. It's just best to get things bundled together as you can usually get a better price that way overall and save some time. Once you start buying things individually plus any shipping costs if you do online... It'll add up quick. I wouldn't pay more than $100 for any sort of bundle unless it's got some of the big, expensive hits though. Keep in mind, I haven't really been buying retro lately, so I don't know if my prices are dated or not. At the end of it, it's however much it'll end up being worth to you.
  5. I bought a cheap USB to 3DS charger some time ago from GameStop. (It was marked down cheap for like $5.) It's always worked to both regular charge and "play" charge. Problem is I don't remember the brand nor does it have any markings. I swear it was an Energizer brand... Either way, I know I can play and charge at the same time with no issue. Might just be whatever brand you got?
  6. I have my issues with Limited Run Games. Overall, I love the concept of having a complete, physical copy of a game. Only problem is their selection can be weird at times. I realize it's mostly along the lines of "what they can get", but it wasn't that good at first IMO. Also their initial releases were about the worst time to want to support them. They had an insanely limited number of copies, and if you missed out on the first 30 minutes to an hour... you were just outta luck. Thankfully, this has greatly improved over time. They have a bit better variety of games, and they seem to be holding enough copies now that you can easily hit them up at any time on release day and find a copy. On top of that, most of the Switch games are now on pre-order and pretty easy to jump on. Honestly, I would love it if they did some re-releases down the line (as plausible) to get some of their older library back out there. Granted, my understanding is that the Vita cartridges are defunct as Sony stopped taking orders for them... or am I misunderstanding that? Vita is definitely going to go up in price.
  7. All that's left are the PS4 games. They're pending with one person, but I'm gonna give them another day or so to respond and then open them back up to the public. Feel free to throw your name on that pending list!
  8. Gone! Thanks for playing~
  9. Everything is sold! Thanks for playing~
  10. Yeah I was kinda disappointed in the UMD case quality when I was looking around for Crisis Core. The store I bought mine at had like 4-5 copies, but all the disc cases were broken in one way or another. This was the "least broken" of the group. It does push in ever so slightly, but it's not broken enough that the disc can come out from what I can tell. I had it taped previously, but I removed that for the time as I couldn't get it on as well as I'd like.
  11. I may be priced a tad bit high, so please feel free to send me offers.
  12. I've attached a picture. Hopefully zoomed in enough so you can see. Disc won't fall out of the frame from what I can tell and plays just fine.
  13. Just a final note, that's more of a starting price. It won't really go down much if you don't want the game as I'll have zero use for the games without the system. 🤷‍♂️
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