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  1. I hate that there is a part of me that wants this... because I know at the end of the day a decent old computer can do almost all of this emulation and more. Can even get various adapters to read the games on PC if you're willing to look around. It feels to me that the core problem with the Polymega (a lot of things aside) is the full cost of this "all in one" solution that doesn't even really come all in one because of the various adapters. What's the base system bit? $500? I mean you could get one of the brand new consoles (PS5 / Xbox Series X) for that price... barring you can find one to preorder. Or you could order one of the current gen consoles and have money left over for a pile of games. The video highlights it as a nice plug in and play system, but for me, it'd just end up in the growing pile next to all my other systems. If it were half the price or included all the adapters, we might have a different response from me. 🤷‍♀️
  2. This is cool that they are soldering on... but I kind of wish they'd instead make more of their past products? Would be cool for people to have more chances for the Super NT or the Mega Sg. Not to mention the quickly sold out Analogue Pocket isn't even out yet... EDIT - Nevermind they still have some of the Mega Sg.
  3. Just another bump in case these were missed. If you can't quite do $30, I might be able to work something out, but it won't be cheap because of the size and weight. 😕
  4. Yeah, the full cost of the PS1Digital is astounding... I love that it's a thing though! The problem is I can't justify spending $200+ just to make it happen. There's so many methods you could do with $200 or less depending on how thrifty you are... PS1 via upscaler (retrotink) PS2 via component PS3 via HDMI Emulation
  5. I wouldn't mind the PSX ODE, and I would definitely get one if I just had throwaway money. However, what I'm much more interested in is the PS1 Digital with the HDMI out. O_O https://www.black-dog.tech/ps1digital.html
  6. I broke the close door mechanism on a GameCube without realizing it. I've attached a picture below to show it. That's about the size of a quarter. If you break either of those plastic legs, the GameCube will just act like the door is ALWAYS open. Far as I can tell, you can't really fix this plastic piece as it's super small and kinda brittle. You can replace the board, but that costs around $10-15 for the board. Luckily, I did a bit of looking around and managed to find a couple fixes for this. The Fix I Did Another Possible Fix The first video fix actually worked, but I feel (in theory) the second fix would do the same thing. I just used the leg of an LED to bridge the two spots, and it works great now! I mean... The door is now permanently "closed" according to the GameCube, but it's a cheaper and quicker fix than ordering an expensive board.
  7. I can't really say why, but I've always liked Spyro better. IMO I think it's aged better, but that's probably mostly overshadowed by a nostalgia for Spyro versus actual opinion on how well they aged.
  8. Receive my package from Silicon toad a couple days ago. Shipped fast and effectively. Would buy from again!
  9. Hit me up and let me know! Just based on some guesstimation... Anybody interested should know the shipping is looking more like $25-30 now.
  10. I have a couple of 500 GB hard drives. They are all Seagate brand, SATA hard drives. There are 2 desktop size and 1 laptop size. I've attached pictures of them below as well. 3.5 SATA - 2 available (500 GB each) SMALLER 2.5 SATA HAS BEEN CLAIMED.
  11. Yeah, my conspiracy theories are kind of bouncing all around right now. I listed a barebones black GameCube a couple weeks ago. It sold for an absurd about (like $67), but then they didn't pay... On top of that, the winning account was like 3 days old and 0 feedback. I blocked the account and relisted after submitting a "buyer didn't pay" bit. I noticed on the PSP that like 4-6 of the bidders were a similar thing... Buyers with 0 feedback and only a week or two old at most. The sale just ended yesterday, so I'm just being antsy about it. I actually had this pointed out to me by another user (ClassicGMR) that said they're going for a pretty penny right now. Apparently most of the PSP entries that pop up are coming from Japan in bad condition. I originally was planning to sell for like $50 plus shipping on here. I'm all for giving a good deal, but I can't quite leave that kind of money on the table...
  12. I've always really liked Tyrian (and similar style SHMUPS), and I remember playing the shareware of Raptor from an odd "100 games for PC" disc. I think you get Tyrian 2000 for free with a GOG account. Not to mention Tyrian has been ported to like every single system under the sun.
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