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  1. This is a pretty impressive bundle. I dunno where else one could go and get all that for just $5. All for a good cause too! Heck, I'll buy it, and I doubt I'll even play a percentage of what I get from it. lol
  2. Generally, pre-ordering is pointless, but I've run into a few times that it's worth securing a copy for yourself (mostly smaller games where they only get a few copies). I'd also like to point out this was some time ago, and the idea of ordering online still felt sketchy at times and not as fleshed out as it is now. I was talking like 10 or more years ago. When it was a smaller game or event, I think the midnight release just seemed like a small mini-party of sorts. It was neat enough to see and enjoy the game, but the place I live saw a minor midnight release only having like 30-40 people at absolute most. I just hate how much space is wasted on the plastic crap. To think that they plan to make the game selling space even SMALLER... I dunno how to accept that from a store where it's main name is GAMEstop and not CRAPstop. If I wanted CRAPstop, I'd go to Wal-Mart or many of the other stores available. I can see a minor advantage of having (essentially) a Game Lounge thing... Not all of America has high speed or broadband available. I finally got a couple options just a few years ago with radio-based internet, but that's relatively expensive for kinda shit speeds (like $70 for 5Mbps). With less and less physical and more and more digital, not having high speed is basically the equivalent of not having full access to modern gaming. That and as more and more people can't shell out money for a $60 game or a $300-500 console, I could see the idea of dropping X amount on a membership to just come and play games whenever without having to invest in a console or PC as a bonus. Not justifying it... Just acknowledging there's a partial market for it, but also not enough of a market to support an entire company. GameStop needs to just accept its tombstone.
  3. I used to have a higher opinion of GameStop. Back when it was a relatively nicer gaming establishment... Heck, I didn't even mind they used to just do games and video. Ever since they picked up the collectible plastic/garbage heap, I've lost a lot of what little like/respect I may have had for the company. Of course, back in the "good days" of Gamestop, they had a midnight release for nearly every game. However, as the smaller releases started getting NO business and some release windows got a larger group (like 3-4 games a Friday), they eventually just stopped doing them. I always disliked when they stopped doing it because they usually had a small event of sorts with the new games playable (if able) and maybe even a small tournament. I remember Mortal Kombat (reboot) came out, and my friend won a copy in a drawing. This compiled with employees who seemed to enjoy gaming and liked talking about made for an overall enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, when the employees got shanked by the company (one way or another), you lost a lot of the heart of what they were doing. Then midnight releases basically got cancelled for anything that didn't sell hundreds of copies (I think they still do Call of Duty but nothing special). Then they picked up the "collectibles craze" with all the plastic garbage collectibles and toy loot boxes... I just don't care for them anymore. I never preorder anything there (what I usually want is either in enough supply to be fine or small enough that nobody wants it). I only go by when they have a decent sale and tend to look for the cheaper items I actually want. The last 2-3 times I stopped in I left empty handed. Heck, I remember getting into a disagreement (minor) with an employee how the place wasn't the same since they got all the crap. He argued back something about them being really profitable... which made me just disappointed. I understand they need profit to stay alive but... I just don't feel a need to go there with the multitude of other options that don't feel as big of a sellout.
  4. I love everything about this Amazon product entry. Considering these systems appear to be like a dime a dozen, it's probably "just okay" at best. Odds are that it'll either have issues upon arrival and will be greatly underwhelming. I mean if someone gave me one I'd play it, but it would probably just be played once or twice and forgotten.
  5. I didn't claim any BTW, but I wanted to reinforce what DragonGrafx-16 said as I agree. The real problem with listing codes like this is that bots will come and steal them.
  6. I mean after all those articles about games fetching high prices... Someone will find this and jump on it despite it truly not being worth that much. I find it funny that apparently Red is worth nearly 4 times more. lol Example of the "articles" I mentioned ---> https://kotaku.com/deep-pocketed-collectors-are-fueling-a-retro-game-gold-1837073847
  7. Thanks for playing!
  8. Well life kinda struck me, and I don't have the time or money to do the actual cabinet yet. >_< I still need to get with my cabinet guy and see if he could throw something together. I'm hoping it'll be relatively cheap if made form Plywood and I paint it myself.
  9. This would be a tough one... I'd probably choose between the SNES and the PS1. I'll go ahead and choose the PlayStation 1. As for my "five games", I'd go with... -Front Mission 3 -Final Fantasy IX -Mega Man X4 -Mega Man Legends -Um Jammer Lammy I had a hard time limiting these down, and I excluded several honorable mentions for me like Legend of Dragon, Grandia, Threads of Fate, Final Fantasy Tactics, Twisted Metal 2, Future Cop LAPD, Dino Crisis, Spyro the Dragon, Mega Man Legends 2, Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Mega Man X5, and I could keep going but I'll stop. XD
  10. It's a pretty great game, and it's definitely for fans of River City Ransom. I just beat it last night. Overall it's not super tough (I did play on regular though.), and it does get easier as you upgrade your character. Also, the ability to horde items and use them whenever is probably the only reason I beat it. lol Only real problem I have is when you get swarmed by a small group that makes it very difficult to properly handle as they just swarm you with attacks and their placement. I got the really nice Limited Run Games physical copy that came with a soundtrack and manual~ https://limitedrungames.com/collections/nintendo/products/limited-run-45-river-city-girls-preorder (No longer available for preorder)
  11. All the versions of Shovel Knight update to Treasure Trove to give you all of it. You can go out and buy a physical, old version of regular Shovel Knight, run the update, and the DLC should download and upgrade it to "Treasure Trove". Meaning you can still get a cheaper version of the game if you look for plain jane Shovel Knight. (Gamestop still has the old version for PS4 and WiiU for $15 or less.) Oddly enough, you can still get the digital copy of Treasure Trove for only $25 for Switch at Gamestop.com. I think the only version that's missing anything is the 3DS and Vita ones. I don't think either one got Showdown. I know for certain the 3DS didn't.
  12. My first handheld was a Game Boy. My first home console (that was actually mine) was a Nintendo 64. I had Donkey Kong Land for the Game Boy, and the first game on the Nintendo 64 was Pokemon Stadium.
  13. If I understand what you're asking, you are asking if you can use the X-Arcade tankstick as a controller for the Pandoras Box you bought? I mean ideally you could probably plug it in via USB and it'd work, but the plain jane X-Arcade sticks will only work with computers out of the box because of how they work. (Default setup seems to just treat all the buttons and joysticks as keyboard inputs.) You have to get adapters for anything else. The only thing I can figure is you'd have to just plug it in and try it. If it doesn't work, you're probably out of luck of it being a "plug and play" solution.
  14. Oh yeah I already have Launchbox all set up. I even got the license and all~ I just wasn't using it here yet because I wanted to make sure it was working normally with the standalone emulator.
  15. So a delayed but minor update! This is my current setup to test and make sure I'll be happy with what I have... I do like having a more legit arcade stick. After the holidays settle down, I'll try to figure out some measurements and ideas to see what I want and then approach the cabinet guy I know to see what can be done!
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