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  1. I really like the idea of this for probably only two reasons... 1. Rescue a broken SP - The only thing you really bring from the original system is some buttons and the mobo. 2. Prefer this shape to the squashed feeling of the SP. I mean the original GBA is still my preferred shape and style, but I think it's a neat idea overall.
  2. The problem is that enthusiasts did such a great job making the various software configurations (RetroPie, EmuELEC, all the Android Emulators, etc) that you can basically create a "retro game console" from any cheap computer board available. This in turn has lead a lot of groups (seems mainly chinese manufacturers and "get rich quick" peeps?) into making their own "Retro Handheld" or "Retro Console". There are just so many of them now... and they all mostly perform the same. You have to wade through a massive pile of them to find the 1 or 2 that are worthwhile. On top of that, they keep making new revisions of the same ones or completely new models with slight tweaks that (generally) improve the item. Honestly? It's just a mess as getting one at any point is generally invalidated within a few months or even weeks when they release the revised version that works better.
  3. Bought Raspberry Pi 4 with accessories! Everything arrived safely, quickly, and as described. Would buy from again~
  4. Afraid I haven't used the Touch Emulation feature at all.
  5. I saw this controller advertised by Castlemania, and I figured I would mention it as several of you didn't like the 8bitdo. Think of it as an alternative~ https://castlemaniagames.com/products/retro-bit-legacy16-2-4ghz-wireless-controller-black https://castlemaniagames.com/products/retro-bit-legacy16-2-4ghz-wireless-controller-grey
  6. I feel for ya on that though. Personally, I feel like it's an okay deal as long as one works. Also, it's getting harder and harder to find "steal of a deal" anywhere anymore. With the rise and popularity of vintage/retro gaming, finding good deals is tough. Most prices are either heavily inflated or honestly more accurate than we care to admit. The best case scenarios to get a great deal are: Find someone who just doesn't know/care The "I want it gone" person (refer to scenario 1) Diamond in the rough Honestly, I'm lucky to find anything around here, but Oklahoma seems to mostly be a wasteland... Or I'm encroaching on some other retro person's territory and don't know it. *looks around suspiciously*
  7. I own the SNES30, the SN30 Pro, and the SN30 Pro+. As far as I'm concerned, they're the best 3rd party controller you're gonna get. I use the first two with my Super NT and the last one (the Pro+) with my Switch. They have very good build quality, and all the most recent ones (Pro and Pro+) use USB-C rather than micro USB. (I think all their stuff is USB C now.) I personally can't feel any lag time when using them with the Switch or the SNES Bluetooth receiver, but I'm also not very sensitive to that. I haven't done a lot of configuration with the controllers myself, but the SN30 Pro+ has a special piece of software that offers vast configuration. (They call it "ULTIMATE SOFTWARE.) https://support.8bitdo.com/ultimate-software.html I would say it's a really great choice and very versatile as they work with just damn near anything if you have Bluetooth. They're also pretty easy to update the firmware. I personally recommend them, but you might get a few more opinions as I'm pretty easy to satisfy in this regard. lol
  8. Honestly, the first game is darn near perfect as it is... That being said, I still have better memories of Donkey Kong Country 2 and playing at a cousin's house. Love the music and the addition of some new features and creatures throughout the game. I'm willing to admit the nostalgia is a pretty big factor here. lol Not big on DKC3 and haven't really played it enough to have a full opinion of it.
  9. I can almost 100% confirm this is Future Cop LAPD. It's got a single player mode and a multiplayer mode. You play as a walker bot that can change into a hover car of sorts. Lots of fun and a legit game~
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