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  1. Yeah I really wanted one of the 1Up Cabinets, but I think I'd be happier with a more "me" sized cabinet. (I'm above the average height at 6 ft.) Honestly, if I could find them discounted like some people seem to, I'd probably have done this and walked away, but I have yet to see any of the heavily discounted 1Ups in my area. I'll just slowly wait and invest in a more customizable (and more work) one versus the 1Up. Thanks for the information and link though!
  2. I went ahead and ordered the X-Arcade Dualstick today (don't really need the trackball). I'll have to start searching around after the first of the year to make choices on who to get a cabinet from, but I at least have a good link for art! Thanks again to Mksmith and TwoShedsWilson for your input!
  3. Thank you for your response! I think what I might do is start with the Tankstick as a budget item. I'd definitely want to move up to the better controls once I got a cabinet though. This also allows me to satisfy my "arcade lust" until then at a cheaper price point. I just need to slowly build up and be patient. lol A couple of nice points on the buttons is the fully customization nature of choosing my own buttons, and that most of the cabinet designs you can order have pre-cut holes (that I'll probably have to file down) for putting your own buttons and sticks in. EDIT - I figure worst case I can just sell the Tankstick later and get back like 60-80% of the cost I put into it.
  4. Any particular reason why you recommend against the Tankstick? Does it sound and look better than it actually is? I think the only reason I went towards it is because I've heard of it before, and it's currently on sale for only $100+shipping. How hard is it to wire your own joystick and buttons? I'm mostly concerned if there's any soldering involved as my soldering skills are... insanely amateur at best. The end goal would be a really nice arcade cabinet that's closer to a multicade but a better quality item.
  5. Okay so my first jump in will be the X-Arcade stick. Should I get the Tankstick with the trackball, or am I good to save money and get just the regular Dualstick? https://shop.xgaming.com/collections/arcade-joysticks/products/x-arcade-dual-joystick-usb-included https://shop.xgaming.com/collections/arcade-joysticks/products/x-arcade-tankstick-trackball-usb-included EDIT - To clarify, I don't know what games would use the trackball and make it worth the extra amount.
  6. I don't like that the Pro Controller cost a full $70... but I also jumped on one. It's a really nice and sturdy controller. I also recently picked up the 8bitdo SN30 Pro+, and it's a pretty snazzy controller as well~
  7. This looks awesome! This is what I'd adore to have, but mine will probably end up a bit more generic. Definitely saving this "gameongrafix" link! That was one of my bigger concerns was finding a proper art supply. Yeah I definitely prefer to make my own. I don't want to cannibalize a authentic cabinet that at least has a chance of being fixed or saved. Also realizing that my hopes were way too high that I could do this on a budget.... XD I'll just have to slowly build up towards what I want. Ideally, I'd like to start with a nice arcade stick setup and then find a cabinet build I can buy that'll fit the X-Arcade stick (normal not the tank).
  8. I also just learned about the "Pandora's Box" all in one arcade thing... Seems sketchy. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PYZVF5H/?coliid=IS9VVZEAQA3CE&colid=NAN4KKN1LU0M&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  9. I think I've decided to take a bit of a step back and maybe build up towards a full setup... I think I'll do something akin to "building my own", but it'll mostly just be putting various pieces together slowly. lol Going to start with an investment in an X-Arcade stick, and then use that to buildup and eventually get a barcade or a full cabinet that fits it. https://shop.xgaming.com/collections/arcade-joysticks/products/x-arcade-dual-joystick-usb-included
  10. So I've been tinkering with the idea of having a full sized arcade cabinet in my house (now that I have a house of my own and room), but I'm hitting a bit of a wall as to what method I should use... Feel free to jump down to the bottom for the highlighted "Questions I want definitely answered" if you want the short version of this thread. I have the following options to choose from I figure: Buy the real deal arcade cabinet. Pros - Would be really awesome and authentic Cons - Expensive and a lot of work to fix it (depending on condition) Buy a pre-made Multicade Pros - Large selection and ready to go Cons - Almost as expensive if not more so than the "real deal". Also may be closed off and stuck with random nonsense Buy a nice DIY kit Pros - Can customize it and make what I want, cheaper then previous methods Cons - Art is extra and most of these use a Raspberry Pi* Make it all myself (to a point) Pros - By far the cheapest method. Can tailor exactly what I want. Use what I already have Cons - Clearly the most work. Will require tools and knowledge I may not have or will have to borrow Now it's probably already obvious which ones I'd prefer... Option #3 and #4. I have several pieces that could be use for either project. Two LCD monitors (Square SCEPTRE and Rectangle ACER) Old Workstation PCs (Intel i5s) - *The reason I put a Raspberry Pi as a con... I don't want to buy one. USB Arcade Stick (PS3 Injustice one.) I have the following guidelines for what I'd like to end up with. Feel free to give input/opinion on any of this! Prefer a stand up arcade to a barcade. However cost may prevent this! Prefer to keep cost under $200. Absolute max is $400. Prefer to use what I have versus buying more. (I'm fine getting a Raspberry Pi if it's overwhelmingly the better choice.) Maximum game system capability needed is PS1. (Any higher up is just bonus.) Ideally nothing overly complex.** **This is a vague statement because I'd prefer avoiding major skills or tools I don't have. (I suck at soldering. My art capability is non-existent.) I can borrow a few odd power tools if I do the "Make it all myself" method. Now the final bit of this post are the "Questions I want definitely answered" Linux Build VS RaspPi - Who wins? Depending on answer above, suggested software? What's a good place to get art printed? USB Arcade Stick VS Buying Buttons & Sticks - The better choice? If I buy the Buttons & Sticks - Is wiring these difficult? Do they require programming or soldering? Should I get over the work and just do it all myself? Again! Any inputs and opinions are greatly appreciated! Even if you just have a set of good links or stores to hit up.
  11. The one who claimed the MOBO combo changed their mind. Up for grabs again!
  12. I want this game quite a bit, but I just don't think I can justify $60 for it. Maybe if it were closer to $30-45 I'd give in. Just don't feel like dropping $60 on a really nice upgrade for a game that essentially is the same.
  13. Updated with better list! I'll upload the pictures tomorrow.
  14. As of this time, I'd rather people take a group of items than single out specific items, especially the smaller items. Also, someone's already inquired about Batman Forever. I told them I'd reconsider singling out items if it wasn't all gone by next Friday. I'm trying to reduce post office trips. There might be more worth claiming for most people if you can recheck it tomorrow. I plan to take pictures and make a more complete list.
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