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  1. Doing a final price drop before I head for eBay instead.
  2. Personally, I enjoy getting steelbook versions, but that's about the only extra I like for "collector's" editions. Otherwise, yeah I agree that all the extra guffaw is just... crap at this point. Give me a fancy case (preferably a case with limited edition artwork you can reverse), a soundtrack, and an artbook at most. Beyond that, I generally just want the game. LRG seems like they are just getting high on their own supply at this moment, but unfortunately they have such a large fan base that they'll continue to succeed and sell their high dollar nonsense collector's editions. The real question is... Who the hell can afford their MEGA bundles!? The ones where they just dump everything they are releasing that week into a big box and charge you like $300+++ for it!?
  3. @haunted_ipa_... A WINNER IS YOU! I'll message you shortly to discuss details needed. (I'm paying shipping obviously but need address stuffs.) If for some reason they don't respond in 72 hours, I'll spin again. (Or if they don't want the box once I divulge suggestions of the contents)
  4. I'll allow it. Gonna do the random roulette her shortly!
  5. Final day to enter the giveaway! I've expanded what's in the box and added several games... It's more modern stuff than old stuff I'll definitely say that.
  6. Found a silver PS4 controller for $5... Just had to clean it up and it's working great! I got INCREDIBLY lucky, but it's also all I really found during a thrifting trip.
  7. Bump bump for new items and a giveaway box!!
  8. Heyo! I got mine in yesterday. I'll take some pictures when I get home tonight, but let me just say... It's pretty legit. It's well packaged and very well built. It's a pretty cool device overall. You have to use their custom software to make use of it as of this time, but any game put in is almost immediately recognized. It can even detect if your cartridge is an official cartridge or not. The emulation is pretty good, but the emulator is still in early stages as all you can really do is play the current game copy the game to "play in your favorite emulator" download the save upload the save It's got some future features promised in the app, but the only settings you can mess with is configuring a controller at the moment. All in all, it's definitely what it advertises and solidly built. A really cool way to play and work with your game boy family of games. Funny enough, I only ran into 2 "issues" when using it. (Mostly just me being silly) It claimed my copy of Moemon Fire Red was a legit Pokemon Fire Red, and it didn't seem to want to grab the save. It doesn't like my flash cart (EZFlash IV), but I figured this would happen. Just curious what it would do.
  9. I realize the MISTer isn't that difficult to set up, but this is a much more appealing version of it than the plain tower with a case. It's definitely interesting, and I'll follow it along once they start sending units.
  10. Yeah I got this rather cheap here, but with all the new models available now... I might have a hard time selling this one. LOL
  11. Yes, it's the original one. It's orange and black. I just realized I forgot to add the pictures to this. >_< I've added them to the top post! I believe everything worked well, but I think the PS1 is right at the line most of the time. I haven't done any N64 since my experience with N64 is emulation is generally questionable to run.
  12. Bump! Seeling RG350. Works perfectly but don't use it.
  13. For sale is a listing of several PS4 titles and a handful of PS1 memory cards. All items have been tested and are working. Prices do not include shipping. I'm willing to discount the prices a bit if you are buying multiple titles. Otherwise I'm pretty set on the prices. PS4 Titles available $5 Kingdom Come Deliverance - Game only. Comes with generic case. PS1 Memory cards - $3 each or $10 for all. Generic - Qty 3 Official (Light Grey) - Qty 1 Memory Card 2x - Free with any purchase - It works but is finicky about switching.
  14. I think my area of "good finds" must be overlapping with other people because I rarely find anything worthwhile. What I find is either overpriced or games I don't want, so I just... leave them be.
  15. Considering I was the one who gave it to you, let me tell you my general experience with it. First off, I was using EmuELEC with it. This works well enough and gives a pleasant front end, but I ran into one core issue... There's a significant input lag on it. It's enough that I traded it out for a Raspberry Pi. It works well enough for RPGs or anything that doesn't require precision timing, but anything like platforming or requires timing won't work well. It emulates quite a bit and up to PS1, but I was seeing quite a bit of frame skips for PS1. That being said... I can answer some of the questions you had. 1. Seems like any wired/wireless USB controller should work fine, but I had significant lag when using either wired or wireless. 2. I am unable to name any specific emulators as I only used EmuELEC. 3./4. I didn't try any Android games, but it does have access to the market.
  16. Well I don't have any pictures, but I found some pretty good bargains at a Vintage Stock a few days ago! $1 PS3 games Diablo 3 Dead Island GOTY Assassin's Creed 3 Infamous Also a copy of a Quantum Break book (based on the game) for $1. They had some sorta deal for buying multiple used items, so I ended up getting it all for under $5~
  17. This seems like it would have weirdly limited usage one way or another. You have to hit the fields of 1. Prefer the Game Boy Color over other Game Boys. 2. Want a rechargeable battery specifically using microUSB rather than standard rechargeable/more available Double AAs. 3. Want to have less batteries lying around? I mean... The Game Boy and Game Boy Advance both have rechargeable solutions that don't require any kind of soldering/damaging the shell. https://handheldlegend.com/products/cleanjuice-game-boy-advance-li-ion-rechargeable-battery-module https://handheldlegend.com/collections/game-boy-dmg/products/cleanjuice-dmg-usb-c-rechargeable-battery-pack?variant=31757786873990 It's cool that we keep getting additional mods like this, but it seems a bit specific.
  18. It's an interesting idea, like MSU-1 titles, but I can't really see myself using this all the time aside from checking it out. It's cool they're able to do it though!
  19. Unfortunately, the laptop has been claimed and is gone.
  20. BUMP! Added old Dell laptop!
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