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  1. Hello, I was wondering if you are still making Studio II multicarts and selling them? If so, I would love to order one.


    1. flip




      I still have some lying around, or at least the parts to make them - except a shell. It means I can sell you one, but it's a bare PCB. It works perfectly without a shell and you'll get the stickers in case you want to supply your own.


      Not sure where you are located, but I am a bit restricted with shipping them for the moment due to the Corona-thing. It's not quite clear when this will be resolved, so I propose that I contact you again when global shipping reboots - unless you're in Europe...





    2. Judge Mental

      Judge Mental

      Thanks for responding. I was able to get a  Channel F multicart  from Sweden without problems, maybe they opened up where you're at shipping wise? A bare PCB and stickers would be great. If I get my own shell, I would have to drill holes in it so the dip switches would be accessible, and if so, is there a special drill I have to use? My location is Portola, California USA.

  2. There was someone working on a 3D model. He had scanned in a cartridge and was converting the scan. I asked a while ago, and I believe he said he abandoned it due to other commitments. He was going to forward the files, but haven't heard back since... The cart works perfectly without a shell - there's no pins to push down and it's clearly marked which side should face the front of the console... FliP
  3. Also, please note that due to the Coronavirus measures, I am unable to post outside Europe for the moment... I advise to wait until things are back to normal. FliP
  4. Hi, Also, please note that due to the Coronavirus measures, I am unable to post outside Europe for the moment... I advise to wait until things are back to normal. It worked for everyone else so far since i started selling these, including someone that transferred money just last week... Not sure what the problem is you are having, but please make sure you use https://www.paypal.me/pmarien It shouldn't ask for an e-mail address? FliP
  5. Hi, Thanks for your message. Two problems unfortunately: I don't have any shells anymore. I had about 15 donated for the initial batch, but they ran out within days... If you have a donor shell, it's easy enough to put the cartridge in... Second issue is that, for the moment, I cannot post to the USA due to the COVID-19 problems. I am in Europe and I have no idea when those services will restart. I'll keep an eye out and let you know, but it could be a few weeks or months... regards, FliP
  6. Is that not what @ekeefe posted about? The cartridge runs in Emma 02 (cart is called computer.st2) if you want to see it "action", but it's fairly cumbersome to use, having to type is code via the keypads, byte by byte and without a way to save it. You don't need extra RAM, but you only have about 200 bytes to play with... FliP
  7. Interesting: a cassette interface like the VIP would require some modifications to the console itself. The VIP uses EF2 to read and Q to write tapes. Q on the SII is used to drive the speaker, EF2 is not used. The cart itself appears to resemble the programming cart that @ekeefe mentioned in this post. Assuming that cassette in/out routines could be added, it would come close to what Mr Wright describes? Taking this further and accepting hardware mods to the console, you could disable the onboard game ROMs using a switch. This would free up the ROMDIS signal on the cartridge port. You could then use that for the MRW signal... Mods to the console would be minimal but you could come close to a VIP. FliP
  8. Hi, Bad RAM is one possibility, but one or more bad ROM chips is also a possible. Do you have any cartridges you can try? If that works, it would mean that the lower ROMs and RAM are OK. If you have the multicart, this can actually replace the entire ROM set and if that works, it would mean the RAM is OK. If no cart works, you'll need to look at replacing the RAM... It'd be happy to help out, if needed. Let me know... FliP
  9. [I thought I had answered this, but it seems to be missing, so maybe I forgot to submit?!?] anyway, your system has a faulty RAM chip - the Studio II has a whopping 512 bytes of RAM. Half of this is working memory - the other half is for the video. They're 4-bit chips, meaning you need two of them for 8 bits: one handles bits 0-3 and the other one 4-7. One of the ones that handles the video is broken, so that you only see half the bits drawn. It's an easy enough fix, if you know how to (de-)solder. You'll need to source a CDP1822 (or equivalent). If you can't find one for a reasonable price, let me know and I should be able to help... I forgot which chip it is on the mainboard, but I can find out if you're planning to try and fix it. FliP p.s. it's unlikely a faulty power supply caused this - these chips are 40 years old and can fail...
  10. I'd be very curious to see how that could be done: it does not seem to possible to add extra RAM via the cartridge port (R/W signal is missing for example). Short of putting nearly the full system (including the CPU) on a cartridge, it doesn't seem very feasible. At best, it would be a very crippled Cosmac VIP, with < 512 bytes RAM to play with? FliP
  11. Yes - it’ll work just fine without a shell... PM me for more details though i’m travelling over the WE so i will probably only reply somewhere next week! FliP
  12. And there's no pre-order list, nor will there be one.
  13. Awesome - that one works like a charm! Thanks. FliP
  14. Has anyone managed to put Loderunner on a flash cart? Is it possible it uses some weird and exotic block size that's currently not supported? Or am I missing something? cheers, FliP
  15. if you have 10 shells left, any colour, i'd be happy to add them to the pi hat order FliP
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