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  1. A community such as this is what's saving the Jaguar. Gamers & collectors have shown far more support for this awkward device than even Atari could muster. Sites like AA define the Jags legacy. For me the Jag lives in this neat little realm alongside systems like the Vectrex; it's got this charm that you cannot quite put into words. Does any of it make any logical sense? Of course not. Leave me alone and get off my lawn.
  2. Oh baby, you have the whitest Jag I've ever come across!
  3. Found this on ebay, decided to share in case anyone wanted to roll the proverbial dice. https://www.ebay.com/itm/334222840633?hash=item4dd13bd339:g:qC8AAOSwY6phlWDW
  4. For anyone interested https://www.ebay.com/itm/165193993330?hash=item2676544c72:g:WRoAAOSwJGFhmh8d
  5. Brother, I hear you there. I'm about to drop some coin on another pinball machine and that shit HURTS, but at least it's the good kinda hurt.
  6. For the impatient or the truly devoted it's a small price to pay compared to Scalpey McScalperson
  7. https://www.retrotowers.co.uk/jaguar-gamedrive?fbclid=IwAR0Mlp0SM_nSgv7JFKBjsIMx_NAPpvBcLp0G6IrdcAXN9_1_YRrTYwoRFlI Retrotowers has some in stock right now, I just checked. (if you don't mind paying a bit extra since it's overseas)
  8. For a hot second I thought to myself "Wait a minute, this isn't the Hook I remember." Thank you for all your hard work good sir!
  9. I made the decision to only collect for a select few systems; the rest would be sold to make space/fund collecting for the systems in question.
  10. I had the Lynx SD cart and the McWil mod for my model 2; decided to part with it to reduce my footprint. My collection was unfairly taking over parts of my house. Having a wife and now a kid really made me pick and choose my battles over what I hoard/collect.
  11. Good things come to those who wait. Take your time SainT; we appreciate all the hard work thus far.
  12. My order was placed on August 18th and as of today there are 193 in front of me. Not too bad!
  13. #277, not even mad about it. Fortunate that I'll be able to enjoy one when it arrives. Thanks for all the hard work SainT!
  14. This isn't true. The SD2SNES handles some VERY expensive games that the Super Everdrive does not. With the insane price-climbing recently I highly recommend a SD2SNES. The only games the SD2SNES doesn't play are: Dirt Trax FX Vortex PGA Tour 96 PGA European Tour Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Star Fox Star Fox 2 Street Fighter Alpha 2 Power Rangers Zeo Battle Racers Kirby Superstar Kirby's Dreamland 3 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Stunt Race FX Doom With the SD2SNES also able to play the MSU games I know regret will eventually set in that you didn't grab one; I speak from experience.
  15. Instead of focusing on a new gaming system I wish there were more people dedicated to flash carts for obscure systems and/or mods to existing systems. (I want me a Neo Geo multi cart that's quality without killing my wallet.)
  16. I'm wondering how hilarious things are going to get if and when the hardware guy comes out and spills his side of the story.
  17. Wasn't Mike quoted as saying (in his "apology") that game gavel is still running strong and better than ever? (Or something to that effect) I'm no genius but that cannot be anywhere near accurate.
  18. I hope these pop-up again, it'd be nice to buy a couple.
  19. I'd like to be on the list for a cased version please.
  20. I honestly apologize, I had a bit to drink. My wife had consultation for surgery today, likely has breast cancer. I don't mean to be a downer or rain on anyone's parade, life just gets real tough at times. Believe it or not you guys here at AA entertain me daily; it's a much appreciated distraction. This whole MK debacle has been a real must-needed diversion. Why couldn't he just lie and stall a bit longer?!
  21. I officially demand a new product with Robert Pelloni, Mike Kennedy and Phantom Entertainment at the helm. Any other key personal I'm missing?
  22. Off-Topic fantasy scenario: If you could bring back one company from the ashes and resurrect a console they've made (perhaps with some design changes) into the current market...who would it be and why?
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