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  1. Because it isn't compatible with the Game Genie, which is crucial due to the lack of an Internet connection. If you can't milk $ via DLC you can always sell them codes. Because it's RETRO
  2. Okay, so I've read more than once that John (Gamester81) owns the Jag molds...was he the initial buyer or did he buy them from Mikey Kennedy? OR has he owned them this whole time and as such is a partner in the whole endeavor? I apologize if this has already been covered.
  3. This may be a stretch but is Mike Kennedy a Jimmy Buffet fan? Parrot Head...Flamgini... (a flamingo reference?) I know it sounds like I'm reaching, just thinking out loud.
  4. I don't mean this as a bash against the guy but I could never ever take anything AlphaOmegaSin says seriously. He just reminds me of that hyperactive kid in middle school who really, really likes Metallica. Every video I watch just feels the same. Good on him for being successful on youtube, however. I don't want to view him dissing/blaming Pat simply out of jealousy but it's a little hard not to. I don't really have an opinion one way or the other regarding Gamester81. I wished I cared enough, lol. I just wish I knew what Mike was thinking. They never had a prototype. He's not a tech guy (to my knowledge), he's more of a salesman and mouthpiece right? So why stick your neck out when you know you have nothing? Was this really, truly all a huge gamble for backing funds to actually get someome with knowledge to make a product? God, I hope not. That's a risk I couldn't even imagine taking. Even if so, it's 2016, why the consistent pictures of fake products, as if nobody will find out? You can't be THAT naive... I just wish people would have stepped forward and asked for help or admitted partial defeat. Humility and honesty go a LONG way with me.
  5. They were included in the ebay auction along with the Jaguar and cart molds, if memory serves.
  6. I was simply echoing Piko's comment on Mike bringing back the Jaguar.
  7. He owns the molding to the Atari Jaguar CD units also, that right there is a money maker.
  8. I wonder how many of the 7 days this is going to drag on before they throw in the towel.
  9. Apologies if this has been stated before. I 100% feel in my heart that this whole thing began to unravel when Kevtris and Mike parted ways. I think Mike felt he had him on board 100% and banked on him to be the guy behind the system. When that fell apart, he lost it. He didn't have a backup plan, just an idea. An illusion of grandeur. Can I blame him for having his head in the clouds? No. Can I blame him for trying to frantically stall so he could find a replacement? No. Can I blame him for how him and anyone else closely tied to the project handled this? Yes. Yes. Yes. This isn't 1986. You have to be humble with shit like this. You have to be honest. You have to be forthcoming. Even though your system avoids it's existence; the internet exists. People refuse to be duped. People are far more intelligent as they have knowledge available at their fingertips 24/7. As soon as he realized his idea wasn't going to float he should have thrown down the sword, admitted defeat and openly asked for help. It's sad. I know what it's like to see your idea, no matter how silly, die a slow, painful death. I believe this whole debacle has done nothing but good for the video game community, however. It's brought us together in a way I've never seen before. I'm beyond impressed at the level of intelligence displayed. Years from now we will dig up threads like this and laugh. I'm not a fan of Gamester81's channel but I do applaud him for his open apology, that speaks volumes in my world. Thanks go out to Ben Heck, Kevtris and others for shedding light on this situation and for being patient with us all, I know it's a tall order.
  10. Call me crazy but that looked identical to He-Man in my opinion, would have been neat to see a company do something positive in video games with that IP for once.
  11. The Coleco is like a Chameleon, it comes and goes, it comes and goes, oh whoa whoa!
  12. Just think, you can take a break from videos regarding Gamestop's retro shenanigans.
  13. I'm wondering if this is a saving face move due to Kickstarter denying them. Sure, you could have investors backing the whole thing but how does it hurt to "accquire" extra money from people when you don't really need it? I bet the Kickstarter was a finger-crossing hope to attract MORE investors when they had this thing funded all along. One thing is for sure: Mike Kennedy is likely to be pulled as the face of the project as damage control.
  14. I think the saddest thing is that there are still people who are anxiously awaiting the Kickstarter to actually back it; people who avidly support Mike...who are being left out in the cold. It's like telling a huge room full of kids that they are all adopted and that Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy all aren't real. IF Coleco has or does pull out of the deal I can see Mike filing lawsuits left and right to people who "slandered" his name and product, blaming them for the failure of the "console".
  15. Received my e-mail for number #270 and sent payment!
  16. I don't own a Skunk or a Jag CD but thank you, Cyrano Jones. You are awesome and your work inspires me.
  17. I'm not in any way trying to insinuate that any person involved would do such a thing but can you imagine if they "borrowed" or "stole" someone else's work for the actual motherboard? I don't wish failure on many projects but that would seriously be the rotten cherry on this catastrophe sundae.
  18. Interesting to see what this game sold for 11 years ago.
  19. You cannot in any way compare the Jaguar library to the Mega Drive library. It isn't even a contest and I'm not really the world's biggest Sega guy. The Jaguar has under what, 74 games total? Considering that many come off as almost unplayable and untested I have no issues with listing Alice as a must have game because... it's a good game. I don't care how new it is, it's fun! Sad fact: The Jaguar sadly lacks fun games; Most are "okay" or "acceptable". It's just how I feel about the matter and I love Atari.
  20. Wolfenstein 3D Doom AVP Raiden NBA Jam Rayman Protector SE Power Drive Rally T2K Alice's Mom's Rescue I want to say Skyhammer and Worms because I've heard great things but I don't own them yet.
  21. I really want to order one but I can't allow myself to do so with all the stories of system and cart shells that went unshipped. :/
  22. So far I'm 36 games (carts) into my Jaguar collection and the game that I found myself not minding was Cybermorph so long as I slowed the ship down. The game that took me by surprise the most has been NBA Jam; I figured it'd be nothing new as I had played it several times on other systems. Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls is a bad game on all consoles but man is the Jaguar port horrendous. I've been trying to get into Attack of the Mutant Penguins as of late, same with Bubsy. (My main issue with Bubsy is the damn difficulty)
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