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  1. Raiden is a for sure top ten Jaguar game in my opinion. As for why it appeared on the Jaguar? My guess is that it looked like what gamers were currently playing, just a little better. I imagine Atari thought it would help lure/bait people into giving the Jaguar a try.
  2. I ordered my copy about two weeks or so ago from Nick and received it in the mail yesterday (12-8-15). Excellent condition and fun game for sure. I'm sure he's busy (holiday season) and just hasn't seen your e-mails yet, I'd keep at it.
  3. The way I see it: Rayman seems to be the victim of price hikes due to youtube channels. "Oh, look: a game for the Jaguar that's actually worth playing! Harharhar". For example, Pete Dorr made a top 10 (or so) essential Jaguar games to have in your collection and he claimed Rayman could be bought on the cheap. This was only a few years ago. The game also seems to surprise people by even existing: "Oh, they made Rayman for the Jaguar?" The cheapest way to obtain a copy of Rayman is to piece it together; buy a cheap loose cart ($30-$55) and buy a box/manual (same price, sadly). Otherwise, you're at the mercy of sellers who command $145-$175, which is nonsense. Inflated cart prices are what drove me out of collecting for the NES/SNES.
  4. I want one, don't get me wrong...I simply cannot justify paying $300 for it. I don't have any console mods either for the exact same reason. I have friends who have paid good money for modifications to their NES, SNES, Genesis and so on and while it does look nice I just don't see the dollar value in it. I'm not trying to judge people who pay for mods or have purchased a XRGB, it just isn't for me at that price point. Perhaps someday I'll see the light.
  5. This may have been mentioned earlier in the thread but I'm honestly too lazy to look for it: (My memory might also be hazy but this is what I remember) The 3DO had a high launch price because Panasonic set up a system just about opposite of what Nintendo instituted in the 80's: a huge portion of the software sales went right back to the studio in question (that was the draw for getting companies to program games for the 3DO; very little to no restrictions and a bigger cut of the profit for sales). Since Panasonic wasn't seeing much profit for software they needed to recoup their money via system sales. This of course may have also meant very little to no quality assurance testing; let's just throw whatever at the wall and see what sticks. I love my Jaguar but the fact that the 3DO has an amazing port of Star Control 2 is what wins it for me alone. That game is easily in my top 5 of all-time. Now that I think about it, the parent company "Toys for Bob" (who are swimming in Skylanders money right now) released the source code to the public and SC2 has been re-released as "The Ur-Quan Masters". I wonder if there's ever a chance for a Jag port? #nofumesIswear
  6. I sincerely apologize if I came off as trying to underbuy or outbid anyone; that wasn't my intention. I simply sent a list of games to him in a PM that I was interested in and was given a total and then sent my payment.
  7. I purchased: Protector, Total Carnage, Ruiner Pinball, Missile Command 3D, NBA Jam and Super Burnout Great prices, thanks again sir!
  8. This may be way of-topic but I MUCH preferred the NES release of Contra over the arcade.
  9. In my my opinion it also helps draw us in knowing that the Jaguar was sadly a blip on the video game radar. I firmly believe most of us wonder "what could have been?" due to the sheer potential of the system. I'd like to think the Jag was the victim of wrong place, wrong time, wrong people in charge. (That doesn't leave much, does it?) To me, the Jaguar is my "Manos: Hands of Fate". It was supposed to be a huge movie made by people who knew next to nothing and flopped embarassingly only to be embraced by the weirdest, smartest fans years later, never to be forgotten again.
  10. I'd so be down for a red translucent Jaguar shell.
  11. I'm glad that I'm not alone in this sentiment.
  12. I never owned a Jaguar prior to 2015 nor did I ever meet anyone in person that owned one. It simply passed me by due to lack of availability. Now that I'm an adult with childish spending habits I allow myself to partake of things that younger me would have wanted in respect to the video game world. I grew up poor so now I surround myself with expensive plastic and feel very fortunate that I'm comfortably able to do so. Real Talk: I like to punish myself by playing bad/sup-par video games. It's a sickness. The Jag does have some great stuff and that's the mask I use to validate owning one to my friends. Off-topic proof that I love punishment: Redheads. <3
  13. RT @NoelleFoley: Ambrose got so many beads because he's the Titty Master ? #RAW

  14. Dusty, you were loved. You are loved. Thank you. #AmericanDream

    1. Video_Invader


      He will be missed. One of the best!

  15. If this is still available I'm interested, can pay via paypal.
  16. RT @ToxicProbably: OMG I need to be independently wealthy so I can just play with my dog all day. Fuck work.

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Thats what wealth means to me: Freedom. I'd live modestly and enjoy my days.

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