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  1. Wow I'm speechless.... It works! it really works!.. I don't know what kind of sorcery you pulled there but amazing work! My hat's off to you sir! Now, I'm have this weird issue with the rom "Antartic Adventure". For some reason when played through this setup on the Adam computer, the game loads fine but once the actual gameplay begins, the screen cuts off like if its going into a weird video mode. While in demo mode, the screen comes and goes depending on what part of the demo is playing, but its running in the background the whole time. Any ideas to what might be happening? The thing is, it plays perfectly fine on my Expansion module #3 attached to an AV modded Colecovision system. Edit: I had the Adam setup connected via the Composite video/Audio cable and then switched to the RF modulator, it plays great on RF. The Composite video output signal most be weak.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'm using MIcrofox's updated software. I also went ahead and downloaded what seems to be your software setup (64M cf images). In both cases, when going into roms and attempting to play "Beamrider" it crashes. This happens in both my Coleco Adam and in another Expansion model 3 unit I have. I'm trying to figure out if its a software issue or if there is something wrong with my IDE card.
  3. Hello, I finally got my Coleco ADam IDE/CF setup and I'm having issues playing with some of the software included. Does anyone knows if everything on those CF carts is playable and/or are there any known conflicts with any particular titles? For example, while many of the Flashcart roms play just fine, games like "Beamrider" crash. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. Cool thanks!. I'm hoping to have some fuses in my stash.
  5. Yes, is the fuse on the output of the transformer. Right now is full of the tape gunk but it does look like is rated at 5A . So it is slowblow then?
  6. Hello! The other day I decided to give my Atari 400 computer and Atari 5200 system a go after a while of being sitting without much use but unfortunately, I accidentally swapped the power supplies cords for each system and right after that the Atari 400 Ac adapter didn't worked again (model # CO 14319 ). I then test it with a multimeter and there was no juice coming of out it so I had to crack the brick and sure enough, there is an old glass fuse that is shoot. Does anyone knows what type of fuse is it? (Slow/fast blow) or if there is a good substitute for it? Here some pics below. The fuse in question is the one on the right hand side Thanks in advance for any help.
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