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  1. What is a good simple joystick that can be used with the Win800MacX emulator?
  2. I thought I had really thinking thought it up well and bought the Sio2SD. Now, after few weeks, of using this device I must come to the conclusion that it was not the right choice to make.I don't want to go into details but suffice to say that the problem is not caused by the device but solely by my person. I find it too much 'haggling". All I wanted is put all my .rom files on some device and then play them straight away. No strings attached. So I've come to he conclusion I should have bought the Unocart, It suits more my way of how I want to use the Atari. That is "press a few buttons and hoppa play a game". Nothing more, nothing fancy. So I came up with the idea to trade the Sio2SD for a Unocart or Multicart. Anyone interested? Alternatively I will sell the Sio2sd.
  3. I found this ( on Amazon.de. Anyone have experience with this?
  4. The trick clearly is to press "Shift" on the Sio2SD at start. So solved that. Thanks. The "High speed Sio support" is installed. How can I ee whether this is active because I have the feeling loading is very slow.
  5. Tried that myriad times. After a short while I see "cfg tool mode" in display but when I then press K2 I never get to see the text "every startup". Pressing K2 who's a text like "127840.80 ($00)". Then after I am lost. (for the time being all I want is to select thru file selector and nothing further). The SD-card contains the files sio2sd.cfg, sio2sd.xex and folder Atari.
  6. Received the Sio2SD + SD-card. Plugged it into the Sioport, turn on 800XL (tried with and without Option). After a short time I get a screen with "AHT", "Alley Cat". But how do I get the File selector?????? I've checked instructions on Lothareks site (about K1, ....) but either do not understand them correctly or whatever. Looked at Youtube movies they all show file selector. Please a step by step "How To".
  7. Ah well, probably I did something wrong then. Will have a 2nd look at it.
  8. I don't understand why it would be one-by-one if you select all in the finder. And knowing part of the name is easy, because they are either .rom.car or .atr. I'll check on my Mac the next day. Maybe I misunderstand your problem... ========= I can't recheck at the moment but I am sure I could only drag a single program into the Cart Window. Multiples did not work.
  9. It works on a Mac but the fact that files have to be dropped one-by-one makes it a very tedious job. Also nog having (sub)folders means you are forced to select by search meaning you need to know part of the name.
  10. I've looked at some info and more. Is my conclusion correct that (1) The Cart does not work folders and subfolders, and (2) files have to be dragged&dropped one-by-one and multiple droppings are not possible and (3) I must use the Studio since filling the SD-card myself is not an option? I checked his out on a Mac. Or am I overlooking something.
  11. I am wondering what the smart thing to do is. Both have the advantage that I can prepare and put everything on my Mac on a SD-Card. Uno Cart will have (I suppose) the fastest loading times. Uno Cart also does Rom/Bin, Sio2SD not. Both acceptable priced. The 800XL will mainly be used for gaming and I do not plan the "Pokey Divisor 0" upgrade since I do not want to do any soldering. What's best to buy or is there an even better solution for (luxury problem many games, fast loading, ease of handling.
  12. Sio2USB so for connecting a USB-stick. I think that all available software can be mounted on a stick.Only I don't like the idea of having to create a new Rom. I have no trust (based on experience) in my skills for this type of craftsmanship. I've also looked at "The Cart" but the problem there is getting it filled with the software and then there is (I presume) also the Pokey stuff. Makes it all a bit complex. Would be nice if "The Cart" could be filled on a PC/Mac. But I see no solution that way.
  13. Due to circumstances I am selling my complete Atari ST inventory: - Atari 1040STfm with Mouse, Joystick, much software on disk. Asking price 75 euros. - Atari SM124 Hires Monochrome Monitor. Asking price 25 euros. - Atari SC1224 Color Monitor. Asking price 60 euros. - Rainbow Tos 1.04. Asking price 25 euros. - (sold) 14 books (Dutch, English, German) on all technical facets of Atari. Total asking price if bought as a complete set then asking price 200 euros. I am based in the Netherlands so P&P needs to be calculated.
  14. I'm thinking about one of those Sio2 devices. Most likely Sio2USB or Sio2SD. Besides the Atari I use a iMac.
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