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  1. Jag is saved and back to 100%! Needed the regulators, caps and U2 replaced. Thanks for the help bringing her back to life. Have included before pic when U2 was bypassed, then after pic with correct part (thanks @Zerosquare!) in place to show the difference.
  2. Thanks JHD! I was in a flea market and spotted it. When I asked about it, the seller said he had it sitting on the counter for “years” as a conversation piece. He had attempted to fix it unsuccessfully and agreed to sell it to me. I was looking for many years too and thought about buying from the UK until this came up. Just keep looking!
  3. Thanks Zerosquare! This is exactly what I was looking for. Pulled the trigger on eBay so now just waiting on all parts to arrive to hopefully get the jag working again. Then it’s time to find some games.
  4. Thanks Rick! I’m in the K-W region.
  5. Hi all, new Jag owner here! Have been wanting one for years and finally came across one at a local market I could afford. I was told by the vendor it doesn’t work, but thought with all the great information on here I might be able to fix it. I’m ok with a soldering iron. Expected the usual power problem and needing to replace the regulator (parts ordered), but also found u2 was pulled off the board. (strange?) I only found one post that talks about u2 saying its a “luma delay line” and used for RF/Composite or SVideo but not RGB. I’m in Canada so don’t think RGB (scart?) is an option. Hoping the great Jag community can help me save this machine. U2 doesn’t look like an off the shelf part (small silver box with little coils inside). Is there somewhere that might sell these? A different part that can be used or can it just be bypassed without harming the console? Thanks for any help!
  6. Fixed. Re-flashed the bios and all is well.
  7. Hi all, installed incognito and changed pull up resistors at RD4,RD5 to 2.2k as recommended. Incognito works, but Left cartridge slot didn’t work, Atari boots to Memo Pad in Colleen mode or to Diagnostics in XL/XE mode. Replaced RD4,RD5 resistors with 1.5k. Still doesn’t work. It was working before the install. Is there something else to check?
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