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  1. Wow, looks like it was an amazing place to be for an Atari fan. I had initially planned on being there, but some family commitments ended up taking priority and it just wasn't possible. I've been to VCF East in years past, so I know these rooms, and can almost imagine what it would be like to be there and see all this amazing Atari gear in person. Not to mention meeting everyone who attended in person. Thank you everyone who posted pictures here! Also the videos of the keynote talks are up on the VCF Youtube channel, I need to go check those out now.
  2. Somehow, despite it being an apparently huge game, I don't remember hearing about "Flashback" when it was a new game. I had heard of "Another World/Out of this World" and people seemed to refer to it as a "have to experience" type game. After listening to Episode 27 I was very intrigued. Since the Jaguar cartridge isn't exactly going cheap on eBay right now, I decided to check out Flashback ... ummm ... virtually. I'm definitely hooked, but I'm sort of learning by death. "Oh, ok, I guess I shouldn't walk into that green glowing thing..." Maybe I should listen through the podcast again, hopefully I pick up more this time... Excellent episode, as usual, Shinto!! Now, let's see if i can make it just a little further...
  3. I will definitely be there this year. Looking forward to hearing Joe Decuir speak in person!! See you there.
  4. troff

    Rikki & Vikki

    Mine has arrived! The attention to detail in the packaging is amazing. I can't tell you the last time I enjoyed opening up a new game so much. I've been playing the Windows version, but as soon as my cart arrived, l pulled my 7800 off the shelf (I've been mostly into the 5200 lately). This game is a blast to play on the original hardware. Amazing graphics and sound - overall one of the best experiences to have on a 7800. Thank you to all who were involved in creating it.
  5. I love this game. Not very good at it, but I love it. Here's my first submission: 73,600
  6. And, of course, as soon as I posted that I totally had my best game ever: 147,400
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