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  1. I go back and forth between my Sears heavy 6er and my 7800. Both are unmodded.
  2. Hey Shinto! I missed this episode until I checked here on your blog. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but this episode is not showing up in the iTunes feed. However, I downloaded it from here and just listened to it. Great episode! It’s so great that you found the light gun toy. And your analysis of the value of the Atari brand is spot-on. I have given my family the same advice of, “anything with the Atari logo is good” and therefore I have a wonderful supply of Atari t-shirts and sweatshirts. I’m looking forward to you next episode, even though Syndicate is not a particular favorite of mine.
  3. I don’t have a trackball, but love this game. 67,580
  4. I find this feature really neat, and I’d like a Compaq Portable for the same reason. Unfortunately I have no direct experience with them, so I can’t offer you advice. 😞
  5. Thank you both!!! This was the advice I needed, definitely helped. (To leave the top invader) The TV is a wooden console General Electric. Not my favorite brand, but it was an acquisition of opportunity, and I have been very happy with it. My new, improved score 5,685. Thanks again!
  6. I got this score early in the month. I kept thinking I would better it. I think I actually got around 2,100 a few times but that’s about it. Guess it will have to do. Any recommendations?? 2,064
  7. This games looks and sounds beautiful. I can’t wait to spend some more time with it. Thank you for creating it!!!
  8. For Windows emulation, I wasn't able to get this to work in the standard ProSystem or EMU7800. However, it does seem to work in the RALibRetro prosystem core if you run it in Test/Compatibility mode.
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