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    Atari Lynx 2 Q12

    I have a game and I get sound and the screen lights up but no picture. And it only turns on when I bypass the q12 with a wire from negative battery to the earphone negative
  2. Hello everyone I'm new on here hoping to find some advice. I picked up a Atari Lynx 2 console from eBay none working hoping I could breath some life into it never had a Lynx when I was younger but always wanted on and I don't mind tinkering about with stuff so thought it was worth a try. Anyway after lots of googling I still can't find the answer I'm looking for, it turns out its most likely the Q12 MOSFET that needs replacing which I have no problem doing but my knowledge of mosfets and things like that could fit on the end of a match stick. Can I use any mosfet? Or does it have to be specific like a capacitor?
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