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  1. This is really disappointing news. I'm not sure why you didn't just extend the already existing delay to include sorting out a manufacturer instead of spooking your customers by creating the impression that you're having some kind of meltdown. Since people were already aware that they had to wait for the cart, extending that wait would hardly have been the end of the world. I'd imagine most customers wouldn't have given it a second thought. Actions like this negatively impact a seller's credibility so... perhaps there were additional factors involved in forcing you to take such action. Whatever the case, I hope the project gets back on track soon.
  2. A pompous prick with a real attitude problem.
  3. Oh we've got a proper jobsworth here haven't we? Get that stick out of your arse. It's been 18 months since I last saw news about this so I'm entitled to ask a simple question. No wonder people don't come here as often as they used to. Enjoy this notification, you pompous prick.
  4. As I mentioned in my post, I'm aware that this was the story at least back then. But given that this was 18 months ago I thought the situation might have changed by now, hence my update.
  5. I've already expressed an interest in this but you weren't taking orders at the time. Maybe you still aren't, but IF YOU ARE, please add my name to that list. I definitely want one of these.
  6. Well yeah, if you compare against his best sellers then supporting the Jaguar might seem questionable. But I can't imagine he sells many Game Gear carts - yet he makes those. Anyway, I don't really want to turn this into a thread about the Everdrive: it's meant to be a thread about the Jaguar cart that IS being made. I am super excited about this.
  7. I can't believe the Everdrive guy doesn't make one one of these - not only that but he's actually said that he doesn't want to. Talk about missed opportunity. Anyway, well done to you mate. Take your time and do it right. If you end up with something stable, reliable, supports all ROMs and allows saves, I will most definitely buy one.
  8. Hi Ross I did get your email thanks, and I intended to reply tonight but ended up working much later than anticipated. I'm glad the post has proven useful - I don't know why I saved the page from curmudgeongamer.com but was glad that I did when a few months later I noticed it had been taken down. It's thanks to the efforts of people like Ezra Dreisbach that I got into software development so the least I could do was preserve an interview with the guy.
  9. FMV is just video, as the name implies, so 3D processing power isn't a factor here. What was a factor was the video codec used: Cinepak and Truemotion were the most popular choices but different developers used different approaches. There are plenty of Saturn games with good FMV - even some that are better than the PlayStation versions (check out Policenauts or anything from Treasure) so I'll reiterate my point that Activision was simply a poor developer. As for why I'm here... it's my blog you're all reading in that link up there. I noticed traffic coming from this site and thought I'd take a look.
  10. I'm not sure this game can be considered a valid comparison to be honest, since Activision was well known for putting very little effort into its Saturn conversions. Alien Trilogy, another Activision game, famously only used one of the Saturn's two CPUs... and although it was inferior to the PlayStation version I think it's pretty impressive that it was so close given that it could only be using a maximum of 50% of the Saturn's processing power, and that figure assumes 100% code efficiency which the developer is unlikely to have achieved. Given that the PlayStation was so easy to program and the Saturn so difficult, I think the fairest comparisons are those that start with a game that was developed by a team that was actually competent on the Sega platform, since by definition such a team must also be competent on the much easier Sony platform - games like Duke Nukem 3D for example. In these cases the results are much closer with both consoles excelling in specific areas.
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