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  1. So does anyone else have any other helpful tips that might help fix this tandy 1000ex? When powered on it still gets that err 8259. I have replaced the 8259 chip and still the same error. No idea how to continue diagnosing/fixing this. Any pointers?
  2. Nice!! the AdIDE looks great, does the drive fit inside the A1000? I guess I can read the link you gave me, ill do that soon!! Thanks for sharing!! Hey thanks for looking out for me hehehe, Desiv has offered to send me some Floppies I will update everyone when I get her working. I scrubbed her with ethanol since it was in a smokers care previously and had years of tar build up on the unit. She looks better but still not the best! But I am happier... looking forward to playing some games and checking out the Amiga OS which I have never used! Now if I could only get my Tandy 1000ex working, she's got an interrupt controller error at boot :-( Then we'd have a Tandy AND an Amiga to show off in store to the newage
  3. A derringer?? Guess i've got some googling to do! I would like to have a hard drive or CF drive hooked up to it so I dont have to rely on the floppy disks all the time, I have my work cut out for me.. This way it will be easier to showcase it at the shop!
  4. Just popped this baby open and she has a Spirit Technologies 1.5mb Ram Expansion! Now to add a Hard Drive.. or is that even possible on this unit?
  5. It will be on display at my shop, for everyone to enjoy.. She is REALLY yellow and grimey so I am hoping she cleans up a little and that it all works good! Looks like I got an Alegra Ram Expansion for it as well. computerbooter.com and we are in Carmichael, CA! Shall I PM you our Address? Which personally, I think is crazy that people are still worried about sharing this stuff. But whatevs.
  6. Hello! So I just acquired an Amiga 1000 w/ color monitor. As far as I can tell it is very difficult to create the Kickstart Floppy's. Any chance on of you fine fellows could send me a set? (version 1.3) I will of course pay for shipping.. Unless I am wrong and I can create the floppy's from an older win98 PC. But from what I was reading I need a special external piece of hardware that emulates the Amiga floppy controller in order to create the disks. Appreciate it! David
  7. I'm actually leaning towards the onboard ram being bad. I've read that the interrupt controller actually works with the beginning ram address and that might be bad. We will have to look into possibly replacing the onboard ram. Also would anyone actually happen to have the 1000ex/hx ram upgrade for sale?! Id be interested if so.
  8. Would the ram expansion be in the little bay that you can access from the back of the unit? I did actually take the computer apart and cleaned the floppy drive. I did not take the shielding off of the motherboard so I didn't see if it had any expansions there, it only has 256k ram I believe is what it said on the top of the screen. So o doubt ram expansion. I'll have to get down to the motherboard and take some pics. Would you be able to help identify the chip that I could try replacing? Appreciate the help.
  9. Hello, I am a super newbie here and just acquired a Tandy 1000ex with color high resolution monitor woo hoo, unfortunately when I turn it on it says the ram up top and then near the bottom of the screen it displays "err i/o 8259" From the little information I could find it sounds like it has to do with the 8259 interrupt controller or the cpu. I would assume that the cpu is fine since it actually powers on... can anyone help me diagnose and fix this issue?? I put a dos boot floppy in the drive but it doesnt seem to want to boot from it, unless I have to press a certain combination of buttons in order for it to boot.. Thank you in advance!!
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