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  1. I noticed a few issues switching from v6.2.1 to v6.4, My previous save states do not seem to be compatible with v6.4 Original CX30 paddle buttons not working. The button does work with the Hyperkin Ranger in P-mode, but you do have to hold it down a second. [This issue is already being addressed I believe].
  2. I can confirm that 'Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle' cartridge does NOT work with Stella v6.4 R77. However, the ROM dump version does. (This is also how you would play CBS RAM Plus games like 'Tunnel Runner'). I think this issue has been addressed previously, & the problem is due to the cart dumping software not recognizing the bankswitching method.
  3. Possibly, I use "Win32 Disk Imager v1.0". It is the defacto standard for writing disk images in the Raspberry Pi community. sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/ (I've used this program for many years, It's safe).
  4. Use the 128MB card that came with the Retron77. I used FAT format. 8GB may be too large. I have close to 500 games, homebrew, & demos on my card with screenshots for every ROM. It only occupies about ¼ of the 128MB card. You will not run out of storeage space.
  5. That is the file to use, It's not zipped.
  6. Will do. Also, I noticed that with the new build the Armbian kernel seems a bit out of date. Are there any plans to update it, or is it possible to do so on the console itself per the usual "apt-get"?
  7. Does the "time machine" feature have working support? (I remember hearing something about past issues, and not to use it on the R77)?
  8. Warning about Oregon Trail Micro Arcade: I've encountered some bugs in the game that make the game unplayable. When I say "unplayable" I don't mean "unenjoyable", there are some severe problems with the software that make the game unwinnable. I sent a message to Super Impulse about the issue on their FB page. They said that the dev team would reach out to me. So far, they have not. This is a serious consumer quality issue to me because the unit is basically useless. Here is a copy of my original message to them: "I just received my Oregon Trail Micro Arcade from Amazon. I discovered this version of the game has several severe bugs in the software. The first bug occurs when you are hunting for food. No matter what you shoot (or nothing at all) you still get 900lbs of food. The second error is more critical, and makes the game impossible to get to Oregon. I haven't yet completely figured out how it works, but It has something to do with "stopping to rest". When you stop to rest, the calendar date will relfect that time has passed, and your food supply will decrease while resting, but doing so does not improve your health. This results in your party dying before you can reach the halfway point of the game. No mater what other choices you make during gameplay, you will apparently starve and die of very poor health, and no other way to heal. It seems as though your food counter decreases, however you are not actually consuming the food". - After playing the game more, I am fairly well convinced that as each "day" passes in the game, food is not being consumed and counted to your overall health status. From the time you start the game, your health steadily decreases rapidly no matter what choices you make. So this isn't a variance on the game difficulty, it is simply some variable/flag in the software that isn't being passed properly. The same with the hunting problem.
  9. Thanks! I've been checking Amazon frequently, they must've just listed it recently. I had a pre order from Bigbadtoystore. They never get anything in stock in a timely manner. This will be the second pre order I've had to cancel because I found it elsewhere. Yes, I'm also awaiting the frogger. I have the Arcade mini Frogger, which is essentially the same, but I prefer the controls on the micro arcade. Still no saving of high scores😪
  10. Does anyone know when this Oregon Trail Micro arcade release?
  11. a mini Satan's Hollow would be cool.
  12. nice to know everything seems to be working, I wanted to do something similar for 7800 & FB1. Could you please post instructions or a link to more info?
  13. I guess until someone helps with a solution, just enjoy the ROM via SD card. Your cart seems to be working as both of mine behave the same way, and do work just fine in my original 4 switcher 2600. I'll try to investigate as much as I can, but I'm kinda at a loss at this point. Maybe try every possible combination of bank switching options and maybe/until one will work?
  14. I have two copies of Smurf: RIGC. They both exhibit the same problems described by Charlie. I noticed that the R77/Stella is auto detecting the cartridge as "F4 (4K) Atari". However, the ROM dump (which works perfectly) is auto detecting as "F8 (8K) Atari). The bank switching document by Kevin Horton also lists the game as being 8K (Smurf: RIGC 2465 U 8 F8 X SMURFRES). I tried manually switching the settings to match the ROM version (several times) and it does not seem to work. I randomly tried a few other related bank switching modes, but alas, they too do not work either. One thing I discovered while experimenting is that if you change the TV FORMAT setting from auto detect, and force NTSC mode, the game does not load at all. I also tried changing the START BANK setting with no luck. Not sure if the bank switch mapper is correct for this cartridge, or perhaps it need a specific starting address index to load correctly. Stella seems to only allow the user to select bank 0 or 1 and not an arbitrary address.
  15. I guess one option for those who want to add more physical buttons to the console, but do not want to lug around a USB keyboard, could be to use an Arduino Leonardo (or compatible) connected to the internal USB of the R77 & drill more buttons into the back of the console.
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