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  1. It wouldn't be too complicated. The binaries have to be compiled for PlusCart/UnoCart basically only the pointer addresses have to be changed and the memory definition in "custom/src/custom.boot.lds":
  2. As far as I can see in the log files you have already managed to connect your PlusCart to your WiFi. So you can use the PlusCart to sort out if it is a issue with the video part (TIA, AV mod, TV) or with the voltage regulator (affecting the whole system).. Start your system with the PlusCart inserted and navigate with the joystick to a menu folder, then wait until the screen goes black and then press the Joystick button. If the ESP8266 LED starts to blink you know it must be the videosystem, because the Joystick -> RIOT -> CPU -> Cartridge part had worked even when the screen was black.
  3. not exactly brand new, but if you have been out of the loop for more than a Year, you might have missed the PlusCart:
  4. New PlusStore feature: High Score List In the "High Score Club" folder ("Public ROMs/PlusROMs/High Score Club") is a new dynamic text file "High Score List.txt", which contains the current "Top 11" for all PlusROM high score games. So the online High Score list can now be viewed with the PlusCart too
  5. The clients send their (real) joystick data to the server and move both tanks by the (virtual) joysticks data they receive from the server. For a real online game the clients should also receive and partly send the position and direction data of the tanks. In case of combat this is a bit of a challenge, because the horizontal movement of the tanks is done by HMOVE so they don't know (and therefor can't tell the server) the horizontal position of the tanks. the source code for the online combat PoC can be found here: https://gitlab.com/firmaplus/atari-2600-pluscart/-/blob/master/examples/Online Combat.asm the original disassembly, can be found here: http://www.bjars.com/source/Combat.asm
  6. @JetSetIlly has added PlusROM support to Gopher2600, and it was a pleasure to support him: Here is a short video of Gopher2600 playing my PoC online combat against a PlusCart on a PAL VCS. VID_20200922_235852.mp4 combat is BW on the TV, because of the PAL VCS/CRT. The PlusROM backend is located in Germany (with a delay of ~40ms per client) and it only distributes the Joystick data to the clients and leaves the rest to client-side prediction (without any server-side correction). That's why the clients are out of sync pretty soon. btw. note @Andrew Davie's beautiful 3D printed shell
  7. @Andrew Davie has sent me some really nice 3D printed cartridges for the PlusCart. Thanks very much, now my test carts don't have to be naked any more 🙂
  8. maybe a better starting point, because the device is already working in the right "direction"..
  9. Maybe it is possible to connect a Gamline to a local WiFi and the internet (PlusStore) with this piece of hardware: actually it is for connecting a VoiP phone to a landline connection, so "some" changes have to be made to the software (and hardware) to use it for the gamline purpose. WiFi module has to be change to station mode. Phone line module has to be "converted" to a landline (with dialtone?) serial com is a 115200 baud connection to a busy box. GPL sourcecode compile tools and manual can be found here: https://www.telekom.de/hilfe/geraete-zubehoer/telefone-und-anlagen/archiv/sinus/sinus-tc-300?samChecked=true I have a few of these boxes here, so PM me if you want to tinker around with this nice (old) piece of hardware.😁
  10. I would never dare to contradict to anything you said maybe we should define it as the amount of spectacle you get when a circuit fails..
  11. Yes a circuit draws as much as needed, but if there is a short in the circuit. The circuit draws as much as the power supply is willing to give and as much as the short is able to convert into heat
  12. very handy instructions with resounding success: 🤣
  13. I am not used to paddle games, bought them just 2 weeks ago. The ball movement is too predictable, maybe you should add some obstacles in the middle of the Playfield
  14. I can send you a PlusCart DIY-Kit. If repairing your old VCS includes soldering, then you can just can go on with it
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