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  1. You can find the STM32F407VGT6 breakout board at AliExpress for about 6.50 USD, with a custom breakout board, like the PlusCart PCB the STM32F407VGT6 fits nicely into a cartridge. If you leave away the ESP8266 you can easily stay below 10$ And you can reuse UnoCart and PlusCart code to support some additional bankswitching
  2. You have registered at the PlusStore, but the emulators (like Javatari) are not connected to the PlusStore. For generating a nickname in your Javatari you have to delete the local storage for the domain "pluscart.firmaplus.de" in your browser. Then your browser will generate a new uuid and prompt for a nickname when you reload the javatari website. Since you already registered at the PlusStore, PM me your address if you would like to test the PlusCart.
  3. @Thomas Jentzsch has modified Cosmic Ark for using the PlusROM functions and sending the score to the "PlusCart High Score Club". PlusCart user/tester can find the PAL, PAL60 and NTSC versions in the PlusStore directory "Public ROMs\PlusROMs\Highscore GA" The NTSC version can be played online in javatari, this new release of Javatari will ask, at the start of the first PlusROM, for a nickname to send to the back ends. Users who have played PlusROMs on this Javatari website before, have to delete the local storage for this website to delete the previously generated uuid. The "PlusCart High Score Club" page for Cosmic Ark: https://highscore.firmaplus.de/?game_id=6
  4. with the new release of the PlusROM enabled Javatari.js and PlusCart firmware the PlusROM specs have changed. Now the definition of the internet back end can be placed (nearly) everywhere inside the ROM file.
  5. Javatari.js and all other emulator user can not register at or download from the PlusStore (see. http://pluscart.firmaplus.de/pico/?PlusStore). The PlusStore is just a "smart" storage for the PlusCart, with a feature to resolve PlusCart id's to a (unique) PlusStore Username via the openAPI for the PlusROM backends. Other devices and emulators don't need this storage, because they (most probably) have their own SD-Card, harddisk, or what ever.. The PlusROM backends might implement their own registration if they want, but the high score backend has none (currently). In the next release of my Javatari.js fork i plan to implement a new feature, so Users will be prompted for a nickname at the start of the first PlusROM (or can store this nickname in the options). This (not unique!) nickname will be send with the generated id to the PlusROM backends. The backends can use both information to generate "unique" entries like "Arenafoot Javatari user 12"
  6. @Dionoid has modified Amoeba Jump for using the PlusROM functions and sending the score to the "PlusCart High Score Club". PlusCart user/tester can find the PAL and NTSC versions in the PlusStore directory "Public ROMs\PlusROMs\Highscore GA" The NTSC version can be played online in javatari, but there will be a generated user name in high score board. The "PlusCart High Score Club" page for Amoeba Jump: https://highscore.firmaplus.de/?game_id=5
  7. I've set up a trello board and pasted in all ideas for the PlusCart: https://trello.com/b/vcpDw4Qc/pluscart-feature-discussion-board the board is public readable, all trello user can comment and vote, but only invited user can set up new cards or move them. So if you like to vote and comment for new PlusCart, PlusROM or PlusStore features, just set up a free trello account.
  8. Some new PlusCart's for beta tester, PM me if you want one.
  9. New firmware version v0.11.14 in PlusStore and GIT: Support for "small" Supercharger ROMs without header New WiFi connect via WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) push button method Factory reset function in setup menu (only for ESP8266)
  10. Corona virus delay, for months not weeks?
  11. the only PlusCart tweak that also apply to the UnoCart, is to move the set_menu_status_msg and set_menu_status_byte in main() to a later point, when the VCS is in it's wait routine in RAM. maybe @DirtyHairy can give it a try.
  12. New Version v0.11.12 in PlusStore: - bugfix for Supercharger ROMs loading with 15 seconds timeout For beta tester, new releases will also be announced at the beta tester club: https://atariage.com/forums/clubs/39-pluscart-beta-test/
  13. Did you played the game till the end (game over)? The ROMs send the score only, after every game over. Unfinished or interrupted games will not appear in the high score list.
  14. Yeah i'm rich 😎 , but only in Japan Just bought these on ebay a few days ago for 20 €
  15. @bah has done a very good tutorial about making the case for a PlusCart
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