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  1. Just arrived this morning.. (of course from AliExpress 😊) About 1EUR each, but they all have to be flashed with the latest AT Firmware AT version: 13 2018 11:10:59) SDK version:2.2.1(6ab97e9) compile time:Jun 7 2018 19:34:26 Bin version(Wroom 02):1.6.2 Have to include this into the assembly instructions for the DIY Kits..
  2. The new Version of the PCB arrived, these are with gold-plated plug contacts and a thicker PCB (1.6mm) 😊 But i'm out of ESP8266s 😞
  3. Al_Nafuur


    I'm not quite sure if it's "world-first", maybe GameLine had something like this already: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GameLine
  4. does anyone know a collection of slow and easy games for the Atari 2600? My daughter (just turned 5 ) really likes my Atari 2600, but most of my games are to difficult or to fast for her..
  5. The project source code is released (even if it still needs more cleanup), also the eagle PCB layouts for the PlusCart breakout board and Gerberfiles for production (e.g. at https://jlcpcb.com) are released at: https://gitlab.com/firmaplus/atari-2600-pluscart A small website with info was also launched at: https://pluscart.firmaplus.de/pico/ I will finish two more prototype-boards for beta tester/developer, so if you are an experienced VCS programmer, that want's to develop an PlusROM online game/App for the Atari 2600, then send me a message about your idea and your reference projects, and i will send you one of the prototypes for free. For everyone else: I have ordered some more (new version) PlusCart breakout boards at jlcpcb which should arrive in 2 weeks, so send me a message if you want to have a DIY-kit (new PlusCart breakout board, pinheaders, jumpers, STM32F407VGT6 board and a ESP8266-01) for 10 EUR plus shipping. The project is still in an early beta state, so expect bugs
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GameLine 🤨
  7. The PlusROM cartridge emulation routine is ported to javatari.js the source code is in the forked project: https://github.com/Firmaplus/javatari.js The source-code for the PlusClock ROM and the compiled ROM is in the example directory, also the source code for the Clocks Backend. https://pluscart.firmaplus.de/javatari/index.html?ROM=../PlusClock.rom Google Chrome 2019-10-22 19-21-05.mp4
  8. As someone point out, releasing the binary without the source code is violating the GPL, so i decided to make the project privat again, until the source code and the whole project is in a state for a proper release. If someone wants to build and test his own prototype of the cart, or want's to take part in this project, feel free to contact me here at AtariAge.
  9. The Atari 2600 is on his way to the cloud.😎 I just uploaded the next release of the PlusCart firmware, which now connects and register at my test PlusStore (In the test PlusStore, only uploading of maximum 10 ROMs with max 32Kb each is possible). If you do not already have build a PlusCart, you can also web-register at the PlusStore: https://pluscart.firmaplus.de/public/admin/register.php Login: https://pluscart.firmaplus.de/public/admin/#/login The PlusStore is powerd by directus You don't have to use the web APP to upload your ROMs, if you speak JSON and oAuth2, you can add a script or button to the build process of your favourite IDE to upload your Hombrew ROMs (or PlusROMs) with the directus API. here is a blurry video with the registration and uploading a ROM-File: VID_20191019_004530[1].mp4
  10. the Atari 2600 PlusCart ist based on Robin Edwards Unocart-2600 (https://github.com/robinhedwards/UnoCart-2600). The PlusCart has no SD-Card, but an ESP8266 to connect to a local WiFi Network and the Internet. The PlusCart downloads the ROM-files from an Server in the Internet called the "PlusStore". The way this is done is similar to the way the Unocart-2600 loads ROMs from the FAT filesystem on the SD-card, while the VCS is performing a waitroutine in the his RAM. Additionally the PlusCart has one more ROM emulator routine to emulate online ROMs called "PlusROM". In the first bytes of such a PlusROM the path and the backend hostname or IP address has to be encoded (as strings both terminated by '\0'). Sending and receiving bytes to the host does not need a waitroutine in the VCS RAM! So now all kind of online ROMs (Games, Chat Clients, Mail-Clients, Web-Browser, MMOGs, etc. ) should be possible with the Atari 2600 VCS. more info at: https://gitlab.com/firmaplus/atari-2600-pluscart VID_20191013_033946.mp4
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