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  1. Indeed! If you have basic HTML knowledge, you can easily use Stuart's documentation and start creating pages straight away. The only caveat I have is that the browser isn't going to be tolerant of mistakes like a modern browser is. Expect strange behavior and occasional crashes. A 99ml code validator is on my roadmap for the aforementioned framework I intend to complete.
  2. I'd love to see this happen! Stuart defined a good foundation with his 99ml standard. I was working on an Python-based backed framework for assisting in creating 99ml pages and handling interactive stuff, based on what I learned creating my chess game and the web version of CHATTI. Maybe this winter I can pick this back up, now that there are so many TIPIs out in the world now :)
  3. Does anyone know what group you should use when connecting? The help says to "enter the group name given to you"
  4. If anyone tried and was getting reboots, please try again. Greg pointed out that this was happening to him and a re-publish of the code fixed it.
  5. I finally was able to publish my COMBATTI game, after a complete re-write. This game is a proof-of-concept for a network playable game for the TI, using the TIPI interface for network connectivity. The TI program is an EA5 formatted image and can be loaded from XB by typing: CALL TIPI("PI.HTTP://myti99.com/COMBATTI") A myti99.com account is optional. There is no sound, since I don't know how to do that very well and need to do some more research. The server is a multi-threaded Python 3 application, and is what took me the longest to write and debug. There are four game channels supported, each with two slots. When you connect to the server, a bot will connect to play you within a minute (a cron job fires up a bot and looks for empty slots every minute.) If a human player connects, a bot will be booted to free up a slot. More information is available at myti99.com. Please let me know what you think.
  6. It's working for me this morning. Maybe I caught AA doing some maintenance or something.
  7. Videos only seem to play if browsing AA in Chrome. Firefox nor Safari works.
  8. It's all working now. The code behind the old site uses Python 2 which is end-of-lifed. It still should run, just won't be maintained. I installed Python 3 for another project with the intent of running both until I upgrade all the code running on Python 2. Installing Python 3 also upgraded a library in the Python 2 installation, which caused another library to need updating, which I manually did. Anyway it's all good now.
  9. oh yeah? Well we need to get together anyway, so I can get you those Sparc systems. Are you free over the Thanksgiving break?
  10. I used to make my own PCBs back in the 80s, etching with ferric chloride. We used to just use sharpies and/or the transfers from Radio Shack that you'd place over the copper-clad and scribble with a pencil to transfer to the board. Then we'd bathe and agitate it until the unwanted copper sloughed away. In high school, we had a bath with an aquarium pump connected to a piece of hose, snaked across the bottom of the tub to keep things bouncing around and (hopefully) etching evenly. I remember doing it at home in a baking pan that reacted with the etchant and made a huge mess Good times. Nowadays it's easy to use a shop like Oshpark to make boards from your supplied gerbers.
  11. Seeking others who may have a TI Intelligent Terminal 700 machines, or DS990 machines. I recently acquired a TI 700 and am working on getting it to boot. With help from a friend in Italy, I think I am close, and am awaiting a logic level-shifter so I can flash a Gotek drive to the HxC firmware which supports 8" floppy drives. Anyone else out there with one of these machines? I hope to get her going and use a terminal program on it, and hopefully some form of BASIC.
  12. This is really cool! I recently got my old XT running and replayed SQ1-SQ3. I hope in this port he retained all of the original Sierra snark and humourous deaths.
  13. I finally get her cleaned up enough to try to power up, to test the power supply first. I discovered that I have no -5v, so something is amiss with the 5v regulator card. Other voltages are spot-on. I did notice the CRT flash on and off too, so that was a good sign. One of the caps on the 5v board looks different, like it's been replaced before. It's a 4-terminal 14000uF monster and it doesn't look like it burst like some later electrolytics do when they fail. It looks pitted and discolored on the aluminum surface. I will take it out and see what the cap meter says.
  14. I always forget it, and need to add it to my phone's calendar. I need to do the same for the zoom meetings too. When are those?
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