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  1. I finally get her cleaned up enough to try to power up, to test the power supply first. I discovered that I have no -5v, so something is amiss with the 5v regulator card. Other voltages are spot-on. I did notice the CRT flash on and off too, so that was a good sign. One of the caps on the 5v board looks different, like it's been replaced before. It's a 4-terminal 14000uF monster and it doesn't look like it burst like some later electrolytics do when they fail. It looks pitted and discolored on the aluminum surface. I will take it out and see what the cap meter says.
  2. I always forget it, and need to add it to my phone's calendar. I need to do the same for the zoom meetings too. When are those?
  3. I still don't know how much work it'll be to get this one going, but I'm going to give it a good try!
  4. Sometimes an innocent site can get flagged because of malware being presented to visitors through ad networks.
  5. Does anyone else out there have one of these? I just got one, and am cleaning it up, dumping ROMs, and going to replace caps before firing it up. I have a lead on the 8" floppy drive that goes with it, but no software is available.
  6. Are you able to log in to myti99.com? If you're not, the scores won't be read or written.
  7. If you have something specific, let me know.
  8. I am bringing this up again since recently a couple of garbled messages have been sent to me via the contact form on myti99.com, and I have no idea who sent them. I have disabled the form and have instead suggested that people use a modern browser and visit myti99.com and use the contact form. One person complained about not being able to log in and neglected to tell me who they were. If it's you and you're reading this, please use the contact form on myti99.com with your modern computer and browser. Another asked about SNEK availability on myti99.com. It's still there at: http://myti99.com/SNEK and http://myti99.com/SNEL
  9. For the record: 'NetVariables' were designed to do two things: Have persistent local variables (my initial use-case was for storing a login session cookie), and to allow data transfer to/from remote hosts - things that were not yet supported by the TIPI code when I wrote them. I'd have continued developing them had I not been discouraged from making further commits.
  10. My wife was watching that show: Hoarders where I caught a brief glimpse of a TI-99/4A, outside in someone's yard. I was sad to see it treated that way, and my wife just smirked - as if I have too many computers or something. pfffft.
  11. If someone messaged me on myti99.com using their browser, please re-send here on AA. There was (and still is) a bug in that webpage that munges the data and I got a garbled email instead. I think it may have been about a password reset, but I couldn't tell.
  12. I was listening to 20m HF this morning in my lab and also had my TI + TIPI running. I was running Stuart's web browser whihc was parked on myti99.com in the group chat, and as it auto-refreshed periodically, it made some amusing sounds on the radio. See video Even with the heavy shielding of the TIPI and PEB, it still makes a lot of RF in close proximity. Youtube Link
  13. It's looking good, and I need another evening's worth of modifications to the web code to work with the new browser features. I plan on doing that tonight. I've done a lot of testing of the new browser and I've asked Stuart to publish it when he's ready. The chat tomorrow will work with either of the latest versions of the browser, if I can get enough hobby time in this evening
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