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  1. Ports <1000 in Unix are privileged, and I’m not sure the recent Pi code that does sockets runs as root or not. I sure hope not for security’s sake.
  2. I just fixed a bug that was preventing people from registering on myti99.com, and I checked my web logs and see that it definitely affected a few people. Oops.
  3. I found and fixed the bug that was preventing new account creation - I wish I'd known about it earlier. It was related to a consolidation of 'www' and just plain 'myti99.com' that I did in late Spring 2019. I had initially launched just 'myti99.com' but Stuart's Browser encourages people to use 'www' in their URLs and since it didn't understand redirects initially, redirecting people to the site without the 'www' didn't work, and I ended up having to support both sites separately. Since Stuart incorporated URL redirection in his latest version, I attempted to consolidate the sites. Long story short, there was a tmp directory in which scribbling is done which needed to exist, and so registration has been broken for a loooong time. Unfortunately, no one use the contact form to let me know so it stayed that way.
  4. Not sure what ATX is, but I should be able to help get things going. The tests pass for account creation so I didn't break it, but maybe something isn't rendering OK. What do you see?
  5. Hi Omega. You have to run any of those programs to get notifications. I did add a notice to the homepage of myti99.com which tells you if you have unread email, and I could add a notification for unread CHATTI messages easily enough. I think no-one's noticed because the site gets very, very little activity.
  6. The web version of the chat and the 9900 binary access the same back-end, so this could be easily done. Would anyone actually use it? I get a message about every 6 months on CHATTI.
  7. Did anyone ever start a new thread about this? I am just now reading this.
  8. So I worked on Scorch last night, and now when it's your turn, your previous Angle and Power entries are set as default values in their respective input boxes. I also added the ability to send a message along with your shot, so you can taunt/compliment the other player
  9. I've been a bit absent lately, but I just made a move in our active match Omega, and I created a new Open one. I see you have one on there too. But yes, there definitely are bugs so if you're seeing something wrong, please message me and let me know. I did just fix a bug where you were shown other players' previous matches instead of just your own. I'll be fixing a couple of other problems too.
  10. @jmazzy: The bug you're seeing where the "Continue" link you see after you login is a server-side issue for sure, since that link is automatically produced on the server. I'll take a look to see I may have introduced a bug when modifying myti99.com to accommodate v9.3. I'll take a peek at the code to see what's up. Normally, this link would take you back to whatever page you tried to access before being prompted to log in. I'll see if it's a 9.2 issue or not. Also - to determine a site's IP address, you should be able to open a terminal in your favorite OS and ping it. eg: ping myti99.com However using just the IP address with any browser is a bad idea because most servers are configured to host more than one website sharing the same IP address. Web servers rely on the HTTP GET or POST request to determine what site a user selects. Server admins can set a default to appear by IP address alone, but you never know what you're going to see. Also it's best to use the full URL in Stuart's browser, eg www.myti99.com instead of just myti99.com. I do have both of these supported and prefer the one without the 'www' but this requires use of an HTTP REDIRECT to work. Stuart has added support for this but I haven't gotten my server configured to properly support this yet. Another issue is that you won't be able to use them interchangeably with cookies since each full URL name maintains its own cookies. Browsers on modern PCs can support domain cookies which don't have this problem, but that would be a bit silly to add to Stuart's browser I think. Anyone making 99ml sites should stick to a common URL. Anyway thanks for the feedback. I have a new game online called SCORCH that is a simple 2-player artillery game. It's still under development but is playable. -ElectricLab
  11. I only know how to load files from disk and from my flashrom, and of course, files from TIPI. It's hard to imagine dealing with manually-curated SD cards and a cart can be easier than uploading stuff to TIPI via its web interface. I've tried to grok all of the contemporary TI storage possibilities, but it's just not intuitive to me why there are so many seemingly competing ways to store and load programs on the TI, and why sometimes, one must use a certain method. Has anyone ever created a diagram explaining this stuff and the areas of overlap? Maybe one day we can just do it all with one solution, hopefully TIPI-based What I had created, with some help from ArcadeShopper, was a BASIC launcher program that would auto-load at boot time, and then I could "Press C for CHATTI", etc. It was super convenient. It does require the programs to be in E/A5 format in order to work, and for Stuart's Browser, I've just been having to instead use the E/A cart to run it from TIPI. Not a big deal, but kind of a pain to keep typing the whole path in each time. My new game is browser-based and generates 99ml, and during development, I occasionally crash the browser and have to restart. Lowering this cycle time would be fantastic. I've not tried the TIPI force command and know nothing of what it provides. I need to update my TIPIs, but I get so little hobby-time, It doesn't really allow for keeping up with all the latest happenings AND get anything done on my projects. I do have a still-unassembled FG99 but not sure how that's more convenient that just loading from TIPI or flashrom So much to learn still.
  12. I'd like one too, it would save me a ton of time during development. I'm 95% ready to release a new Stuart's-browser-based game
  13. You may have been accessing the site before I published the latest version to the server. I changed a whole lot of things to make it work with v9.3 of the browser and I had to wait until Stuart made it available and it took me some time to get the site published - sorry about that. Please give it another shot and let me know. Thanks.
  14. Lol, not such an original idea I guess so, when do we start?
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