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  1. The slime world manual looks like something from a Final Fantasy game. It looks very interesting.... Was a Slime World 2 in the works at one time??
  2. Thanks for the egm lynx scan!!! Any full page Lynx ads for the system or games? Funny thing i don't remember any ads for the games back when the lynx came out.... I first saw one at an atari user group meeting in late 89/90.... Blue Lighting and Chips Challange was the first two games I saw.... more scans please!!!
  3. I guess... I'd be looking for Genesis stuff..... a lot of games... or a 32x with a few games.... or a SegaCD with a few games... or a Nomad unit .... this help??
  4. Click the link below for a picture of the item up for sale.... http://members.aol.com/zeptari/atari_st.jpg Comes with a box full of ST software Need the list ? email [email protected] zeptari @aol.com you pay shipping.....
  5. I'm thinking of selling my Lynx II system with 29 games.. Is $150 a fair price? Or is it too high? The system and all but 4 or 5 games are boxed..
  6. I just recived a GBA in a trade last week.... with it came Breath of Fire.. which i hear is an updated version of the SNES classic rpg. i never played the snes game. but this i like... The screen on the GBA is a little dark when the game goes into the night... the other game is GT advance championship racing.. it's like a mini version of Gran Tursiomo.. i like it alot.. except for the stupid password system..... it's horrible.. i hope the gt2 for the adavnce has a battery save.... it would really help.... alot of time's id rather play gtAdavce but it's not really pick up and play when you have a 5min long password to put in... so i'll just throw Breath of Fire in.....plug and play.......lets you save anytime!
  7. Not so much the console's themself's,to me it's the games that are the classic's! But i do think almost every videogame system after a certain age will be considered a classic. Just think.. ten years from now..... Guy1: hey dude check out my new ps4 game!!! it's comes on a super quad-dvd format! Guy2: cool let's go check it out.... Guy1: remember when game's use to come in the cart format? Guy2: yeah.. them we're the day's.... no scratchs on them...heheh Guy1: yes ... my older brother had something called an atari......i didn't like the blocky graphics... but some of the gamesare cool! Guy2: yeah.. i had a n64 when i was a kid... i think that was the last cart based system... not sure... well besides the gameboy.. but i hear that's going to somekinda megamemory format..... 1 or 2 gigs on a cart! my point..... i think someday the "CART" era will all be considered classic's! from 2600 to n64!
  8. Funcoland was my favorite place to buy Genesis games until i found out this week they're cleaning them out! Once they're gone no more Genny games.... I find the mom and pop type places are still the best place to buy classic games.....atari $1 each.. genesis $1 to $10 each.. not bad.... most with box and instructions.... I'll keep going to Funcoland till the buy 2 get 1 free is over... It's really foolish for them not to carry genny games.... I might go in there grab a couple genny games and while i'm in there buy a brand new ps1 or ps2 game... they're loss.. i guess... ohh well.... ohh the name of the places i go... video game castle and video game heaven.....both in the greater springfield,mass area..... castle has an excellent selection of games from atari to ps2.. and heaven has very cheap genny games each a buck! i'm rambling....later
  9. I got lucky yesterday! I picked up NHL'97 for $1.00 I only played for a few minutes. Looks good so far. There's no fighting in 95? Is it just that year EA removed fighting? I wish there was a Genesis forum here on AA!
  10. Ze_ro: Thanks for the info! I'm a Genesis collector and Lynx fan! I don't have the Hockey game on the Lynx your talking about. But picking up a cheap copy of Mario will give me a good idea, which is great! BTW.. anyone know which version of EA's NHL is the best to get for the best playability?
  11. My currrent game of the month is Landsalker for the Genesis... It's my first time playing it...I'm allready lost! It's the only game I'm playing right now.....classic or modern. I'm sure this will change when I get Wipeout: Fusion!
  12. That's actually four little, faceless people, although I got a chuckle out of your description.. ..Al Something tells me they'll be killed off as soon as possible.... right? They really dont fit with the rest of the site, neither do most of the graphics you've used, like the post new topic buttons... they look nice, but they dont look like the rest of AtariAge, so unless your planing to change the grfx throughout the entire site (a mistake in my humble opinion), I'd try to make everything look the same, that is what I loved so much about the old board. He's right! I like the old "post new message" buttons... The new one's look like AOL crap.. But hey, as long as they work... I won't complain.
  13. this is one of the very few games i wish was coming to the PS2.... I loved playing Daggerfall a couple years ago.. Morrowwind looks great...Can i still hope for a ps2 port?? anyone??
  14. quote: Originally posted by sdstuff64: crash racing for ps1 it's the best mario kart clone I agree! One of the better or dare i say best mario kart clone out there....
  15. My local funcoland wants $9.99 for Beyond Oasis....
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