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  1. That's crazy. I didn't even know such downgrade (for lack of a better term) converters were available. I'd like to think there would be no lag, but with an HK product like this, QA is probably not their top concern.
  2. Did the Sears version come with Combat similar to the VCS?
  3. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 252297981634
  4. What kind of abuse can your 5200 adapters take? Would you recommend keeping controllers plugged into the cables and the cable plugged into the console so you don't have to keep unplugging them?
  5. Could you link to some Gremlins 2 items as well?
  6. Wow! That is convenient. Any idea on the projected print run and cost?
  7. Another? http://www.ebay.com/itm/321852281550
  8. I'm using an LCD. It's fine. It has a clear picture when connected to the Atari. It had sound before I replaced the caps--very static sound, but I could here music in games that manage that. Great! This does give me some confidence. Maybe it's just a bad connection. I had trouble removing all of the original solder with my copper wick.
  9. I've searched the net for pictures and I believe they show the positive ends of both caps facing the cartridge slot but I wanted to verify here since now I have now audio after replacing the caps. Before replacing, there was audio, but it was filled with static.
  10. Yes, I know. My eagerness got the better of me.
  11. I replaced both of the caps. Now I have no audio. Anyone have an idea as to what I can do next?
  12. Thank you for the tips. These are polystyrene caps. I thought the end with the red line around it is the positive end. I just don't know if that end should point towards the cartridge slot.
  13. When replacing the 820pf caps, does direction matter? Does the positive end point up towards the cartridge slot? The replacement caps have a red line around one end, causing the material below to look pink. I think this is the positive end.
  14. There are plenty of test patterns that you can use for calibration. What type of TV do you have? What inputs are there? Do you have any way to hook it up to a computer or a PS3? If you can hook up a device which connects to the net (or have a web browser built into the TV, you future person you), visit any of these pages to help calibrate your settings: http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/ http://www.displaycalibration.com/ http://epaperpress.com/monitorcal/index.html If you can hook up a computer, you could always run the Nokia Monitor Test program: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Video/Other-VIDEO-Tools/Nokia-Monitor-Test.shtml
  15. I always wondered why people don't mod an Atari Jaguar controller for the 5200. It's a lot cheaper and more compact than this setup (no offense intended).
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