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  1. I have searched for the weight of the Atari 1200 computer (without the power adapter) and the weight of the 1050 disk drive (also without power adapter) but no luck. I did find many interesting items about the 1200 XL computer and the history of this model BUT I could not find the weight. .If you know this info or a link to see this info Please reply to this post or send email to: [email protected] Thanks to all, McFall
  2. Wanted: Atari 800XL computer that is fully working. Must have keyboard that has all keys working. Please reply to AtariAge member: mcfallrich Or email to [email protected] Thanks
  3. Restoring my Atari 1200 XL computer. About 1/3 of the keys are not not working. Want to buy a working replacement keyboard OR a working Atari 1200 XL computer.
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