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  1. LOL, the new operating systems ARE spyware, and you can't turn it off. If anything, it is less secure because you have no control over the data they collect on you.
  2. Web browser development isn't quite dead yet... see here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177125-my-build-of-new-moon-temp-name-aka-pale-moon-fork-targetting-xp/
  3. Although it says 3.90, that actual link points to version 3.20
  4. Is that Bill Buckner (Chicago Cubs player) in the poster on the wall? And an 8-track deck!
  5. You'd have to contact The Guild of Calamitous Intent to see if anyone is available. Sorry, couldn't resist the spelling error to make a Venture Bros. reference...
  6. Works fine in Dosbox with GWBasic, but PCBasic emulator for Windows (https://sourceforge.net/projects/pcbasic/) keeps saying syntax error line 60085 when you get to the shop after rolling a character.
  7. Two things come to mind... I remember playing Boot Hill at a restaurant in the late 1970's. Probably the first time I ever played an computer arcade game. Then being at some school kid's birthday party at an indoor miniature golf park... in the lobby they had Space Invaders.
  8. I remember burning through these joysticks back in the day. I think I went to Toys R Us every couple of months and bought another one. Too bad they break, 'cause the tight control is unlike any other.
  9. Something weird must've happened the first time I did it, because I reflashed and recalibrated and everything is fine now.
  10. Anyone else having problems trying to navigate out of a folder with version 1.0? Touching the two dots ".." at the top doesn't do anything. I'm using the 9341 version.
  11. Is that the ill-fated "New" Coke or the "original formula"?
  12. Why do I still use the Atari? Because I ain't dead yet, that's why...
  13. Ok, thanks for the info... I'll try it out.
  14. After reading the above, I'm a little confused about what you can use for this new revision. I have a Happy 1050 board and SIO2PC usb version from Lotharek. I also have the original SIO2PC serial port device. Am I good to go with both or...?
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