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  1. With the Ultima IV screenshots... I'm pretty sure that's what the NTSC XEGS looks like.
  2. Does the Atarimax automatically determine the ROM size & bank-switching method (if used)... or do you have to fiddle with some settings?
  3. Glad this link still exists. For whatever reason, mega.nz is mega-slow today.
  4. That is like Windows Notepad or Mac OS Teach-text/Simple-text?
  5. That should say... There's music to listen to in one channel (left) while the game is loading in the other channel (right). I guess you can't edit posts after a few hours...?
  6. Amazing that it does. There's music to listen to while the game is loading in one channel. I'd use a cassette deck that has proper stereo output, or check your connections to your recording device. See this thread:
  7. The reason Dimension X doesn't work is you've got the music channel and the data channel mixed together in a wav file. Both channels are mixed hard right. What kind of cassette deck are you using to capture this?
  8. Thanks for all the stuff you posted for the ST & 8-bits ... and anything in the future!
  9. So... your current build only works with Windows 10? From your homepage... "I started the creation of this emulator since I had Windows-98 and have used it in Windows-NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7-64, Windows 8-64, Windows 8.1-64 and Windows 10-64 bit"
  10. Windows says it is not a valid Win32 app? Version 5.4b works ok.
  11. I guess he didn't know the reason the Star Raiders and Basketball carts worked is because they have the diagnostic bit set, bypassing the OS ROM.
  12. It works! Thank you! If anything's amiss, I'll let you know...
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