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  1. Thanks for all the stuff you posted for the ST & 8-bits ... and anything in the future!
  2. So... your current build only works with Windows 10? From your homepage... "I started the creation of this emulator since I had Windows-98 and have used it in Windows-NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7-64, Windows 8-64, Windows 8.1-64 and Windows 10-64 bit"
  3. Windows says it is not a valid Win32 app? Version 5.4b works ok.
  4. I guess he didn't know the reason the Star Raiders and Basketball carts worked is because they have the diagnostic bit set, bypassing the OS ROM.
  5. It works! Thank you! If anything's amiss, I'll let you know...
  6. Knowing that the 1010 reads it OK, a quick listen to bits and pieces of the recording reveals some wow & flutter... I'd bet the Walkman needs a new belt.
  7. I figure this a long shot... but any chance for a 32-bit version... that works with Windows XP?
  8. Better stock up folks... the financial apocalypse is near... soon you will be taking wheelbarrows full of 1200XL's to the market to buy a loaf of bread.
  9. Thanks for the info... turns out I had to reset my WinSCP settings for the site. Works now.
  10. Tried logging in as anonymous just now... access denied.
  11. What version did the NTSC & PAL aspect % control get removed (or put someplace else)? It used to be in the Video prefs section. I use that for an older TV that has overscan.
  12. Hmmm... looks like TIDir appends the filename to the beginning of the file when you export it from disk? So hash checking files in Windows wouldn't work anyway.
  13. I also hash-checked the other files with the same size, and none of those matched the LEVEL28 file you put on the disk. So it must be some unique custom set of levels.
  14. I figured out how to run the cheat program already... it makes the escape ladder appear a few seconds into a level. Looking at the TI Runner Editor documentation, it seems the file TI Runner is looking for is called "LEVEL28". Using TIDir, I exported this file and another file called "ORIGINAL" which I'll assume is the original levels for the game. Checked them with a hashing program and they are different! So I renamed ORIGINAL to LEVEL28 and put it back on the disk. Ran TI Runner and the beginning level now looks the same as Star Runner's.
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