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  1. I can confirm there's no regional difference. My collection contains games from Japan, the US and Europe and they all work on all my (many) Lynxes.
  2. Done/donated/thanks!
  3. Nice find, and thanks for sharing!
  4. Just gave this a spin on RetroPie, looks great! Definite Chip's Challenge vibes (which is a very good thing). Looking forward to moving this over to my flashcart.
  5. This looks incredible. I already cannot wait... but as a Lynx fan, I, of course, know how long these things take. Just know that we're all going to be lining up for this one.
  6. Failing that... could try giving the contacts a clean with pencil eraser or similar.
  7. Let's get the obvious thing out the way... I'm sure you didn't, cos you'll have realised from the other carts... but make sure you're putting the game in with the sticker facing inward (ie, not visible when in the lynx)? I only say this, as those flat carts are the only ones where you can do this, and I sold some on eBay once, and the person complained that they didn't work. When he sent me a video to prove it, I could see that he had put them in the wrong way round!
  8. Trew

    Wyvern Tales

    Mine arrived on Friday, I'm in the bay area.
  9. I am still interested, in case my original vote got lost!
  10. Trew

    The "VCSP"

    Feels like underselling the tech in the Lynx a bit? Maybe the 7800P or Whateverwouldhavebeenbetweenthe7800andPanther-P?
  11. Man this brings back memories (I also used to work for Argos many moons ago ). I had similar lustful moments over magazine adverts for months before I got mine. Just poring over the list of games and imagining them would ramp up my excitement. I guess it's a lost art now, with the internet, but do hope that somehow kids these days get to use their imagination this way and experience the joy of waiting for something they really want.
  12. Awesome, just snapped this up. Karri, any clue as to when Shaken not Stirred will be on sale?
  13. Not sure what I am looking at, but colour me interested.
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