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  1. Hey, I'm back. I tried the #ifdef thing last year, but since the option is saved in the .ui file, it's too late do do anything about it once the code is executing. I'll leave the native option off for now. I've fixed all the other outstanding issues I had after my refactoring, so I'm doing a pull request any day now.
  2. I definitely want one of these. Please add me to your list for 1 cased unit. Thanks!
  3. Interesting. I'll revert the native menu bar setting before I do the pull request, but since I don't have a solution to the conditional compile we can do what DrVenkman does for his Mac builds and enable it manually before building. My change does however make it more feasible to actually have separate mainwindow.ui files for different platforms. That particular file went from over 8000 lines of xml to under 600. But some sort of conditional at compile time would still be the best solution.
  4. I'm planning to fix the things I broke in the near future. I found a problem with the boot options dialog that I have already fixed and pushed to my fork. Up next is the "recent files" feature, then it's just the widget alignment to do. Do you have any more information of what issues the native menu can cause? According to the official docs this setting should only affect OS X and Windows CE builds, other platforms doesn't use this flag.
  5. The point I was trying to make about the binary size was to show how much unnecessary stuff there was in the UI code. From that point of view, the size of the Qt frameworks and other bundled files are irrelevant. I never claimed that the final app-bundle would be 20% smaller.
  6. Strange, I just did clean builds of both the master branch and my blind-fixes branch and got a size decrease (of the main binary, not including frameworks and other bundled files) from 1753084 bytes to 1423378 bytes. Are you sure you tested the correct branch?
  7. I wouldn't call myself a GUI expert, but I did a project at work using Qt a few years back. Requiring C++11 was not intentional, it was just me being lazy. I just pushed a fix for that to github. Hopefully it should now compile without C++11. The only thing different in the main window should be the offset of the widgets in the right column (disks 9 to O). It is a side effect of adding the widgets from code. Since I'm not a Qt professional, I couldn't find a easy way of fixing the alignment. But my intention is to fix them so they align again. Also I seems to have committed the native placement of the menu bar that have been discussed on github. As a mac user, anything else just feels wrong. I don't really know how that mode affects other systems, and i don't know what is preferred by other users. If there are other changes to the layout in the main window, please screenshot it so I can see how it looks for you.
  8. I accidentally fixed some problems I had with RespeQt. Before I tell you what, let me tell you the background story. A month ago or so I bought a SIO2USB from Lotharek but I couldn't get it to work on my Mac. At first I tried with AspeQt and after some googling I found out about RespeQt, but neither would work. To rule out broken hardware, I also dug out my old PC and it worked without a problem. Since I am a programmer by trade I downloaded QtCreator and forked the RespeQt code on github. I thought there was some weird issue in the serial port setup that caused my problems. I identified the problem to the DSR signal. It never changed. No matter what I did I couldn't get it to work. I was really close to posting here and ask for help when it struck me; I should install the driver from FTDI instead of the default from apple. Lo and behold, it worked! While I was trying to find the issue, I found some cases of peculiar code and some crash bugs. On a whim a few days later I started looking at the UI code. Perhaps I shouldn't have, becuse it trigger me to start "fixing" stuff that I didn't like. It ended up with a binary approximately 20% smaller but with the same functionality. All my changes are pushed to my fork on github. I would make a pull request, but since these changes comes from out of the blue, I thought you might want to look at them first. Since I've only tested the changes on my Mac (OSX 10.11.4) and the SIO2USB, it would be great if someone could test it with other machines and hardware. Check the blind-fixes branch on https://github.com/blind/RespeQt/for all my changes. PS. This is my first post on AtariAge. Hello everyone!
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