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  1. I have 3 Atari 2600 Supercharger tape game manuals for sale. The titles are "Killer Satellites", "Dragonstomper", and "Suicide Mission". Condition varies, so please see photos. Killer Satellites has a tiny discoloration. Suicide Mission has some creasing and a tiny tear or two on the front cover. Shipping within the continental US is $3.66. I'm asking $13 for the lot including the shipping charge, but I'm open to reasonable offers. Hoping to get these to someone who will appreciate them.
  2. Atari Home Computer Zaxxon manual is claimed. Thanks for giving it a home!
  3. Anyone need an Atari Home Computer version Zaxxon manual?
  4. Oh, I did not know that. I can prepare a gcode file for you, but I'm not a professional so I really don't know if they would be the optimum settings. I do know that on my printer I had to reduce the retraction amount to 4.5 mm in order for the pins to print consistently.
  5. No, because there are many gcode types, you need to slice your own gcode. I just supplied the .stl file. By the way, this is on thingiverse now, which will always be the most up to date version. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2811946
  6. I only own two Tigervision carts, King Kong and Jawbreaker, and they both have the long pins. I think it's safe to say that they probably switched from one type of pin to the other at some point in time. Clipping the pins is a solution, as they're just barely too long, but I'm going to see if I can't make a guide that works without damaging the cartridge. It might of course, require shorter screws as well. Here is an updated, stronger version, where I have made the pin well a little deeper. With aforementioned shorter screws, it might be compatible with those long pin Tigervision carts. I'm waiting on my print to test this theory. 7800CartGuide.zip
  7. I'm using a Monoprice Maker Select Plus (by Wanhao) I bought from Monoprice. Occasionally, they'll have a sale where a promo code will net you $99 off it's $399 price tag, which is what I did. I then invested some materials and that $99 into upgrading it, and it prints very well for what it started as. Designing an enclosure has proven nightmarish though, considering the position of the mainboard and PSU.
  8. Curt, start your own topic if you really want to explain things to people. But please stop trying to guilt me for your lack of communication in my thread. I really don't care anymore what the circumstances were. None of it matters 3 years after the fact. Clear is hard to achieve in 3D print filament, my clearest stuff wouldn't transmit much light, mainly to do with the layering creating so many interfaces. But I'd love to see someone else pull it off.
  9. Sorry Curt, you can't vanish like that and not expect negative press when you run a business. Had you taken the time to read it, you'd notice I started this thread a week or so before I noticed you had started posting again. I'll "update" the situation as soon as things have actually arrived. But I do believe what you're doing now is hijacking my thread about my attempts to repair my 7800, and give people here a new resource that I've developed. If you want to reach out to people who feel wronged by you, get your own thread, or send some e-mails. I know any sane business would have customer records you could be using right now to do exactly that instead of trying to take on my completely justified disappointment in you here. Or did all that get lost when you wiped out your site? That would be convenient, you would only have to help out the people who asked since you don't have those records anymore. Had you sent that package, or even a small apology, years ago this thread might not even be here. No one to blame but yourself for the negative press. No one but you knows what happened to you in the intervening time, if you really want people to be understanding, go to them, don't wait for the angry people to come to you. If you don't go out of your way to make reparations to anyone who didn't receive a product they paid for, hoping that most people will have forgotten and just dropped it, it's still technically stealing. Even if you feel bad about it. But back on topic, I've made structural improvements to my printable version of the cart guide. You can't exactly duplicate the original because the layering causes it to have a lot more faults. So far, it's holding up, but the dust cover pins are the most fragile part for sure. If anyone wants the STL file, it is attached to this post. I might make more refinements to it later. 7800CG.zip
  10. Here it is. The new guide is big enough to fit even the biggest, squarest 2600 cartridges. The only ones that don't fit are Tigervision carts, but that's because the pins on them are too long for the 7800 in general. Would anyone else be interested in printing one of these to give it a test and give me some feedback? It takes about 5 hours at 0.1 mm layer height, half that at 0.2 mm. This prototype is 0.2 mm.
  11. Well, it took a while to design it, and I'm still not 100% happy with it, but I have a prototype for fitting printing right now. I'll upload some images of it on my 7800 board later.
  12. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew of a pre-existing 3D model of the Atari 7800 cartridge guide. I mean the plastic sleeve that goes around the cart. You know, the one that always cracks and leaves you with a poor feeling fit on all your carts, whether it be too loose or a lovely death grip like mine has. Basically, I tried to buy a replacement from Curt a long time ago, but he ran off with my cash, and I'm looking for other options. I just recently got a 3D printer, and I'm trying to look into the possibility of printing these easily broken guides. It'd be nice to have somewhere to start, but after a search of the web, I'm guessing I'll have to make the model myself. I'll probably rip the one out of my 7800 and re-create it and modify the inside wall so 2600 carts don't crack it. But before I put a bunch of work in on Solid Works, I wanted to ask if anyone has already tried this.
  13. Still have these damaged Atari 2600 manuals. Unfortunately, they have some fused and torn pages from water damage, and were unexpectedly received in a mixed lot of manuals. Luckily I already had spares of these ones. First two pages were fused on all three, last two fused on Berzerk. I figure since a lot of the art is still there, maybe someone could make a lampshade out of them or something. Won't break my heart if no one wants them, but it'd be a 3 ounce USPS first class package (just pay shipping to your area). PM if interested. Also got a 3 1/2 diskette copy of Raku Master for PC. It has the box, inner cardboard, and some manuals but I think the diskette might be fried. I can't get it to read on my cheapo USB floppy drive. Still, it could be that the wire is coming out of the back of my floppy dive. 5 ounce USPS first class package to your zip code. Also have some semi-vintage computer parts. Rescue them from e-waste recycling for the cost of one small flat rate box. ($6.80 I believe) Looks to be 3 modem cards, an HP audio riser card and an nVidia g-Force 2 200 MX video card. All untested, but the video card was working before it was stored away. Still, no promises. Lastly, Humble Bundle gift keys (that I think redeem through Steam) for Dreamfall Chapters, WARMACHINE Tactics, WARMACHINE Tactics - Mercenaries Faction Bundle, TransOcean: The Shipping Company, and Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!.
  14. Anyone want these damaged Atari 2600 manuals? Unfortunately, they have some fused and torn pages from water damage, and were unexpectedly received in a mixed lot of manuals. Luckily I already had spares of these ones. First two pages were fused on all three, last two fused on Berzerk. I figure since a lot of the art is still there, maybe someone could make a lampshade out of them or something. Won't break my heart if no one wants them, but it'd be a 3 ounce USPS first class package (just pay shipping to your area). PM if interested.
  15. Maybe for Priority one day. I think he meant Priority two day, which is around 1/4 the cost.
  16. I also started charge-back procedures a couple of weeks ago. I'll post back if anything else fishy happens with that.
  17. Awesome, that's it! So after fooling with it, I have determined that not only does this not really seem to have 128 games, only 3 of the banks have 16, and the fourth bank has 15. What a weird cart. It almost seems like they recycled a 128 for a 64 given the third switch slot.
  18. I got one more tricky one... some kind of top down space shooter. You control the yellow guy in the middle.
  19. I've also got a weird, second version of Bobby is Going Home that has slightly different character/enemy models and plays songs like Twinkle Twinkle and Silent Night. Anyone know what that is?
  20. Yeah, this is exactly what I'm looking for. As long as I know what legitimate game they were based on, I can find a lot of the names of the bootlegs and narrow it down. Already found I got "Curtiss", "Galatic", "Boom Bang", "Hey! Stop!" and "Pyramid War" on here too. As well as some other obscurities (no idea if they have bootleg names or not) like Beany Bopper, Worm War I, Open Sesame, Bobby is Going Home and Freeway Rabbit. There's also some Golf bootleg that's even LESS playable than straight up Golf. That's a heck of an achievement.
  21. So I ended up with one of those weird (foreign?) multicarts. This one claims to have 128 games! Wow! Well, oddly enough, unless I'm missing a switch (looks like there was never a switch in the third channel there) there's 16 games in 4 banks, making 64. Well, maybe they counted all the variations. But a lot of these games look to be the weird copy-cats and knockoffs produced by companies like Suntek and Homevision. As a result, I'm not too sure what all of these games are. I'd like to make a homemade manual for it since it will make finding the right game easier, but I gotta know a title. So, I'm hoping someone here can help me with a few of the worst. By the way, these are just pictures of my TV, I don't have a capture setup. I'm aware that the middle one is River Raid, but I've never seen anything that looked quite as much like a clown barfed on River Raid. Half the shore does this bizarre acid-trip color-cycling thing. Here's a picture of the cart as well (note I made the end-label, as I don't think it ever had one):
  22. I know they're not exceptional, but I have a couple of Atari 2600 game lots on eBay. Mostly acquired from buying other lots or just extras that came with my Atari. I'm flexible, and seeing as they're not all in perfect condition, looking to sell them to someone who would enjoy playing them as much as I have. Don't be afraid to make offers / combinations; I've had a lot of good people deal with me lately, so I'm hoping to return the favor. Edit: Found some more games and posted them as one lot: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221896443524?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I also have a few Colecovision games, some old PC games, and a couple Vic-20 games, but you can find those in my other items if need be.
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