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  1. Bowling is a pretty fun two player game too.
  2. My 2600 Jr. Glitches out when I get to the first Double Score Dungeon in Wizard of Wor, but if you die or get past the dungeon the screen goes back to being fine? Has anyone had this issue before? All my other games play fine. The game also plays fine on my other Ataris so I'm pretty sure it's just a problem with the Jr.
  3. No problem, I hope you enjoy it.
  4. If I had a 3D printer I would. Right now they're just a little out of my price range
  5. I store my systems and the cords that belong to that system in a milk crate. Any type of small crate would work as long as the system fits in it. One crate, one system, all cords bundled with a rubber band and nice and easy to take out.
  6. I would have to say the NES version as I've never played the Master System Double Dragon was a heck of a fun game, as a kid I spent hours on that cart.
  7. Don't know anything about a hack, but this looks like a pretty fun game. I'm going to have to pick up a copy.
  8. Add me to the list too. I've got 5 power bricks and only one of them works, I need to get around to repairing the others.
  9. Yeah the board waggles around, if you were to look at the cart from the bottom (looking at the chip) at the right and left sides there's some plastic broken off; if that makes any sense. I know it's a common cart and cheap but it just pains me to throw away a completely fine game. I may try repairing it with the glue like you said. If you have a spare cart and I can't repair mine I'd be interested in buying it off you if you want to sell it.
  10. Have you already cleaned the controller? I usually spray some DeoxIT (contact cleaner) under the metal plates and rock them up and down a few times and it clears them up.
  11. Does anyone make replacement Atari cartridges? Last night I was cleaning some of my games and a copy of Laser Blast I have has some plastic busted out of it so that the chip stays in place but it wiggles around quite a bit. I hate to throw it out because the actual chip is fine.
  12. I'll link to a post where I list a universal adapter and tip you can buy from RadioShack's site or from a store if they have them in stock. You can also order an official Atari power supply from Best Electronics for $10.95 plus shipping. RadioShack: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/235787-atari-2600-jr-power-adapter/ Best Electronics: http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/power%20guide.htm
  13. Thanks, that's probably the one I'll go with. I'd looked around at some others and just wanted some input from someone who's actually used the mods.
  14. Where's the best place to get a Colecovision AV mod kit?
  15. Yeah, I didn't mean to hijack anyone's project or anything like that. I'd like to work on a project like this but if someone else is already making one that's fine with me too, and I'd be happy to buy it when it came out. I may have seemed a little negative earlier but that's not the message I was trying to send. All in all I just wanted to breathe life into the death race port for the Colecovision because I would love to play it if I had an O2 I would buy that port as well. I may have to look into getting one if I can find one for cheap.
  16. I enjoy Tutankham as well. My favorite would probably have to be Donkey Kong though, I played that cartridge a lot as a kid.
  17. I didn't mean to steal someone else's project if they are in fact in the process of making a Colecovision port, but who's to say that it will ever get released? I wanted to have something that is getting worked on presently rather than 6 months or a year down the road.
  18. Do you know who the user is that is working on it? Doing a search isn't bringing anything up for me.
  19. Is anyone interested in helping with the programming, or am I on my own with that?
  20. I don't know how he could of? Who knows though, it may of worked half way at one point with that power supply.
  21. Pong consoles are really fun too and most of the time pretty cheap.
  22. Well there it is, that's the source of your problem. 5.5vdc and 100ma, that's nowhere near enough to power the 2600. Now you need to order a power supply, I posted above to point you in the right direction. Once you get a new power supply it will solve the problem.
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