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  1. Bloodborne is a masterpiece! Played it through many times, always awesome! Juste like Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 3 and Demons Souls. And as you mentionned, the art, the lore, the overall feel of the game make it a true believable world.
  2. Absolutly! Dark Souls, Demons Souls and Bloodborne are extremely addictive, never enough!
  3. THAT!!!! What an awesome game, it's gonna be a BEST SELLER once again!!!
  4. I got bored of that game after a few sittings, the creature robot theme grew old very quick and repetitive.
  5. BF1 multi is where the real fun is. I also got that 13-25 kill-death ratio, not really good but I have so much fun. Other than that I spend my time in the Dark Souls world.
  6. Awesome game that I finished multiple times. Right now im abusing Dark Souls 3, on NG+3. I just love the Souls series. Cant wait for DS1 remastered!
  7. I really enjoy the version on PS3 too, really tough but still alot of fun! I figure Spelunker is the Dark Souls of the 80's. Tough, really tough, but once you get the hang of it it's rewarding!
  8. Oh goody! I will order a few really soon!!!! This is great news!!!!!
  9. Incredible!!! Now how about the Activision carts??! That would be the best!
  10. Then simply put: Two options for Yurkie, sell kits at the price he gets the money he needs to cover his work or not sell any DIY kits, plain and simple.
  11. Nobody could ever argue that a DIY kit should cost less since I figure the cost of the kit is only known by the developer of the mod. So then, Yurkie could sell his mods the amount he invests in each and every one of them, even more! No need to do anybody a favor by selling cheaper, he's the mastermind behind all this. Go on Yurkie, DO sell DIY kits, but please sell at the price YOU judge fair and that will allow you to get the money you deserve! Anyways, if people that want to install their own DIY kits would of paid the mod anyway if they had to get it done by you, might as well pay full price for the kit too, they don't have labor cost to consider, it's their own time! The only way I could see this backfiring is if someone else would build and sell these DIY kits for cheaper.
  12. I fully understand your point, but on the other hand this is what dealing business is all about. In any sphere of society!
  13. Could you post a picture of this phenomenal D-Pad? Would love to get one of those!
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