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  1. Been meaning to post here for over a week but every time I sat down I could not decide what thread to stick this in, and tonight I finally had time to search, so I did, and found this one, and... close enough. This computer has some odd little quirks from my perspective, who is mostly a novice (more of a Commodore guy), but one who likes collecting old hardware. I can't tell you how many hours I wasted one day trying to figure out why my PEB wouldn't work, until I realized that, completely not apparent in the way typed examples are presented in the manual, or on the screen (because even "lower case" is upper case), you have to have PEB commands in all caps. Then I forgot that and like a year later I spent more hours re-discovering this self-same fact. Fast forward to like January, when I hauled out my TI-99/4A to test a new PEB I had purchased, and now discovered my joysticks didn't work. Everything was fine except the "up." Which was weird, because I was *pretty sure* I had used these before and they were fine. Oh well, suck it up, when I have some money, shell out $25 for a new set. They don't work either. Maybe's it's the actual port/a mother board issue? I think. Then I notice the ALPHA LOCK is on. Gee, was that on before? Could that be it? As you all know, of course it was it. The short version: anyone want to buy an extra pair of original TI-99/4A joysticks?
  2. Thanks for sharing everyone, I love these kinds of threads. Great old photos!
  3. I just read that and did a double take. If that is the case I am surprised the system was not more popular!
  4. He-Man is picking up some steam as a re-vitalized property thanks to Netflix. First the new She-Ra series, now two new He-Man animated series coming to Netflix, plus a live action movie. And of course Mattel is planning a massive re-launch of the toy line for later this summer. Wonder if the time might be right for somebody to approach Mattel and see if they might be willing to come down on price a little bit to get this game released, present it as a kind of mini-marketing opportunity. A limited run of copies of a legendarily unreleased game for a 40 year old system to celebrate 40 years of He-Man... I think it's the kind of thing that could get some cool press, would be well worth them coming off the $5,000 price point just to print up let's say a limited run of 1,000 copies or something. Making a big deal out of it would also by parallel perhaps drive some sales of the ColecoVision Phoenix or whatever and the cartridge itself. It could be a really fun little marketing gimmick if done correctly; after all, He-Man is largely about nostalgia anyway for the moment (although I know they are trying to make it a current "thing" again).
  5. Damn. I am one of those people who are actually busier now than I was before the COVID apocalypse. I made this post and of course forgot about it. Well, again, if you see any, let me know please.
  6. Got busy with other stuff back when I first posted this. Let me know if/when you have this back in stock, please!
  7. Having trouble locating it on your website; can you PM me a direct link?
  8. I appreciate that and will probably go that route at some point, but the collector in me likes original equipment, which I find to be part of the fun.
  9. A while back, I sold a TI system to fund another project, but since then I have been able to re-acquire what I had, including the PEB. The one problem: I am missing the disk controller cartridge. I just got to testing the thing today, but without that it seems I am up a creek. A quick search of eBay showed no results currently, surprisingly. Anyone have one they are willing to part with? EDIT: I feel like a dunce. I was looking for a "Disk Controller" cartridge, not a "Disk Manager" cartridge. There are a couple on eBay, but I one is Disk Manager (1) not Disk Manager 2, and they're both likely to get kinda pricey. Would prefer to work through here if I can!
  10. This thread is awesome, amazing stuff.
  11. Interesting topic. Haven’t read it all yet but my personal definition would be: it’s retro once it’s been used from time of purchase until time it became passé, then put aside/away for some significant length of time, so that we are at a point well after it has been considered current, or has been currently manufactured, and now is only available via eBay or second hand stores, and once we are in that phase, the person interested in it “re-discovers” it, either pulling it out or the attic or wherever, or buying a “new” system to play old games, etc. It is there when the nostalgia kicks in, and nostalgia is essential to retro-ness. The gap in time is the critical thing to me. You get something, you use it for a while, it feels current, modern, with it, and then you put it aside... and then come back to it, ideally for this definition multiple years later, and “re-discover” it.
  12. I had/have a ColecoVision and an ADAM from childhood. My Mom really bought the ADAM for herself as the first computer in the house. She used computers at work and was an accountant so used SMARTCalc a lot I know. Our ADAM, so far as I ever knew, was flawless, and still works flawlessly to this day. It is my ColecoVision. I have the ColecoVision still, but it died a slow and eventual death. I had it refurbed, but I never use it. I keep it just in case, but I want to be able to play the Buck Rogers, DK, and DKJ Super Games packs. I guess if I ever want to play Defender again, I’ll need to swap it in. I was always fascinated by the SGM from when I first read about it (long after the days of the ColecoVision and ADAm, in 1997/1998 in college when I had the internet). But the more I read here the more I am convinced we didn’t miss anything.
  13. This is beautiful work, and jeez doubledown, what a perfectionist!
  14. THAT'S IT!!!!!!! Was it just a fan port of the BASIC code as was suggested above? It was just something they loaded on to all of the CoCo2s in my school's computer lab as far as I ever knew at the time. timeframe probably would have been 1985-1992.
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