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  1. The error is definitely of the x0 variety - the computer is not reading the presence of the disk drive in BASIC. But if I load the Disk Controller, it absolutely does read it. I have initialized a disk, and changed the name of another. So why can the computer recognize the drive in one application (Disk Manager), but not another (BASIC / Extended BASIC)? Again, the memory expansion card installed in the PEB is read and detected within BASIC just fine, further suggesting the cable isn't the problem. Hard to see how this could be cable-related. I tried reseating the disk controller card before, with no luck. I suppose I could try again.
  2. Well, thanks to arcadeshopper, I have tested the memory card in the PEB, which appears to be in good working order, making a connection to the computer, etc. I can still manipulate disks in the disk manager. I just can't load or save files from the disk drive in BASIC. Any ideas?
  3. So a special thank you to arcadeshopper for agreeing to loan me an Extended Basic cartridge with which to test the system as I hAve it. In the mean time, any other suggestions about the disk drive issue? Seems like a very strange problem to me.
  4. Hmmm. I appreciate the insight, but I am in a bit of a catch-22, I guess: I don't want to spend more money just to test the system, only to find out that it doesn't work, and need to spend more money - but I guess there is no way to know if the RAM expansion card is working unless I invest in something besides a basic TI system? Is that the case? The point of testing the RAM expansion card to my way of thinking isn't so much about the RAM, it's about testing the PEB versus the disk drive: if the RAM expansion card works, and the disk drive works in Disk Manager, I think that suggests a different problem than if NEITHER the RAM expansion NOR the disk drive work in BASIC.
  5. Don't have the flashROM cart. What is the EA cart? Also, anyone have any other suggestions on my "main" problem of the disk drive being readable and writable in Disk Manager, but not in BASIC?
  6. One question I have: my PEB has a RAM Expansion card, but I do not have the extended BASIC cart. Is there a way to test whether that card is working without extended BASIC?
  7. Thank you for the suggestion, but this does not appear to be the issue.
  8. OK, so I am going to piggyback on this topic. I am a TI novice (really a Commodore guy) so bear with me. I have the PEB. I played with it once before, got it to initialize and then write to a disk, and load back from it. All good. Put it aside. Today I took it out to fire it back up, and I am having an issue. When I go into the disk manager, I can catalogue the disk I used before, it shows it being in the drive and the name of the file I made, no problem. Go back out to BASIC to load the file with the OLD command, and I get error 50. Write a program and try to save, error 60. Just run the little diagnostic program in the Disk Memory System manual, error 00. I know the codes are telling me the specified drive can't be found. I used the DSK1.x command to try loading and saving, then switched to DSK.[name].[filename]. Neither worked. Back into Disk Manager, I can still catalogue the disk. I even changed the disk name, successfully, from TI-99/4A to TI994A, thinking maybe the special characters were causing issues. Back out to BASIC, still no dice. Eventually I got to a point where, in the Disk Manager, I got told the disk I was using was not initialized. I figure now that the disk is the issue, but I reformat it just the same, and am told it is successful. then I break out another disk to format and try. Same results with the second disk. So I *think* I have eliminated the disk as the problem. I also tried reseating the disk controller card. After reseating, same issues. Anyone got a clue what is going on?
  9. I am in PA but apparently I need to check out the Englishtown swap meet.
  10. Old thread, but I just found it. I bought the 2600 version of this game for my CV Expansion Module I. The idea that there is a CV version out there unreleased is amazing but is killing me!!!! Also really want to know what MOTU II would have been. I have an MOTU "Arcade Game" produced for the C64, but I believe that was in Britain.
  11. Just a dabbler in the TI system right now, have some things now that will allow me to explore it, once I have the time, but the thing that jumps out immediately to me is the number of columns on the screen. Don't know if it could have been more given the machine specs in 1981, BUT I know that the first home computer I fell in love with - the C64 - was available to me in a lab that also had VIC 20s, and to my 8 year old eyes, even then, I was immediately drawn to the much better to look at 40 columns of text, compared to the 22 columns of the VIC. I was not exposed to Tis then, but I imagine my reaction would have been much the same seeing the TI's better-than-the-VIC 32, but not-as-good-as-the-C64's 40. I understand, of course, that when the TI was released there was as yet no C64, meaning TI had the better of that comparison, but the C64 came out just a year later, and if I'd seen the TI and the VIC side-by-side in 81, and an Atari 800 with its 40 columns had been available, I am sure I would have gravitated to that. It's just so much easier on the eyes. The other thing, of course, was that initial keyboard on the Ti-99/4 - that was a hiccough that cost the company precious time and money! But that they mostly corrected, although the TI-99/4A keyboard layout isn't what one would hope for. Best keyboard I think of the 8 bits belongs to the Atari 800XL, but I'll note that I never used the 1200XL, whose keyboard is of legendary quality.
  12. What on Earth is this supposed to be? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Colecovision-Coleco-Adam-System-Final-Test-Module-Serial-A0511885-Model-2405-/161904705474?hash=item25b245bfc2:g:VpAAAOSwVupTmh0L
  13. I have to say I am MOST fascinated by the TI-99/4A's potential to control a VCR and to use it to load and save data, but I suppose putting that together is probably out of my price range, since it would involved exceedingly rare equipment.
  14. Commodore is my first love, but in the last couple of years I've begun the deep dive into retro computing. It seems to me the other systems worth exploring that are not an Apple-II or its successors are the TI-99 and the Atari 800. So, I have an 800XL with a disk drive, and I finally added a PEB to my TI-99/4A. Unfortunately, I don't have the space to have a permanent set up for the Atari/TI-99 (my permanent set up space is dedicated to my Commodore 128), and my free time is short and dwindling, but at least I have the equipment needed to really start doing some things...
  15. Eep! Papa_Bear, by all means pursue the TI-99/4A, but I know the Commodore community would hate to lose you!
  16. Recently picked up a TI-99/4A PEB, and after a little massaging, got it working pretty nicely. Figure i did pretty well for $75 + shipping. Had a question, though: I was surprised to discover that the disk commands in BASIC (LOAD, SAVE, etc.) only work when you type them in all caps. This was all the more surprising because the manual didn't mention this anywhere, it was only my own guess that this was why the drive in the PEB wouldn't work when I typed in commands in BASIC but did clearly work when I loaded the Disk Manager software. My question is: is this really how it is designed to work? I guess it must be, but yet I have a hard time believing it for some reason.
  17. I picked up my TI-99/4A at a thing called RetroCon that happens near Philly every year. Got it a year and a half ago at the Con in 2015. It was between that and a 2600; I made the right choice. Works just fine. Came in its original box too - with the nice "Jamesway" price sticker on it!
  18. Had a CV growing up, and bought another one online when that one finally started to die. Then the one I got online died. So I decided to switch to using the Coleco ADAM, which we've had in the family almost as long as the ColecoVision. The ADAM has worked flawlessly. Produces beautiful pictures for all my CV cartridges. I've even added a couple of games on tape that were ADAM exclusives (Super Donkey Kong Junior and Super Donkey Kong), and they both run just fine. In short, I recommend the ADAM - the cartridge portion, at the very least, seems stronger and more reliable to me than the "straight" ColecoVision.
  19. One of my interests within the interest I have in old computers & gaming consoles is collecting ports of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Junior. Just something I really enjoy doing. I try to always pick up any released-at-the-time conversions of Donkey Kong available for any system I own. I've therefore played two versions for Commodore, the ColecoVision version, the Coleco ADAM tape version, the NES version, the 2600 version, the Ti-99/4A version, and the Atari 800 version. Of all of these, I think the Atari 800 and TI-99/4A versions stand out as best, and of course were programmed by Atari. Personally, I think the TI-99/4A version looks the best, but the Atari 800XL version plays a little better. All of this, however, leads me to my question. As I'm sure you all know, depending on the version, the opening screen can be oriented to the right or left. The arcade of course was to the left. If the conversion you are playing is oriented to the right, it usually has only four levels of girders on the first screen, instead of five. What I can't understand is: why did Atari program the beautiful looking TI-99/4A version with the arcade "correct" number of 5 girders, oriented to the left, but on the version for their own machine, they used only four girders, oriented to the right? Mario himself also looks more arcade correct in the TI-99/4A version than in the Atari 800XL version. It seems odd to me that the one they made for a competitor's computer wound up looking better than the one they made for their own in-house computer. I can't imagine anyone has the answer to this, except if it has something to do with screen resolution, but it bugs me.
  20. I should have figured there was "cross-over," but I am - I confess it - a dabbler in the TI-99/4A community, as you can probably tell by my sig. My main interest is Commodore, but I picked up a TI-99/4A at a retro convention near Philly a couple of years ago and I have played around with the machine. Need to get a storage device so I can REALLY play around with it, but I prefer 5.25" disks to tapes and that gets a little pricey/difficult with the TI-99/4A, it would seem.
  21. Same Site suggests the p-Code sidecar you speak of may be "vaporware," so if you have one you may want to edit it: http://www.ninerpedia.org/index.php?title=TI-99_sidecar_expansion What is the p-Code sidecar anyway?
  22. Here is what "ninerpedia" has to say about the video controller, FWIW. They seem to think the sidecar version never made it out of prototype stage:
  23. Ksarul and kl99, where did you get your controllers from? Are you the "original" owners?
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