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  1. If anyone happens to have an extra controller & ribbon cable for a disk drive for a CoCo2, I am interested! Seems like this would be the thread to say this. I just picked up a CoCo2 + disk drive + modem (!) + dot matrix printer for $65. Was pretty happy to get it, but it was missing this key piece - a piece they MUST have had at some point. Kind of annoyed.
  2. Thank you very much for the information NIAD. So there is someone on here who does ColecoVision repair, eh? I actually have two systems - the one from my childhood and one I bought on ebay. The one from my childhood has been slowly dying in various ways, and the one from ebay never *really* worked right. Is this someone I can PM to ask about rates, etc., should I be interested?
  3. Hello All, New forum member here, but looooong time owner of a ColecoVision (which seems, finally, to have died ), and also a Coleco ADAM. I am now using the ADAM as my ColecoVision. Works perfectly, but I am re-exploring other elements of a system I never used very much. My system is a "standard" system, in that it came with one tape drive and that's it. I of course know there was a 5.25" floppy drive produced, but I have never seen one in person, or on the internet for sale, ever, with one exception: someone on this very forum once sold a complete ADAM system with a lot of stuff I would have died to have for the seemingly bargain-basement price of $550 or so. If only I had been paying attention then! It included a disk drive. Outside of that one instance, I have never seen a drive available, or bundled with a system even. What I am wondering is: has anyone ever seen one up for sale? How much do they go for when they are available? I would imagine quite a bit. I would think the poster in this thread who guessed that only 10,000 were ever made must be closer to correct than those who think more!
  4. To celebrate RadioShack's impending demise, no doubt. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone on here had some expertise about the system, and if I could "borrow" it. I am mostly a Commodore enthusiast when it comes to old computers (although I do have a Coleco ADAM), but, when I was a lad, my grade school at the Tandy RadioShack Color Computer 2 as the main computer in our computer lab (they probably had 15 or so, maybe more). I've always therefore had a soft spot for them, and recently I was able to acquire a Color Computer 2 on craigslist with a dot matrix printer, a modem, and a disk drive. I was very excited to get all this new stuff, but a little dismayed when I got it all out and home and discovered that whatever was used to connect the disk drive to the rest of the system appeared to be missing, as none of the included cables would fit it. I've now done some basic research, and it looks like what I am missing is the color computer controller and spectra strip. I see there is a disk drive on ebay right now that probably doesn't work for $40 but does appear to have the necessary equipment. I really don't need to spend any more money on this right now, however, so before I proceed I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice. What exactly do I need? Anyone have an "extra" controller and spectra strip they'd like to get to me? If not, where could I find such items? How much should I expect to pay? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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